The Left Is Crying Wolf – And Their Hysteria Harms Us All

The Left Is Crying Wolf - And It Harms Us All

It’s been a while since I’ve written a good rant. Okay, so it’s been like two weeks, but still. I spent a beautiful eight days in The Land Of The Free, and I fell out of my writing routine. A week without writing feels like a very long time when I’m used to writing three pieces a week!

Life in my world has been good – and life on the Right in politics has been pretty good, too, in my view. President Donald Trump’s first 100 days, despite a few controversies (The Syrian Tomahawk strikes being the most polarizing, provoking debate and discussion among our own writers), has not been the world-ending disaster promised by the Left.

In fact, the worst thing that happened in the first 100 days is that we have had to put up with “The Resistance” for 100 days – and I don’t think they’re slowing down any time soon. Despite being wrong about Trump being elected in the first place and being wrong about Trump being allowed to be inaugurated (I think they thought he’d be the first President impeached before becoming President…), the Left fights on in their Resistance, an Empire in it’s death throes as the Rebellion of the people takes power. May the Fourth be with you, indeed.

We are not enjoying the dusty chill of nuclear winter, so that’s awesome.

Mexicans have not been deported or thrown into the Gulf with cement blocks chained to their ankles.

Trump has not groped every woman in America, nor has he instituted a taxpayer funded Presidential haram of sex slaves (Linda Sarsour isn’t President, don’t worry.)

None of the hysterical claims of leftist news anchors, politicians, celebrities, or various Twitter personalities have come true.

(This might a good time to note that people are literally starving in Venezuela thanks to the socialist policies the Left is fighting to implement – our “slippery slope” argument actually leads to exactly what we say it does, every single time, but I digress.)

They were wrong. They are wrong. And I’m getting pretty fed up with listening to their bullsh***.

The Left Is Crying Wolf - And Their Hysteria Harms Us All

“Welcome to the beginning of the end of ObamaCare,” Vice President Pence said in the Rose Garden.

On Thursday, the American Health Care Act (known as “Trumpcare”) passed in the House.   After mocking Trump for not being able to pass the healthcare reform he promised in his first 100 days, the Left is now livid that the new act was passed too quickly. It’s clear that the Left lacks any sort of consistent set of principles. Instead, they act like toddlers, screaming that they want something and screaming even more when they get it.

Never mind the fact that the healthcare bill still faces a (likely lengthy) deliberation process in the Senate and will probably undergo significant changes, it’s going to kill millions of Americans, damnit! We know it will. Blood will be running in the streets, and it will be on President Trump’s tiny, Cheeto-powder dipped hands, the blood of female rape victims used to lubricate Vladimir Putin’s… I mean, he is his “cock holster”, after all!

I know, I know – my rhetoric is utterly gross. I apologize – but it’s reality. This is how the Left is talking about a government healthcare bill. It’s a microcosm of how they speak about President Trump specifically, and anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders generally. They have the nerve to call Republicans fear-mongers, while proclaiming that Donald Trump will fall just short of eating babies on the White House lawn.

Actually, if I looked hard enough on Twitter (see: spending five minutes in the #AHCA hashtag), I’d probably find someone accusing him of that specifically, but here’s my favourite set of tweets:

The Left Is Crying Wolf - And Their Hysteria Harms Us All

The Left Is Crying Wolf - And Their Hysteria Harms Us All

Sorry for the screenshots: our favourite Newsweek reporter / “GIF’s are a deadly weapon” friend Kurt Eichenwald has me blocked.

Usually, these people just annoy me. Their hypocrisy and hysteria is  a familiar workplace hazard one faces as a Right-winger in media, and usually my eyes just sort of glaze over when I read the the replies to every Trump tweet. I’ve become desensitized to the utter hate of the left.

Which is exactly the problem – and I know that  I for one need to start recognizing this hate for what it is: harmful to the Left, to the Right, and to all Americans.

Of course, people are (and should be) free to say what they like, even if it’s hateful. I believe in the American First Amendment, not in the so-called “hate speech” laws we have in Canada. Of course, debate can be had about giving access to platforms, about what constitutes incitement to violence, etcetera, but in this situation, I have no interest in any sort of institutional action against these people.

But just because we cannot punish hateful people via the law and should not via private business censorship (I don’t actually want Twitter banning people for being jerks), does not mean that we cannot socially condemn this vile rhetoric – and, more importantly, acknowledge the harm that it causes.

Unlike most on the Left, I don’t really care that this hateful speech is hurtful to people’s feelings (though of course, it is.).

I do care that this speech is Crying Wolf of the worst kind.

When you  fall into hysteria over every single thing Donald Trump does, from a comment made more than a decade ago to going golfing with diplomats, people stop taking you seriously.

It follows a maxim that  I believe in strongly: “When everything is a priority, nothing is.”

By extension “When everything Trump does is worthy of a hiveminded Resistance public breakdown, nothing is.”

Though I haven’t done enough research on the specifics of Trumpcare to take much of a stance myself, many on the Right are making the argument that it is bad legislation and may do more harm than good. Do these claims have merit? I don’t know enough to say with any authority at this moment. But unlike on the Left, I see on the Right a genuine attempt at debate and discussion over policy – based on facts and probable outcomes, not unhinged hysteria.

What I do know is that this is a healthcare bill. It’s not an executive order to start rounding up all non-white people and selling them as slaves. It is not worthy of my panic, even if it’s as bad as the Left thinks it is.

There may come a time when Donald Trump does something truly terrible. I’m not saying we are at that time with Trumpcare – but we are seeing a taste of what happens when the left chooses hysteria over rational thought.

Many on the Right will steadfastly defend Trumpcare – even if there are legitimate reasons to oppose it.

Many on the Left will fear needlessly – even if they will still be able to afford the healthcare they need.

And all Americans will continue to be desensitized to the hateful hysteria we see on a daily basis.

The left is crying wolf, and they need to knock it off. Their hysteria is not good for America – and they’re being a bunch of jackasses.

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