Why Trump Matters To Libertarians, Conservatives And Those On The Right

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The election of President Trump to the White House is going to have far ranging implications for Conservatives, Libertarians, Republicans and all those on the Right. This doesn’t not require blind loyalty, but it does require a rejection of a blanket purity test. The stakes are too high, the consequences of failure are almost absolute. 

As we near the end of President Trump’s first 100 days in office, an arbitrary mark which the media like to use as a barometer of the success of a new administration, there is an effort underway to show that the President has failed to live up to his campaign promises. The media, the fifth column of the Left, uses the polls and ratings of popularity to judge the President and to give his first report card to America. This is truly a ridiculous measure. Polls are usually wrong these days, and accomplishments in the first 100 days of an Administration usually relegated to Executive Orders and staff replacements. This type of rating system is a real benefit to those on the Left as it is better suited to administrations which are high on rhetoric but low on action. President Obama had sky high approval ratings after his first 100 days, but he hadn’t really accomplished anything. Most President’s are given high marks for just not falling on their faces.

The reason the stakes are so high for President Trump is that it isn’t just those on the Left who are waiting to pounce, but the Republican Party as well. While the Democrats and those on the Left have tried to spin President Trump’s win as a victory for racism, exclusion, Russia, FBI Director James Comey or any other reason except their own policies, the Republican Party is trying to take the mandate for change away from President Trump and to claim it for themselves. The Republican Party doesn’t agree with the vast majority of the President’s policies (opposition to the TPP, the withdrawal of American military might from the world stage, a renegotiation of NAFTA and many other policy goals were the exact opposite of the Republican agenda. To them though, Trump’s win was their win and their win means their policies.

The reason this is so important to those on the Right who do not identify with the Republican Party is very simple. For decades, the Right has been asking for an outsider candidate. Not a Reagan but a Ron Paul or similar leader. The Right wants someone who is going to address the issues which should be embraced by the entire Right but have been rejected by the Republican Party. The right to be secure from governmental invasion of your property (The Drug War, Asset Forfeiture), The right to free speech regardless of it level of political correctness (Universities and political speech) and the Right to relegate the powers not given to the Federal Government by the Constitution back to the States for decision making (Abortion, Marijuana, Bathroom Access, Marriage). The Republican Party loves to talk about the Constitution as a set of rights built in stone and not open to expansion, unless they disagree with the Right than they just take it upon the Federal Government just like the Democrats.

President Trump, while not the policy master that we could hope for, represented a change to this system. An outsider’s perspective to a system dominated by entrenched power and special interests. Donald Trump was what we wanted, just maybe not the messenger we asked for. Libertarians and Conservatives did have a lot of reasons to support Trump. His stance on illegal immigration, Islamic influence and science, but at the same time his economic populism and unknown military stances on ISIS and other terror related groups were a reason to be skeptical. The Right has a history of electing leaders and then holding them to an impossibly high bar of moral and ideological purity and abandoning them when support is what is needed most.

Not so with the Left. The Left is relentless in their criticism of anyone who disagrees with them, unless they are on the Left. They can literally say one thing one day and the next day deny saying it and feel no moral failing in doing so. The Left has a principle, the ends ALWAYS justify the means and the end can only be met by those on the Left. This is straight out of Alinsky’s playbook, which they are trying with all their might to lord against President Trump. The Left need President Trump to fail, because if he succeeds than it maybe just maybe shows the everyday American that the Left is wrong. The Left holds the centers for culture in America…Hollywood, Public Schools, Universities and the Arts. The Right holds the centers for power…State Legislatures, Congress, The Presidency and the Supreme Court. One is going to win the day and one will not. The Left will do anything to make sure it is them who wins. The Right is not so sure they need to.

Back to President Trump. There is no human being on the planet who will acknowledge that Trump is a perfect man. He has a lot of wacky views and his political inexperience shows in many different ways. He has already disappointed Libertarian leaning Republicans with his Tomahawk strike on an empty building in Syria and his saber rattling against North Korea. He has disappointed Tea Party Republicans by nit immediately repealing Obamacare. His appointment of Jeff Sessions, while great for a lot of the Trump agenda on Islamic influence and illegal immigration, is a major warning shot across the bow to States which have legalized Marijuana. The list of things to criticize President Trump about is long indeed. As a member of the Right, I posit that we have to stop this right now.

President Trump, love him or hate him, is the outsider we have all asked for for decades. We want to the country to give Ron Paul a chance, but at the same time we can’t seem to support any candidate who doesn’t pass our purity test. We want to see someone kick over the system, but the first time we elect someone looking to do it we judge him harshly at every turn. The left is waiting on us to do this. They are waiting in the wings with the excuses for the country to swallow that they never believed in Trump in the first place (The Russians and what not) but they need us to on the Right to reject him first. What they need is the big apology.

I have spoken about this before, so much so that people are starting to think I sound like a broken record, but at the same time I believe it more today than I ever did. The Left needs everyone to be a victim. Victims need help, sympathy and pandering and the Left is fantastic at all three. It is the reason they destroy everything they touch. They give you what makes you feel good at the expense of what you need to grow and thrive. Dinesh D’Souza calls it the difference between the Ladder and the Rope. The Right wants to give you  ladder. It is work to climb but with the right combination of work and luck you can make it to the top. The Left wants to give a rope. They will pull you up but only so high. If you were to make it to the top you wouldn’t need them to pull you up anymore. This is unacceptable to the Left. President Trump is nobody’s victim. President Trump doesn’t care at all what you think, he wants to be judged on actions not intent.

I often use the example of Milo Yiannopoulos when demonstrating what the Left is capable of. Milo made his way to the Right by not caring what he said or did. His expression didn’t matter and he never apologized for what he said. He might have needed to explain the situation, but he thrived in situations where he refused to play the victim. Then he got called to task for saying something stupid and he apologized. He blamed his past, he was a victim of abuse when he was younger and that is why he said something stupid. He resigned from Breitbart News he had already been banned from Twitter, his book deal was cancelled and he was disinvited from speaking at CPAC. Now he is basically gone from public view, with Facebook being his primary means of reaching out to fans. I have a lot of colleagues who think he will be back, and I tend to agree somewhat, but he will always be a victim from now on. His firebrand ways will not be shown as a sign of courage but as a result of psychological trauma.

President Trump still has the ability to show the country that electing an outsider can win or he has the ability to let the Left Milo him into oblivion. If you care about the political ideology you claim to so much, I implore you to grasp the implications of allowing President Trump to fail. It will be a failure we might never recover from.

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