Bill Nye: A BS in Engineering Becomes the Nation’s Top Scientific Authority

Bill Nye: A BS in Engineering Becomes the Nation's Top Scientific Authority

William Sanford Nye, better known as Bill Nye “The Science Guy,” ruins the world – and you can watch it burn via his new Netflix special.

As someone with two degrees in the natural sciences, and an above average IQ, I sorta-kinda fancy myself a logical-minded, science-driven person, and as a youngster I loved Bill Nye’s Science Guy show. I even stayed on the Bill Nye bandwagon through many of my adult years. His debate against Ken Ham was a master class of evolutionary science slapping someone against the head who believes a man built a wooden cruise ship to house two of every animal species convenient enough to need passage. Fish swam, birds flew, kangaroos hopped vs. overwhelming evidence of evolution. Flawless victory.

Though now that Bill Nye is the Gender Guy, he’s completely lost me. I’ve smacked the ground, splattered like a Jackson Pollock due to terminal change of momentum, after initially falling off the aforementioned wagon when Nye kept dipping his toes into the global warming pool, parroting not science but rather liberal Democratic talking points.

Shameful sh*t, to be sure, made even more so by the fact that Nye is an intelligent human being. He went to Cornell for engineering, for Pete’s sake, not some lowbrow school. Cornell.

Making matters worse, it is obvious that Nye is driven purely by politics. There was an episode of Bill Nye The Science Guy back in the day wherein he stated that gender is determined by your chromosomes, which is accurate. Gender is not socially constructed; gender is an expression of normative behaviors displayed by males and females, and it is widely deterministic, not socially programmed as he would want to preach now. (Androgynous millennials wearing bobbed hairstyles and gender-neutral clothing as a trend does not change that fact.) Now Nye claims via his Netflix special that “Gender is like sex, it’s on a spectrum.” Yes, he actually means biological sex here! Forget that naught-point-piddly percent of the entire human population identifies as anything other than their biological sex/gender, Nye has the audacity to make some “spectrum” argument, as if to say every individual born has an equal chance of identifying as one of any infinite number of genders. He’s completely lost the narrative these days, even urging his viewers to do “butt stuff” because they might like it.

Butt stuff!

Imagine showing kids how ice melts faster under cold running water than in a pot of boiling water due to the transfer of heat, and then reminding the children to do “butt stuff” before signing off. He would have been pilloried and driven out of society with torches back then! Today? Hell, bring it on; the more butt stuff the merrier. Modern western culture is as hedonistic as the communists can dare make it.

I’m not going to throw around nasty names or na-nanny-boo-boo Bill because engineers aren’t actually scientists. I’m just going to take apart his and his guests’ claims that this “butt stuff” and infinite gender spectrum hogwash is “evolution.” It is not evolution. In fact, if the “evolution” to which Nye was referring is the standard evolution by natural selection model, then this “butt stuff” and the debauched lifestyles promoted by Nye today are actually very antithetical to evolution.

I can explain.

There Is No Evolutionary Advantage to Hedonism

In Bill Nye’s Netflix special, that atrocious excuse for a D-list celebrity, Rachel Bloom, sang joyously about how all of these debauched Roman-style orgies were just “evolution” in action. Nye agreed emphatically. Hey, I probably don’t know what I’m talking about, since all I have is a master’s degree in evolutionary biology and Rachel majored in drama, but it’s far from advantageous in an evolutionary context to lead a hedonistic, Devil-may-care, free-love-hippie lifestyle.

Here are just a few reasons this is about as antithetical to evolution as you can possibly get:

1: Natural Selection Requires Fit Genes

There’s a common misconception that survival of the fittest means the most powerful organisms defeat their competition like Rambo and thrive via the law of the jungle. I cannot “LOL” hard enough at people who believe this. Survival of the fittest is not quite so dramatic; it simply means that an organism whose genes are best adapted to an environment will be in a better position to pass its genes along. Example: Imagine a huge herd of elk driven out of its home and forced to move north. It’s much colder there, the winters more harsh. Less food, horrible weather, and dead cervidae all over. As time goes by, you find a few elk born with thicker fur. These elk are in a better position to deal with the weather, which likely means they will also be able to forage more food in the climate and be healthier. This is what “fit” means in an evolutionary context, and those fit elk are more likely to pass on their genes, their mutation of thicker fur being passed on to their offspring as a phenotype in that genetic line. This is how nature works, outside of people: The fittest of the species are typically the ones breeding the most. With people, we’ve lost the plot…

Bill Nye: A BS in Engineering Becomes the Nation's Top Scientific Authority

Bill Nye

In Bill and Rachel’s world, evolution doesn’t require fit genes. All that’s required is that you have fun and enjoy sticking objects up your butt because you should do what feels good, with whomever is down to have some fun. In the event pregnancies result from these deviant genes and abnormal parenting models (more on that in #3), you’re now “evolving” into something that in no way resembles the homo sapien. Even the Romans had to rein in their sexy time royal rumbles because it was causing harm to their society. Evolution is about being fit and adapted to an environment. You “butt stuff” morons will literally be the first to die in any—and I mean any!—doomsday scenario. You’re unfit for survival with that nonsense. Without acting, Rachel Bloom would be doing her “butt stuff” for twenty bucks an object somewhere in Detroit. Nye would be her best customer. It’s not evolution; it’s embarrassing.

