Social Balkanization: How Globalism/Multiculturalism Will Tear The Fabric Of Western Society


Some things truly lose their soul when they become a business.

This can apply to anything of course. Countries are no different; if a country becomes a slave to the progress of its own economy it’s becoming a business. Don’t get me wrong, obviously I still think the economy is incredibly important (I’d be mad to think otherwise), but that’s no reason to make it the only thing that matters, while selling a nations virtues, principle and culture down the river.

Truly the most important thing about a country is the people within it and their shared nation, history and culture. A country is not a market, and if we want to prevent our great nations being turned into businesses we need to emphasize these points.

Business is the Globalist agenda though. Look at the EU for a perfect blueprint of what Globalists want the world to be: member states have been bled of their sovereignty and economic independence, borders are virtually non-existent. Mass immigration is the norm. Brussels has a throttlehold over member states. Politicians are elected in their respective countries, but have less and less power to actually do anything compared to the powers that be in Brussels.

For the people that actually rule in overly bureaucratic Brussels, money is power and the whole thing is really just one big business to them. (Globalists rule with money.) Economic progress is what drives the EU along, yet they hide behind a near bulletproof ideal of “Peace in Europe“. They have done so with enormous amounts of success for decades.

The EU needs to be viewed as a warning…This is the sort of world you are going to live in if you continue on down the Globalist path.

Thankfully though the year is 2017 and the world continues to unravel. I think this year will be the start of a great standoff between Nationalism and Globalism, locked in an arm wrestle of epic proportions.

It’s a battle between two big ideas. I think Nationalism will win, but the purposes of this article is to paint a picture of Hell – that is to say, a picture of what world we will live in if Globalism wins. Let’s get hypothetical and view the very real possibility of a complete Globalist takeover:

The Globalists basically want an empire. In this empire countries like Germany, Britain, Canada, America will be mere autonomous provinces with greatly devalued sovereignty, a single currency and expanding governments. Mass immigration from the third world will continue. Migrants will be drawn to the honey – I’m talking about welfare and benefits of course. In order to keep up the state will continue to expand and mass immigration will continue.

The media will become more state owned and controlled, with a one goal agenda to brainwash people through their television screens (and this will affect older generations more than younger ones). Marxist indoctrination will seep into every corner of the education system. Dissenting opinions will be challenged directly by brainwashed youths – these authoritarian youths will serve as a collective mouthpiece for the whole thing.

So, in this world what becomes of The Nation? Well, basically it disappears. Sure, you’ll still have separate countries with their landmasses unchanged, their names intact, you’ll still have governments and economies, but the nations themselves will become corpses. A country will still be a country, but it will be a hollowed out shell, pale in comparison to its former glory – its culture will be dead and its people will be living in an occupied state. I’m talking about the vast numbers of immigrants that will be coming into western societies; these immigrants will vote for more welfare and larger government.

The demographics will change vastly. Islamic enclaves like Molbeenk in Belgium will eventually become commonplace everywhere as Muslim birthrates skyrocket. Sharia law will creep very slowly into aspects of everyday life.

What will happen is something I call Social Balkanization: basically, when states balkanize they split up and disintegrate into smaller countries. This term is derived from the Balkans region in southern Europe, where that sort of thing has taken place over a long period (particularly following the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990’s).

Social Balkanization then, is the slow disintegration of society, into smaller units and ghettos. Whole towns and cities will be virtual no-go zones for non-Muslims. Tribal tendencies will manifest and natives will eventually be in constant civil conflict with Muslims.

Think of Society as a tender woven fabric. Our ancestors wove that fabric over successive generations. Our culture, customs, codes and values are all part of that fabric. If we continue with Multiculturalism and Globalism, that fabric will be torn to pieces. Society will die. Simple.

Nationalism is the way to defeat Globalism. It has to be. This is the future we are fighting to avert.

I don’t want the west to become a corpse. I want it to live – I want our culture to breathe and our ancestors work to survive. Multicultural policies have always been devised by those with limited foresight, those without the intelligence to see what would happen if you tried to import people with codings and values incompatible to Western Civilization. Now, people of their ilk are simply in denial, as they fail to understand the reasons for the recent paradigm shift in voting.

Whether they understand it or not, people are voting to preserve their culture. People have been made astutely aware of the aforementioned possible future and they are voting against it. In some primitive way more and more people are utilizing the only option they have to affect political change and are using it to express their desire to stop their nations from being destroyed.

And so we come to the somewhat muddled, confusing state of affairs that is the current moment. Indeed, the world continues to unravel. Let’s hope it unravels in our favor, eventually.

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