Let Us All Salute the Mediocre and Lousy Cultures of the World

Let Us All Salute the Mediocre and Lousy Cultures of the World

An article I read last month really worked my blood to boiling; though because it was posted on Al Jazeera, I just ignored it initially and did not follow through with my world-class scorn and righteous finger wagging.

Al Jazeera, a radical Islam-supporting network, which does not even attempt to hide their allegiances, ran a piece about Linda Sarsour and how “Arab Americans” are “[leading] the charge for US civil liberties,” as if to suggest that people in the United States are legitimately oppressed. Let’s not mail dictionaries to our friends so that they might learn what words mean; instead, a good laugh-out-loud suffices.

At least that’s how I first attempted to carry it. Then, on my Twitter feed one random Thursday morning, I saw an update of the 2013 story about a Mexican-American teacher who forced her students to recite the Mexican anthem in an American classroom, and how one student not only abstained from the forced indoctrination but also sued. This brought to mind dozens upon dozens of cases of individuals and groups in America who systematically seek to transform America into the nations from which they hail.

Oh, you want to remain “fair-minded” here and hold the position that maybe I am just making mountains where only exist mole hills? Fine. Be that way. But let us have a quick glance at any western nation that allows for non-western immigration en masse and see what we see. No-go zones are real. “Last night in Sweden” is every night in Sweden. The UK is infamous now for blatantly and purposefully ignoring Pakistani rape gangs that targeted underage white girls. The hijab is worn by confused white millennials in America in deference to Islam because they believe Linda Sarsour when she says that Sharia Law is superior. Oh, and they think it’s so cool and exotic – the brown people.

An open question to any of these people, any of these groups, or any whom agree with their overarching message that America is horrible and needs to cease to be America: Why are you here?

If I may, let me throw at you the talking point of the left concerning all non-western immigration. They say these people are coming here, fleeing disastrous, war-torn nations, in the hopes of achieving a better life. At face value, the human side of me instinctively believes that – like, seriously, I feel a swell of pity and have to hold back tears when those politicians exploit those dead children via incredibly well-timed and clear photographs. I’m no monster, my friends! So when I am told that these poor victims are simply seeking a better life, every fiber of my being collapses into putty and begs to believe it the truth. But is it the truth? For some, of course it is; for others, however, they simply seek to use the west for its safety and shelter until which point they can usher in their home cultures.

From strictly a commonsense standpoint, insofar as “commonsense” is actually a thing, it goes completely against all logic and reason for someone to flee a war-torn Islamic nation as a “refugee” and spend time, effort, and even blood, in an attempt to transform that western nation into the exact hellhole from which they fled previously. The same thing with Central and South American immigrants. We’re told Trump shouldn’t build a wall, that amnesty should be granted, and even so far as borders should be open; and it’s because these people are supposedly after a better life. Though to whom is this lie directed when we can see with our own two eyes the 40% Mexican population of California tripping over itself to turn California into Mexico? Texico – it’s not a gas station, people.

Let Us All Salute the Mediocre and Lousy Cultures of the World

United States / Mexico Border Wall

Let us be honest, if only once. Many of these people do not throw themselves into the motherly embrace of the west’s comfort and security for better lives; they do so only to be mothered. They gain entitlements like food, clothing, shelter, medical care, care for their children, and on and on. You may come to appreciate the system that gives you those things, but at the same time you recognize that your culture can be superimposed over the existing culture and, per the way we run things in the west, it will not affect your odds of being a leech. If anything, in fact, destroying your neighborhoods and bringing the third-world to the first-world is only going to increase the amount of blood you’re able to suck. Just look at the poor black inner cities like Detroit and Memphis, which resemble Haiti and the Congo so closely that you would need a GPS to physically tell the difference.

We, as taxpayers, rebuilt these places ad nauseum while the citizens provide little to no value to society at large, especially as a tax base. Yet we’ll continue throwing money at them as they transform these areas into third-world hellholes.

The more an area in the first-world resembles one of the third-world, the more entitlements its citizens receive. Now, I am not arguing that there is any intentionality going on here; e.g. people intentionally destroying the first-world just to leech more off government. I am simply pointing out that these people do not want to be Americans, Canadians, Swedish, British, German, French, etc. They seem to loathe white people, and they seem to loathe Europid culture created by white people.

They do not believe in American exceptionalism; they are staunchly against everything for which America stands. They want to inhabit the cultures of their youth; they want the religions and customs and languages of their home cultures. Yet they want westerners’ propensity for charity to prop them up as they attempt to transform the west into lesser than.

Bottom line, we in the west did not get to the point where we’re the highest standard of cultural fairness, wealth, comfort and safety in world history by saluting the mediocre and lousy. We shunned the mediocre and lousy. We wanted nothing to do with the mediocre and lousy! Our migrant friends, however, seem to want, in large number, to transform their new western homes into the same crappy cultures from which they fled years ago. And as westerns, we shouldn’t be having any of that nonsense!

I guess if I were to put a fine point on it, it would be this: We do not want your cultures here! Call it racist. Call it snobbish. Call it xenophobic. Call it whatever you so choose. But here’s the cold, hard truth about it: If your cultures were worth a damn, you wouldn’t have had to run away from your actual homes and situate yourself in a culture that’s nothing at all like the backward homes you fled.

Western culture has been centuries in the making. It took a lot of hard work from millions of people who loved their countries and cultures to create the highest standards of living in human history. You don’t get to come in here and muck it all up just because you left your heart in San Pedro.

This is what people mean when they scream, “We gotta take our country back!” It’s not about making it a white ethnostate or expelling anyone; it’s about the preservation of our culture. Our culture! The world’s best culture.

Your culture sucks.

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