The Devolution of Our Species

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Something about which I do not brag yet wear around the house like a championship belt in wrestling is my master’s degree in evolutionary biology. I am not about to write a bunch of books like Richard Dawkins or make any huge scientific breakthroughs like Charles Darwin. Though when it comes to knowing about evolutionary processes which gave us diversity, and how these mechanisms work, I am no scrub.

I have a fairly solid understanding of the architecture of genetics, adaptation, micro vs. macro evolution, molecular evolution, genetic drift, sexual selection, and I am proud to know what “survival of the fittest” means, whereas most people believe it is a Sylvester Stallone movie wherein only the strongest survive.

My education leaned more heavily on taxonomy than on actual genes, so I am not a geneticist by any stretch of the imagination. But I feel confident when I observe that today’s human beings are entirely antithetical to our ancestors and what it took for them to survive. What I see today, with these make-believe trans-trenders and cotton-soft crybabies who curl up and flail their limbs with abandon every time they hear a hurtful word, is the devolution of our species.

Let me explain.

You have to understand, firstly, how it is that we humans and our civilization came to be. Cultures were not poofed into existence, nor did they fall from clouds. The modern world in which we live today is a result of our ancestors not only coming together in large enough numbers to outweigh the leeches and good-for-nothings around them, but they also had to fight rampant disease, incredibly short lifespans, and the sort of wars and invasions most of us today cannot even think about without becoming uncomfortable. Likely is the case that, in the event you made it to thirty-five years of age, you had already lost multiple children, most likely starved for half your life, and certainly had no Samsung Galaxy 8 to provide Internet access. (Oh, the humanity!)

Clean water, safe food, good housing – these things which we take for granted did not exist as early human tribes banded together to create societies. But you know what? They survived and bred and mankind persisted. That’s the important point on which I would like to focus here: The fact that people before us had incredibly short and often traumatic lives, yet history books make zero mentions of our ancestors needing to run and hide within a safe space, or masses of victims storming forest lands in protest just because someone failed to use their invented pronoun.

To be brutally honest, these are chickens that came home to roost after multiple generations of comfort and due to no longer following the model of natural selection whereby the strongest, fittest organisms pass along their genes. Because human beings do not have to shake colorful tail feathers or have the loudest growl like other species, we end up breeding for different reasons; we find “strength” in different things; e.g. the glorification of single mothers that led to so many women having children with inadequate partners while leaning on the state and community for support. This plague did not infect our ancestors; this sort of societal infection is new to homo sapiens, a sickness that can see people unfit to have offspring actually having the most offspring.

And before you start to think I am making a eugenics argument, I am not. Honestly; I’m not. I am pointing out that behaviors are passed down through genetics. This is in debate usually with (stupid) people who do not believe it. I mean, it is not as if there’s an entire scientific discipline called behavioral genetics or anything (insert LOL here). Genetics drive behavior more than we think. So when a good-for-nothing, or wimpy, or cowardly, or unfit parent passes along their genetics, coupled with society’s push to raise our children with positive affirmations rather than actual life lessons, we see offspring growing up with the mental capacities of five-year-old children when they’re actually adults.

This is what really strikes me as antithetical to evolution, the fact that we humans pass on these sissy genes in our culture to the point the sissies grow up and teach sissy lessons to sissies so that the sissy is perpetuated along the line for many generations hence. And two sissies meet, bond over their hate of capitalism and love for polyamory, and more sissies are born and raised by sissies.

We’re not exactly talking about the top buck that had to slay or out-woo the competition to breed with the fittest doe here, people. That’s evolution in action; that’s natural selection. What we have is its polar opposite.

Am I making too much out of these SJW crybabies? I can’t call it. Ask yourself two questions here, and answer them honestly, even if you have to wait until you’re alone to do so:

How will the children of these SJWs be raised (if not aborted) by their parents? Will they be raised to be strong, to take criticism, to persevere despite challenge? Or will they be raised to pitch a fit and demand other people are not allowed to hurt their feelings? Answer it honestly.