2: Diseases are Gross!

It wasn’t until a giant meteor crater was found in the Yucatan Peninsula that science pretty much had a consensus that an impact devastated the planet and laid waste to the dinosaurs. Before that, the prevailing wisdom was that disease did it. After all, T-Rex’s arms were too short to whip up an antidote in a lab. Disease has plagued the earth since life sprung from its muddy pools. Humans especially have dealt with worldwide pandemics that have threatened extinction. And this very day on the continent of Africa, its entire population may theoretically be wiped out entirely if not for western intervention in its AIDS epidemic. Over two-thirds of all people infected with HIV/AIDS are in Africa, and without medicine, we would not only see this disease felling people like trees but we would also see various mutations of the disease and offshoots via other dangerous STDs. That’s what happens from sex in general, though the dangers amplify exponentially when you’re engaged in the “free love” of the modern communists trying to recreate a failed hippie utopia.

Africa’s families have more children. With little to no resources available, Africans keep spitting out babies. We can see this every time one of those “for the price of a cup of coffee per day” commercials come on. This is not a phenomenon due to any one factor alone, but what plays a big role in Africans breeding like rabbits, without any structure to support their offspring, is the idea that sex wildly and randomly is acceptable. There is zero responsibility among these people as a whole, and it has led to a crisis of starving children and the world’s number-one hot spot for full-blown AIDS. And this is the model Bill Nye would have us follow? Caution-to-the-wind, free-love orgies because it feels good? Again, this is antithetical to evolution. Human beings did not evolve into societies through orgies.

3: Homo Sapiens are a K-Selection Species

Primates, especially great apes, are a K-selection species. What this means, in a nutshell, is that we focus on catering to our offspring and putting our proverbial eggs in a single basket. Humans have evolved over millennia to require the love and attention of their mothers when born, rather than the spray-and-pray strategy of R-selection animals, like turtles laying hundreds of eggs and hatchlings left to fend for themselves while traversing to the ocean. It is precisely because of our selection strategy as humans that we have found, through all empirical evidence, life experience and thousands of years of experimentation, that a mother-father model is the best possible model for raising children. It provides the most stability, physically, emotionally and financially, and it helps to rear our offspring into well-adjusted adults.

What Nye suggests, what Rachel Bloom sings about, what Netflix throws in our faces as “evolution,” is actually the polar opposite of how we evolved. We did not evolve with parents on a “spectrum” doing their “butt stuff” because it felt good. We evolved with our parents taking care of us. We know what happens when this model breaks down. Look no farther than the black community in America to see the perils children face when the mother-father model is cast aside. Extremely high rates of criminality, low education, unemployment, poor health, and overall stupidity – this is the fruit borne of destroying the base model. And while advocates and apologists simply blame white people for the destruction of the black community, any individual using actual honesty to assess the situation understands that it’s a direct result of doing away with fathers.

Imagine growing up in a household without a father and where your mother was sleeping with random people, and multiples of them, and even teaching you that this was the way. What would happen? Well, again, this is another area where we don’t have to question what will happen. This is the sort of behavior that literally raises misogynistic serial killers.

Human beings need stability in their rearing; you cannot just introduce offspring to this idea of free-for-all love and anal sodomy and expect a mentally healthy adult to emerge out of the lessons of ill repute.

What Bill Nye and Rachel Bloom and guests want is a hedonistic lifestyle wherein they do any and everything that brings them sexual gratification. This is not at all evolution in action; this is the selfish desire of debauched brains. Do you honestly think Nye or Bloom were raised in this environment? Of course they weren’t. They were raised by the base mother-father model. Though because they’re taken in by the communist fantasies and utopian dreams, they feel that it’s acceptable and in fact preferable to push on the planet the idea that all people should explore a sexual spectrum and get away entirely from what caused us to evolve.

I cannot speak for anyone else, but this bullsh*t is about as anti-science as it gets. As someone who understands evolution, I can flatly say, and argue its objectivity, that Nye and his “butt stuff” is not evolution; it’s a damn hedonistic pursuit, pure and simple.

Bill Nye is not a scientist. He’s a sybarite.

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