Social Justice: Theory vs. Practice

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I am not a scientist at all, though I could have perhaps gone in that general direction had I been so inclined to live a life of state-funded research tedium. I studied biology but did not follow through to become any sort of biologist. Though there are a few things I do remember from the classroom, namely the phrase “theory versus practice.”

This is not any sort of strict scientific phraseology; it is more a colloquialism that, in essence, is meant to convey that an idea you have in your head or jotted down on paper may not operate as you envision it once put to real-world application.

The most famous example of this of all time would be communist theory.  Karl Marx had a lot of ideas and visions to which lazy spoiled millennials and power-hungry governments have always aspired over many decades, but the end result of communism is always the same: Starving people, shattered economies, totalitarian governments, and millions of dead bodies. Millennial crybabies will swing a bike lock at you and shout, “But those aren’t real examples of communism!” Though they are; they objectively are. The issue, if the title has not given it away, is that some “theories” do not carry over well into tangible application. Which, in a scientific context, makes them not theories whatever though rather postulates failing even to meet the level of hypotheses. But let us not bog this down in rhetoric; my point is a simple one: Some things do not carry well in practice. In today’s world, social justice is chief among these “theories.”

In a broad sense, social justice can be defined as a system that delivers to its citizens equal outcomes in wealth and privileges. This is how “justice” is defined in its context. This, of course, presupposes that a nation like America is intentionally keeping certain classes and categories of people down. Never mind it is illegal on both state and federal levels to implement such discrimination, social justice, if we can call it a “theory,” basically surmises that white male patriarchs are racist and sexist and bigoted and hold down all other people, so the scales must be adjusted.

This is why it fails in practice. This is why communism fails in practice. And I mention the latter because the former is merely an offshoot of the latter; i.e. today’s “social-justice warriors” are thinly veiled communists. They do not hide it well. Whether you call it cultural Marxism, socialism, or anarcho capitalism like the Antifa commies have taken to calling it, it is all quite literally the same end game: A communist state.

To be as accurate as possible, however, Marx’s communist theory strictly expressed the idea that individuals must work and subsequently be paid according to their abilities and needs. Vague, scatter-shot, nebulous – all types of words you can use to describe how gray an area this would be; what matters is that, per this theory, the “people” would rise up in class warfare to overthrow privatization and capitalism as concepts and take over.

Now we see why this always fails, to be sure. It is because, at least in large part, the “class” attracted to this theory is comprised almost entirely of spoiled, entitled, mentally-arrested young adults of middling intelligence whose lives cannot be led independently but rather must rely upon a parental figure –government. This is why a large, controlling totalitarian government seizes control every single time communist theory is practiced: It is because the vast majority of those embracing the theory are—for lack of a better word here—losers whose only societal function is to be a worker bee, a sycophant for more powerful, more decisive, smarter people. These people given power by the average schmuck are, unfortunately, power-hungry government officials, and every communist state becomes an oppressive totalitarian regime because that is the regime Lenin’s useful idiots create in perpetuum to enact their vision of social justice.

This is why social justice will always look so oppressive in practice. The simpletons who cannot grasp the First Amendment at a place like Berkeley, incorrectly shouting that “hate speech” is not “protected speech,” are not after any sort of “justice” at all. They are after a large, controlling government that will—per their wrongheaded hopes—shower them with special privileges and rights and free lives that will match or exceed the wealth of their middle-class parents. (Doubt it? Just read their demands and take note of how often the word “free” is used.)

There is a great and hopeful article this week in Roosevelt University’s paper The Torch, wherein they explain how their students made bagged lunches for the homeless population in and around Chicago, and deemed this part of their “Social Justice Week.” This is where social justice can actually come through in practice: By the fortunate helping out the less fortunate. Sadly, however, this is exceedingly rare in the west today. More often than not, what you see during any university’s “Social Justice Week” is a bunch of entitled children, the bourgeois, harassing and smashing the working class, the proletariat, and making new and innumerous demands ranging from forcing people to use their chosen pronouns to refusing to hire any more white people… because reasons. These confused, bratty, indoctrinated children cannot even accurately point to an enemy. Where a movement like Occupy Wall Street was at least directed at the wealthiest one-percent of the nation, today’s social-justice warrior communists are going after the working-class and people who simply value independence and freedom and the right to speak and vote.

The guy smashed with the bike lock, or the old man knocked to the ground, or the guy who was beaten unconscious and then continually beaten afterward – are these people honestly the enemy, the ones keeping the communists from realizing their dreams of lavish lives without the elbow grease? Of course not. But communism demands class warfare; and since today’s’ social justice is quite literally only communism, and since these weak beta-human collectivists cannot physically strike the real enemy, they have gone about creating false enemies who just so happen to be in striking distance. Their aim, at this point, is simply to wage war. Their ideology demands such.

My postulate on this: These child-brained young adults just need something to do. Failed communist professors in the education system have indoctrinated these children, and have gotten them all “wee-wee’d” up, to quote Obama, and now what? They cannot simply go back to their $650,000 homes in Thousand Oaks and live the middle-class lives to which they have grown accustomed. They have to be part of the “revolution” now; this is the purpose they have given themselves: To be revolutionaries, to be important, to be special – to be snowflakes. You can’t take the snowflake out of an indoctrinated millennial, it seems.

Personally, I have zero answers to the growing problem, nor will I pretend to wax philosophical about what should or should not be done to halt its growth. All I offer here is some advice and truth to those who may be reading. Whatever these people refer to themselves as, they are flatly communists. They are indoctrinated to the level of domestic terrorism with their communist propaganda. And it would serve us all well to understand what they are, and also that communist theory, social justice theory, will always fail in practice. The more eyes we can open to this, the more of them that may be red-pilled on their lunacy.

Social justice theory not only fails in practice but threatens to bring the entire west down in its wake. At the very least, let these people know that you know that they are merely communists under a pseudonym, and let them know why communism will always fail them.

Social justice fails as a theory in practice because it is a malformed theory in the first place. It is repackaged communism, and we can see how well that theory has worked out.

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