Did any of these people exist hundreds or thousands of years ago when we were going through so much adversity in order to create a better world for all? To the extent they did exist in any number, do you think they were actually attractive to members of the opposite sex and able to actually pass down offspring of their own? Again, answer it honestly.

Everyone can probably guess my answers to the questions. 1: Their children will be even bigger sissies than their parents, having learned that acting like a toddler when you’re 19 is the preferred way to have people cater to your every whim. 2: No. These people were not breeding back in the day. When women needed a dowry and position, and men needed to be men, anyone with these sorts of sissified traits would have been SOL when it came time to breed.

Yet today we have evolved in our societies to the point that these people have taken over institutions, governments, entertainment, and many other walks of life. And because we no longer seek out strong partners, mainly due to the state stepping in to provide that support, and feminism telling women that masculinity is toxic and men being providers is a role that is antiquated, we see a joining of SJW sissies to have sissy children with sissy genes who will be brought up in a sissy household. The end result: More sissies shoved into the world who cannot handle the world.

This was not a problem our ancestors faced. We are talking about people who, after plague or war or famine, would have to walk over the bodies of their dead friends and family, yet they still strode onward and propagated the species – and did so with the genes of those who shared that hardship and would not threaten suicide over someone using a mean word in their presence and calling a boy “him.”

Can you imagine dropping one of these delicate snowflakes into a war-torn area a hundred years ago? Can you imagine the entire gender studies class at Generic American University having to deal with a virus pandemic? They would not have made it. And we know they would not have made it, because most of them cannot make it through life now without the help of benzos by the handful and antidepressants strong enough to give elephants the giggles. They are soft. They are weak. They are shedding actual tears over being called mean names, and sometimes not even that far; sometimes crying over someone not using the pronoun they just created for themselves three days ago.

Our ancestors had to deal with gathering food to keep from starving, water to keep from dehydrating, shelter to stay alive. Today’s western humans deal with a spectrum of infinite gender identities and weighing the cost-benefit of Sharia Law so long as it gets them out of debt.

I will not say I am ashamed to be human, or that I think these people need to be culled. I am only saying that their existence, and their ability to so freely pass on their genetics, is causing our species to become little more than perpetual children whose diapers and ba-bas need to be changed from the cradle to grave. If our ancestors acted like this ten thousand years ago, we would not be here today.

Human beings were once strong and once had all the grit and determination needed to stride past even the most gut-wrenching, heartbreaking adversity life could throw at them. Call a grown individual a name like “queer” today, and we will find ten thousand people bawling their eyes out in the streets and demanding free speech be taken away in order to safeguard their feelings.

Life is hard. You cannot get around it. Nobody gets out alive, and nobody walks through unscathed. You lose loved ones. You often find it hard to afford things. You may bend your body like a pretzel, working your entire life, and never be truly financially secure. And in modern times, many humans consider something as innocuous as student debt an indescribable hardship that should never be inflicted upon anyone, and many would literally trade the entire freedom of their society for Sharia Law just to be free of it. And you want to dare make the argument that we’re progressing instead of regressing? Our ancestors, not even far removed, did not have roofs over their heads or food in their bellies, having to fight to stay alive. Today’s little brittle babies are willing to watch the world burn unless they can make $15/hour to flip burgers a few days a week.

Hell, just imagine a large-scale eruption today that shut down commerce and networking. How well do you think these soft millennials would do? Luckily for the vast majority, they still live in their parents’ middle-class homes, so they would at least have shelter. But just imagine their attitudes about it. No selfies, no chance to be the bell-cow of the herd, no empathetic society to prop their egos up, no therapists or professors to affirm their self-worth – how would they survive? My god, man; where would they find a safe space? And what’s just so damn sad here is that these people will be breeding and raising children!

Maybe it is time to jerk away the security blanket (read: the state) from these whiny little brats and let nature take its course.

Then we will all find out what survival of the fittest really means.

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