Media Indictment: The Palestinian Cause and Antifa

media indictment

Witnessing the radical’s flare-up in Berkeley under the guise of Antifa, the American public became exposed to the unholy alliance between liberal groups and radical Islamic groups, exposed with the misunderstanding of a non-sequitur. While the media gives shade to this collaboration to limit its exposure, making it appear to be a new phenomenon, the roots of this alliance goes on for more than 20 years retroactively.

Widely unknown to the general public, the beginnings of this madness took shape with a radical collective known as the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). The idea of creating the ISM took shape with its founder Ghassan Adoni, a professor at the Bir Zeit University in Palestine, along with colleagues George Rishmawi and George Qassis, both well-known radical activists in the West Bank. The objective was to gain international sympathy and support for the Palestinian cause.

The plan was simple, but with evil brilliance: bring in “international volunteers”, mainly radical college students from America, Canada and Europe as “nonviolent peace activists” to interfere with Israel’s anti terror operations in the West Bank. The monetary costs were practically zero, since all them traveled to the region on their own costs. Once the activists arrived and got down to the business of thwarting Israeli military operations, if any of the activists were injured, arrested, injured or killed, this would be a propaganda win for Yasser Arafat and the PLO.

The ISM’s big break on the world scene and international headlines came when one of their activists named Rachel Corrie was killed in the West Bank. She tried to block a bulldozer that was attempting to destroy Hamas tunnels used to transport weapons and other materials throughout Gaza and Israel to conduct terrorist operations. The bulldozer won; Rachel did not. This scored a massive propaganda victory for the PLO and a black eye for Israel. College radicals poured in the hundreds into the region to assist the poor Palestinian “victims” of Israel’s might.

The two most visible activists of the ISM is Adam Shapiro, a Jew from Brooklyn, New York who is married to Huwaida Arraf, a Palestinian American from Michigan. Both are still actively involved in “human-rights “activism to perpetuate the narrative of Israel is evil and must be destroyed to give Palestinians a chance to obtain freedom from Israeli oppression.

The seeds that they and the ISM has planted have come to harvest in America today and radical groups like Antifa and BLM plucked the fruits from this poisonous tree and use the same play book created decades ago attempting to bring about political change in America, using radical Islamic figures to push the narrative that America is evil and the poor Muslims are being trampled upon. Antifa today has declared they will escalate violence with weapons if need to for the need to bring about change.

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