Blacks Segregate Themselves in the Name of Social Justice

Blacks Segregate Themselves in the Name of Social Justice

Something on which we can all agree: It was bigoted and inhumane to segregate black people in America via the Jim Crow laws of the southern states’ governments.

Though when you throw that out there today, it’s met with something very weird and counter-intuitive, and that’s that it was apparently only wrong because white people did it. Whitey was the one segregating blacks, and that was racist and wrong and savage and something white people still have to pay for today – white people who had sod-all to do with it and, by and large, vehemently disagree with it on a moral level, yet we’re to blame because we were born wrong.

Segregation is apparently the right thing to do, so long as blacks are the ones segregating themselves. Think that’s a bit of hyperbole? Just check out the black students at the prestigious Harvard University who are graduating this year; they want to hold a blacks-only graduation ceremony to celebrate blackness. True story, unfortunately.

These people are graduating college, so it is safe to assume they were born in the mid to late ’90s, which means they never experienced Jim Crow, and certainly never slavery. Their parents likely did not experience Jim Crow. Their grandparents may have, but only if they lived in the south. Why bring up that these young adults never experienced that level of discrimination? I posit that had they experienced real racism in America, they would not be so flippantly toying with such important issues.

This event took the black students at Harvard nearly a full year of planning, and it is being done in an effort to “acknowledge the struggles and resilience black students have had to possess in order to thrive in higher education.” In plain English: Graduating from university is hard, but it’s harder for black people…because reasons.

One of the event organizers, Michael Huggins, stated that, “This is an opportunity to celebrate Harvard’s black excellence and black brilliance.” Two points I would like to emphasize here. One, and the most obvious, you could not fathom a white person saying that about white people in this century, outside of Richard Spencer. Said individual would be buried as a racist. But it’s okay when blacks do it…because reasons. Two, Huggins is graduating Harvard with a master’s in public policy. Yeah, get your “I knew they had to be humanities students” out of the way. For seriously? This is the effect humanities seem to have on young adults across the west: They go in fresh out of high-school, ready to learn about the world, and come out feeling as if they are the most oppressed people in the history of human civilization.

The original article, available on The Root and penned by Monique Judge, states “the ceremony comes at a time when the experiences of black students (I’m not capitalizing an adjective; sod off!) on college campuses in America have been marked by incidents of overt racism, microaggressions, passive racist comments, and the marginalization of minority experiences…” Sorry to check your woof tickets for authenticity here, black people, but to what examples of “overt racism” are you referring? Over 90% of so-called racist incidents on college campuses end up in two categories: A: Hoaxes. B: Black people pretending that asking “Where are you from?” is literally code for “Go back to Africa, n*****.”

Blacks Segregate Themselves in the Name of Social Justice

Harvard Commencement Ceremony, mysteriously racially integrated.

This decision by black students to segregate themselves is not a result of America’s history of black oppression; it is a result of the Mizzou effect; e.g. these blacks students are parroting the lie of the University of Missouri that black students are somehow oppressed in society and are actual slaves in institutions of higher learning. Follow that logic, and then try not to scream aloud when you realize these people go to freakin’ Harvard: America is so oppressive to blacks that the nation not only allows blacks to participate freely in the best universities in the nation but these universities also allow them to have a blacks-only graduation ceremony because they asked for it. What sort of slave masters are these at Harvard? They’re doing it wrong! What sort of oppressive society gives the so-called oppressed more freedoms than the oppressors? Whites are not allowed a whites-only graduation.

What bothers me the most is the irony and the desired result of minority groups in America who play pretend over oppression. Two things stand out to me here about which I simply cannot remain silent.

1: The common meme that “it’s only wrong when white people do it.” Look, folks who agree with these segregated events and communities will find some sort of ad hoc line to insert here, but it is a fact of living in the west. Racism, racial discrimination, segregation, X race-only rules, etc, are the new norm, just not for white people. It is considered okay to create blacks-only spaces in universities today, and to keep whites out of them. But it is objectively considered oppressive racism for whites to even take pride in their race, much less attempt the same. Sure, it’s a point that’s made a lot, but it bears repeating because of its importance. If it’s supposedly bad and evil for white people to segregate races, there needs to be consistency in the logic. Which leads directly in to number two.

2: If it is not wrong for blacks to do it, it was—and is—not wrong for whites to do it! If black people, in two generations, can simply go back to segregation because they demand it, then it is absolute that white people segregating black people previously were justified in doing so. It was not wrong. It was not cruel. It was no an example of inequity or injustice. It what we’re pushing in America today is the idea that it’s acceptable for blacks to be segregated if blacks want to be segregated, then what we’re pushing is the idea that it was acceptable for whites to segregate blacks. Nothing changes here just because blacks willingly segregate themselves. If segregation is the result, it is the result; how we reached that result is irreverent; and so if blacks wish to be segregated, these people need to stop complaining that some whites once segregated them.

And just feel that irony burn into your flesh like bacon fat just splattered on you. The underlying motivation of black students who segregate themselves is that they feel—nothing empirical; just pure emotion—that white people are racist against them. So is their answer to change hearts and minds and to paint a better picture for whitey so whitey stops harboring these race-based stereotypical feelings? Nope. The answer is to sequester yourselves, hide in your race-specific safe space, and tell the other race that you want nothing to do with them.

What these whiny black students illustrate is something incredibly important, and something we should all realize. What they want is not justice. They do not want equality. What they want is their chance to set the rules! If they were a majority, they would segregate us all by law. You don’t believe it? Read what the writer says: “These clowns whining about ‘what about if so-and-so had an all white party, school, ceremony?’ Oh, you mean like most things that go on in white society? Many workplaces, schools, neighborhoods and organizations don’t explicitly say they’re all white, but they are, and they do everything possible to make anyone nonwhite understand that they are not welcome.”

You see what we’re dealing with here? These are people not intelligent enough to be in Harvard, if we’re being honest; but because white America is so racist that it provides diversity placement for blacks in ivy league institutions, here we have the results. We see the intentions of the black side of this through the writer. They believe that the happenstance of a majority race in a nation, whereby you’re statistically guaranteed to find majority all-white neighborhoods and businesses when two-hundred of three-hundred million people are white, is racism against minorities. So, to remedy this perceived racism, what they want is revenge.

These black students are not segregating themselves to come together as blacks to show solidarity. They are segregating themselves to keep white people out.

Let’s not gloss over that important point. These young people are taught to see racism every time they see a white family in America without diversity; they’re told there’s no diversity in that family because the whites are racist. So now what they want is revenge.

This Harvard graduation is not really blacks-only; it’s no whites allowed.

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