Generic Sargon of Akkad Article #387

Generic Sargon of Akkad Article #387

I’m going to write one of the most factually accurate articles about Sargon of Akkad ever written.

What do I know about the guy? Nothing much, to be honest. I think he lives in the UK. I know he’s a bit on the chubby side and has a magnificent beard. I think his real name is Carl or something like that. And I know he gets accused a lot of being an alt-right shill, Richard Spencer’s lap dog (because he’s too fat to be a Paris Hilton pocketbook dog).

So, why am I writing an article about Sargon, a guy about whom I know very little? It’s because I know enough to see the dangerous trend in our culture of simply ascribing the worst labels to someone with whom you disagree, and only because you disagree.

By all accounts, Sargon is a low-level E-celeb whose main YouTube channel (Sargon of Akkad) has just north of six-hundred-thousand subscribers. Slightly fewer than two-hundred-thousand follow him on Twitter. And his other channels (The Thinkery, for instance) are also quite popular. Now, we’re not talking PewDiePie levels of popularity here, or even someone like iDubbbzTV; but for what his channel is, straightforward political commentary, dude’s doing all right. Hat’s off. Though if one were to measure fame relative to scorn, libel and enemies gathered, Sargon could very well be right up there with Justin Beiber or maybe even Richard Grieco.

Plus, if we’re to be honest with ourselves, we must admit that any Internet personality whose stolen name can push down history of the real-life Akkadian ruler of the same name is doing okay in terms of popularity.

Back on topic. After all, this isn’t some fawning piece about the lad. I barely know the fat bastard. I just find myself in a position as an individual who tries to be intellectual honest, that inasmuch as I strive to toe that line, I need to state what should be obvious: It’s a bad thing to libel people as the worst possible things you can imagine simply because you do not agree with them. It is harmful on many levels; not only to the target of the scorn, but also their families, and society at large, as what is being pushed here is the idea that it is perfectly acceptable to malign as horrible racists and bigots those with whom you disagree politically. This is not kosher, my goys.

For context, Sargon is in the habit of attacking the “left” and not the “right.” Nebulous terms, I’m aware; hence the quotation marks. So just shut up about it. The point is that, per Mr. of Akkad’s own words, paraphrased within an inch of their contextual lives, he “attacks the ‘left’” because the radical social-justice warriors, who would deny everyone in disagreement a free platform of speech, are in the wrong. Far more so than the shriveling, faded remnants of the hard-right who rail against abortion and science in school. The “left,” in this instance, have social capital to the point they can effect change with their bullying tactics. A group that claims to be a new breed of oppressed victim every single day, yet their collective power in effecting change is something at which the world should marvel. A few rich, privileged black students, for example, can hold hostage the entire University of Missouri and not only get the president of said university fired but can also usher in sweeping changes per humanities courses, black-specific enrollment, and other demands. The “right,” even with Donald Trump elected in the United States, is pretty much impudent in this regard. They can gather up and shout all day, and executives and advertisers and heads of institutions and media could not care less.

So Sargon sets his sights on a target that is exponentially more dangerous and exceedingly more immediate than anything on the right, even the alt-right.

Generic Sargon of Akkad Article #387

Sargon of Akkad in his human form, Carl Benjamin

He describes himself as a classical liberal and seems to hold as values those things which one would expect a classical liberal to hold: Free speech, independence, freedom – you know, the good stuff that helped us to usher in western liberal democracies and ultimately create cultures that boast the highest standards of fairness, justice and equality in this planet’s history. Putting aside the fact that those on the new left disagree and believe that women, minorities, and everyone save white males are horribly oppressed, Carl the Chubby seems to be incredibly consistent in his politics. To the extent he has anything whatever to do with the right, it’s a two-fold illusion created by (a) the fact that he is forced into defending the right due to the left’s insanity, and (b) the fact that so many of his political opponents so freely attach to him the label of alt-right.

Just as many viewed PewDiePie’s run-in with media a story worthy of telling due to its implications, direct and to be determined, I find the Tao of Sargon to be equally important, as its implications are even more immediately evident and its impact more widely felt.

For instance, we see an increasing phenomenon in western culture whereby anyone who even slightly disagrees with the new SJW left will be libeled as a horrible racist, bigot, xenophobe, Islamophobe, etc. This is something felt by any and all, whether you have a mid-level YouTube channel or are just a basic dude in the streets with a MAGA hat and Kekistani flag (we proud, oppressed people!). You run the risk of being labeled as something horrific and evil.

“Oh, you doth protest too much, sissy! Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you!” There used to be something to that; and I’d argue that, as briefly as two years ago, Sargon may have been among those of us preaching that same message to the SJW left in an attempt to calm their collective tits. These days, however, those tits are far from calm. This radical faction of the leftist collective has convinced itself that it is okay to punch “Nazis” and that “fascists” need to be violently dealt with and ran out of town on a rail. And it just so happens that the only qualifying criterion to be a punchable “Nazi” in their eyes is that you disagree with them. How convenient for them!

We all know Nazis don’t exist today, and real fascists are in less supply than the members of the Westboro Baptist Church, but that does not stop the radical unhinged left’s mission of creating from whole cloth enemies to fight, the LARPers they are.

“Hey, guys, we think it’s okay to punch Nazis. Now all we need are Nazis!”

“Oh, how about these people who simply believe in free speech and individualism and believe a regulated ‘free’ market is a better option for western society than tax-and-spend initiatives and entitlements?”

“Brilliant! They’re Nazis!”

Seeing as this intentional mislabeling of people is a legit problem for people in general, why does Sargon take center stage here? Obviously I’m trying to mooch off his mediocre celebrity for position. Duh! Either that, or I believe his stands as the best and most readily accessible case study of someone being dragged through the mud as insert your bad label here, when that individual is actually nothing at all like those labels which others do ascribe.

Sargon is also representative—maybe inadvertently; I don’t know—of all of us who deal with such nonsense. We want lower taxes, more personal freedom, an accounting of immigration into our nations, and the preservation of our culture in the west, and suddenly we are become Nazis, green-lit for punching and smashing over the head with bike locks.

It is a backward sort of spectacle in our society today. It is as literal to witch-hunting as we will find sans innocent people being burned alive (you know, because witches do not exist!). An individual can tell you until they’re blue in the face that they’re not alt-right, they’re not right-wing, and that they’re a liberal, and yet a faction in our society believes it okay to mislabel that person to justify their violence against that person.

Ironically enough, the actions of these stunted children are precisely why a guy like Sargon of Akkad attacks them and not the right. For all its faults, all its anti-science, all its religion, the right of today act nothing at all like this in most instances. It is solely something found within the collectivist left.

Remember the glory days about, oh, three months ago, when these whiny little children only sought to destroy garbage cans and metal signs? Typically failing, which is great LULZ fodder, but anyway. The point with which I’ll shut up: Sargon is not the linchpin of this thing here, though rather a premium example of just how unhinged identity politics has become. Not only are they labeling themselves in their collectives, but they’re ascribing to everyone else unwelcome, unwarranted, unfitting labels of their own choosing. This is getting out of hand. This is getting dangerous. This must stop.

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