Looming elections In Europe A Pushback On Globalism?

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The political ground across Europe is shifting.

The upcoming French presidential election—a contest that will arguably define the nation for decades—will pit Nationalist Marine Le Pen against the more pro-European Emmanuel Macron.

In the UK, Prime Minister Theresa May has just called a snap federal election for early June. And this September Angela Merkel will ask Germans to give her a fourth term.

Eurocrats are still off-balance.

The hits of both Brexit and Trump have rendered them visibly nervous. A Le Pen victory will move France one step closer to abandoning the euro and leaving the EU.

Back in Germany Merkel is sitting at 43% support among all potential voters even as the country is rocked by a massive spike in migrant crime. A hot summer that will likely see increased societal turmoil and violence due in large measure to Merkel’s open-border immigration policy and her popularity could fade by summer’s end.

The political landscape is undergoing tectonic shifts months after Brits rejected further entrenchment by the EU voting in favor of Brexit despite what sometimes appeared to be a media largely in favor of remaining in the EU.

What we are seeing are cracks in the façade of globalism.

Workers and taxpayers are awake in the realization that decades of control by elites have left them with little. Talk of equality and fairness is now exposed as deception. Makers are fed-up with the takers. The Left has had their day, progressive policies have been laid bare for the power grab they always were.

Two events struck a chord in regular folks across North America and Europe. First, the 2008 financial meltdown and subsequent Wall Street bail-out proved to workers the system is stacked against them. The rich got richer. Then generations of progressive social policy produced terror and death across European cities; multiculturalism, a touchstone of the left, also proved to be a lie.

After 8 years of Obama’s narcissism, divisiveness, and anti-American rhetoric the remaining ‘isms’ (socialism, communism, progressivism) have been questioned and found lacking substance. In desperation, immediately after the election of non-politician Donald Trump panic set in and suddenly American democrats and media (but I repeat myself) dreamed up Putin as the culprit that stealthily hacked DJT into the White House (no evidence has ever been presented). That morphed to become fakenews.

In France pop-up stories of Le Pen having ties to Russia are already appearing.

Expect more of the same. The Left has declared Patriots to be enemies of their (the Left’s) agenda enlisting media allies to endlessly repeat talking-points.

Whatever happens across Europe in spring and summer will impact the choices voters make. Can the threat of more (on-going) terrorism, less freedom turn the tide for Le Pen? You know the fake-news globalists and soft-bellied socialists are in a panic.

The future of all Europe rests with the voters of France, the United Kingdom, and in September, Germany. But let there be no doubt progressives are on the attack—as they struggle to maintain their footing—against all who threaten their agendas. Anything could happen.

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