Trudeau’s Globalist Ambition To Undermine Canadian Society


When President Donald Trump issued his first of two executive orders (EOs) to restrict travel from a handful of high-risk middle-east countries predictable howls went up from the perpetually outraged crowd.

Trump promised to shut-down Obama’s 8 years of border insecurity. No one was caught off-guard by the EOs. Even people without an internet connection knew Trump was going to kick-it old-school to protect America.

Trudeau couldn’t wait to burnish his globalist street-cred.

Canada. Soon after Trump’s inauguration, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau couldn’t wait to prove his anti-Trumpness. A giddy Trudeau tweeted that Canada is open to the world’s refugees. He didn’t bother asking Canadians.

Within days the number of illegals walking across the Canada-US border increased. Many crossed at Emerson Manitoba and in Quebec with miles of open farmland. Clearly the cops aren’t guarding the border. Taxi drivers in North Dakota deliver these crossers to the border. Video shows RCMP as baggage handlers, carrying the un inspected luggage of numerous refugees. The Trudeau Government is ignoring the Safe Third Country Agreement in place between the two countries.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues his campaign to weaken Canadian society. His three pronged attack on the country he claims to represent. First, he plans to double immigration. From the average 250,000 per year he wants more. Expect the number to climb to 450,000 in 2017.

In effect, Trudeau seeks to add the population of Calgary every 2.5 years.

He is weakening the screening process, reportedly flushing experienced screeners from the Immigration and Refugee Board replacing them with staffers vetted by what is arguably a political committee. Could they be seeding the board with appointees less likely to push back on government dictates? Sure.

A majority of Canadians polled want illegal migrants deported.

Trudeau again ignores the voice of any who disagree with him. He is determined to undermine the bedrock of Canadian society through immigration. The wholesale importation of people with Third World literacy skills renders them virtually unemployable. Since assimilation is not mandated and new comers are not compelled to become proficient in English or French this government’s policies can only create a schism that will first erupt within those regions where foreigners settle en masse.

“Nearly half of Canadians want to deport people who are illegally crossing into Canada from the United States…” (Reuters/Ipsos)

In February Trudeau let it be known that he will not shut the flow of illegal border crossings telling parliament, “One of the reasons why Canada remains an open country is Canadians trust our immigration system and the integrity of our borders and the help we provide people who are looking for safety.” Oh, yes, Justin enjoys his word-salad and he goes largely untested by any in the Media-party. His government is intent on fast-tracking and quickly accepting asylum seekers.

And what will come next?

Trudeau’s actions are each part of his globalist ambitions. Any damage to Canadian society is simply collateral, call it friendly-fire. His constant virtue signals are offered up in his nonstop campaign for seat on the United Nations Security Council.

But here’s a question: Has Trudeau earned the ire of senior members of his cabinet? The caucus is for the time being supporting an open border while claiming to protect it. There are risks of more terrorist attacks. This can only create conflict within Liberal Party. Such tension must eventually infect the progressives that brought him to office. Our best hope for the short-term is that festering internal dissention spills out from the ranks into public view.

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