Why I Started Filming And Reporting On Protests

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If anyone knows me, they will know I’m no Trump supporter but I’m also not an Anti-Trump person. I like him, I didn’t really have a reason to hate him except for the lies coming from the mainstream media. I had to search independent sites and his campaign to read his views on military intervention in the Middle East and East Asia.

Unfortunately, it seems like every outlet just had titles like “Trump’s racist views to Mexicans can jeopardize relationship with Mexico”, and others like “how Muslims feel of Trump’s Islamophobic speech about them”.

Like in the period where I’m thinking Trump was racist to my heritage, I also kept asking myself, “Okay, we get he is racist, but what is his views on intervention in the Middle East and Asia and how much will that cost?”.

Then after being skeptical and losing debates to Trump supporters, I decided to listen to his immigration speech, and I realized that he was not at all racist. He was just speaking facts. Statistics. How is that racist? He wasn’t discriminating the people in general. He was explaining that those coming in illegally are causing problems for taxpayers, legal immigrants and for the justice system. So then it already made me raise an eyebrow whenever the media reports anything related to Donald’s policy on immigration.

After the election and seeing Trump’s presidency, I was again upset and saw news after news of these hate crimes against Muslims, gays, blacks, basically every minority and it really made me think how did all of this happen.

But then in a few weeks, every report of those “hate crimes” were deemed false, misleading, a lie; and that’s when I realized how many lies did the media do on Trump to make people believe he is an evil man.

I started to dig deeper. Watch every video that the mainstream media uses to attack Trump. I listen to the speeches carefully, seeing how many of these channels edit to make his speeches look bad. It was disgusting and brutal.

So I understand why youth, college and university students hate him. Because they don’t get their information from reading facts and statistics. They don’t read a report from a liberal source of Trump and see that the author of the report shows a strong bias against him. They just read it, share it and the fake news just keeps spreading around.

And it disgusts me. It disgusts me that people who have a bio that says they have degree and a PhD have to send you the CNN video of Trump making fun of the disabled reporter to support their claim that Trump made fun of him.

Like you dude are smart! You got a PhD! You should know he wasn’t mocking the reporter because he was disabled, he was mocking him for lying when he was confronted on the piece he wrote regarding on the 9/11 event.

But people don’t listen, they just read anything that is anti-Trump and jump to conclusion. There you go!

So I had enough and started to attend these events and write what is happening. When I got home, I realize that the mainstream media would report the same event in the way that fits their narrative and that just cheesed me to the bone.

So I decided to film the events and watch carefully when the mainstream media is capturing the event and interviewing others.

The difference between the independent media and the mainstream is that the independent would report fairly from both sides and would be the least bias, unlike the mainstream media who paints the opposition as negative.

For example, the report from CBC claims that there was violence at a protest in downtown Toronto between “Anti-racist” groups vs. Sons of Odin, an alt-right group. Yeah, a group that would call you a coon or traitor if you are an Indian, Hispanic or Middle Eastern for supporting free speech? Really, I’ve heard a white man call a West Indian a traitor to his people for supporting Trump then saying we should watch BBC instead of FOX news. If telling someone they are wrong for supporting a person because of their race is not racist, then we truly lost the idea of racism in Canada.

So that’s why I decided to go to the rallies and protests and film them especially when capturing journalist from liberal outlets. I’m not afraid to ask them questions that can discredit their outlet, I’m not afraid to call out fake news to a channel when it’s aired even though my mom called me afterwards that day saying why was I on TV.

I also like to ask questions to both sides and hear their response and also back up their claims. Seems like when I ask a liberal a question, that’s when they start to get confused and act really stupid. I also like to troll ANTIFA and critique their outfits. No hate, they wear Chelsea boots which I give them an A+ for it, but their knowledge of literature in regards to Fascism is purely a failure.

I like being myself in this protest. If I were to walk around ANTIFA, I wouldn’t hesitate to talk to them and create discussion. Unfortunately, they will not communicate with those who are a “Nazi”. I have already trolled many members from ANTIFA and BLM Toronto. Don’t worry, there will be more of my tactics coming soon. Cheers!

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