I Assume Trump Is Right Until Proven Otherwise, Here’s Why

Trump approval rating SyriaSome have argued President Trump used his Syria bombing to raise his approval rating

On March 22nd, an Islamic Terror Attack struck London. Our wonderful Stefanie MacWilliams got right to it and wrote an article titled “I Assume Islam Until Proven Otherwise. Here’s Why.” She talks about both the long and recent history of Islamic Terrorist attacks. Basically, she says if it walks like an Islamic terrorist attack, talks like an Islamic terrorist attack, it probably will end up being an Islamic terrorist attack.

It’s premature to assume things based on breaking news and rumors. In this high-speed world with platforms like Twitter, people will assume things. Media companies and journalists will peddle rumors to be the first to cover the story. As a media company we too have to tread lightly but report on things as soon as possible, using available facts and rumors (putting a disclaimer next to a rumor is the responsible thing to do) to get the best story out there. Stefanie MacWilliams is completely right. The issue is that when the facts aren’t fully there, especially when dealing with classified information, we have to make assertions and assumptions based on previous knowledge and patterns.

If you open up a newspaper or load a news website, it’s hard to avoid headlines and articles revolving around the president, Donald J. Trump and his administration. President Trump supporters come from many different backgrounds, but are loyal to every word or action from President Trump and his administration. That is, until President Trump ordered the bombing of a Syrian air base allegedly containing chemical weapons. The praise came from “the establishment,” the left-wing, #NeverTrump-ers, neo-cons, and nearly everyone else except for President Trump’s biggest supporters.

Instead of praise, many prominent pro-Trump figureheads like Stefan Molyneux, Paul Joseph Watson, Mike Cernovich, Tucker Carlson, and even many who contribute to this site “jumped off the Trump Train” or heavily questioned President Trump’s loyalty and judgement.

Why are so many on the right losing their minds over the Syria bombing and North Korea escalation? As I’ve written before, Donald Trump won the “skeptic vote”. Skeptics are very anti-war and tend to assume things are a conspiracy before the full facts come to light.

There really aren’t statistics about how many people are conspiracy theorists, and it especially is hard to tell what exactly a conspiracy theorist or skeptic is. To different people there are different standards as to what constitutes a skeptic. Results from a 2013 poll tell the best story we could find about how many people believe conspiracy theories. According to the poll:

  • 28% of voters believe secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government, or New World Order.  A plurality of Romney voters (38%) believe in the New World Order compared to 35% who don’t.
  • Voters are split 44%-45% on whether Bush intentionally misled about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. 72% of Democrats think Bush lied about WMDs, Independents agree 48-45, just 13% of Republicans think so
  •   51% of voters say a larger conspiracy was at work in the JFK assassination, just 25% say Oswald acted alone

And so on. Does believing one of these things make you a skeptic? To many, probably. If results from this poll are scaled to to full results of the 2012 election, around 35 million voters believe in a secretive globalist elite. That’s a massive amount of people. It would be fair to assume that half or even more of those voters (who according to the poll lean Republican anyway) that these voters voted for Donald Trump. Since as revealed through the Wikileaks and years of alleged corruption, Hillary Clinton’s pro-globalist and big banker policies would not win the hearts of that 28%.

35 million is a lot of people. The fact that Trump won states like Michigan and Pennsylvania by only a few thousand means that these folks may have pushed Donald Trump over the edge. The real skeptics who may have put Donald Trump over the edge were non-voters, those who saw what Hillary Clinton did in the Democratic primaries and were too disgusted to vote for her. Over 90 million eligible voters in this country did not vote. We will see if revelations like the existence of a deep state, more Wikileaks revelations, and a possible audit of the Federal Reserve on the way will sway more “skeptics” to vote for President Trump in 2020. Or maybe President Donald Trump will knowingly or unknowingly do the Globalists’ bidding and lose this skeptic vote in 2020.

4chan’s /pol/ board, where a lot of these skeptics participate in discussions and news stories skeptics read comes from, is often Pro-Assad and very much against the rebel groups in Syria. And for good reason, many rebel groups have Al-Qaeda, George Soros, and ISIS connections. Despite the atrocities and rhetoric some of these rebel groups commit, it doesn’t change the fact Assad is an evil and authoritarian leader who violated UN law by using chemical weapons. Why do I believe this to be so? Because President Trump and his administration have said so. And that’s enough for me.

It shouldn’t be enough. I didn’t become a Trump-supporter until late Summer 2016 and even then I was a Ron Paul Libertarian. I’m now a journalist, my doubting of authority and questioning of the President should be amplified. And it is on some issues. But lest I forget, I voted for President Donald Trump. I voted for him to appoint a team around him and for his executive branch appointments. I voted to trust his quick and immediate decisions. Before the facts come to light, I assume his judgment was the right one. That’s what I voted for.

The man we have claimed has been playing “4D Chess” against all of his adversaries on the campaign trail will all of a sudden be out-smarted when he is President of the United States, with the greatest resources and knowledge at his disposal. I find that very hard to believe. Love Trump, hate Trump, he is one hell of a strategist. He sees things that many others don’t. His tweets and statements from years ago age well.

He has a prestigious education. He is a master of making deals. I’m not saying that it is impossible for President Trump to be fooled, but for him to be fooled on such a large issue with intense ramifications, forgive me for being skeptical.

Many on the left have mocked President Trump supporters after the Syria bombing by saying “You voted for an isolationist, he betrayed you! How does it feel now?” Judging by the response of many President Trump “supporters” on social media, they believe they voted for an isolationist too. Now aside from being isolationist never working once in history, I don’t recall a time on the campaign trail when candidate Trump said we would never use our military. I recall rhetoric and speeches about increasing military spending, bombing “the hell out of ISIS,” enforcing lines we draw, not being bossed around and used by foreign leaders and “thugs,” and so on. If you thought you were voting for a full-on isolationist, then you got duped just as bad as the white nationalists and supremacists who see President Donald Trump adding a diverse cabinet plentiful with their #1 scapegoat: the Jews. In 2020, Donald Trump will win over plenty of intelligent voters who see his results. He doesn’t need votes of antisemites, and he also doesn’t need the vote of those who cite YouTube videos as proof of a conspiracy theory. I mean really, YouTube videos? YouTube videos and the word of Assad, Iran, and Russia over that of General’s like Mattis who have more stars on them than the Milky Way Galaxy? I’m not for another quagmire war, and it appears neither is President Trump, but if he did drag us into another Middle East bottomless money pit then I would happily jump off the “Trump Train” along with the others.

You’re taking the word of pundits who specialize in “philosophy and theory” like Stefan Molyneux, or others who care more about getting popular than reporting truthfully like Mike Cernovich over the word of an administration you voted for. We were tired of hearing about theories and philosophy and trying to apply them to the real world. For example, President Obama’s Secretary of Defense was a college professor, while President Trump’s is a legendary general, James Mattis. We voted for President Trump to get things done, and the Syrian bombing and putting of pressure on North Korea are clear signs he is living up to that belief. Isolationism, in theory, is a great idea. In reality, it doesn’t work, especially with predatory powers like China and Russia looking to occupy any vacuum the United States leaves behind. Time to get off Twitter, and live in the reality that is this evil and dangerous world.

Trump's appointment James Mattis

A man of action, Defense Secretary James Mattis

Few on social media stood with our President, except for Bill Mitchell. Who is Bill Mitchell? A man who rose to popularity during the 2016 election for examining the mainstream media polls on Twitter and saying why they were so wrong and what the actual numbers look like, based on basic calculations of the available data. He was regarded as insane by many. On November 8th, he got the last laugh, and become a leader in the Pro-Trump movement. When there was doubt in a Trump supporters mind during the campaign, simply pulling up Bill Mitchell’s twitter feed would offer reassurances. And now that Trump is president, can we expect the same from Bill, or just blind loyalty? Bill tweeted that he always ends up being right, because he listens to Trump, who is always right. From what I’ve seen, Bill Mitchell has a point.


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