Why Is Everyone Perpetually Offended?

Why Is Everyone Perpetually Offended?Why Is Everyone Perpetually Offended?

Political correctness. Some have called it a cancer. A cancer of being offended. A way to keep everyone living in fear when you really look at it. Don’t say this word or that phrase. Don’t have those thoughts or you’re a bigot, or whatever the favorite name of the day happens to be. Some people actually get worked up over the smallest things, it makes us wonder, is it worth it? The stress, the time spent railing over something that you cannot change? The younger generations apparently think so because they’re even training gen X’s to get offended over the tiniest bit of thinking that strays from their own.

Yet these same groups are the ones preaching diversity and tolerance. Perhaps their tolerance runs out when it comes to those closest to them, because if you’re a foreigner living here illegally and collecting state money then it’s all good. Wanna beat your wife or treat her like an animal? Sure you can do that if you’re a Muslim because we have to respect their freedom of religion. But don’t you dare make a post criticizing that Muslims throw gays off of rooftops! Then you’ll be labeled a racist even though Islam is not a race.

Now I don’t think much of today’s pop culture, if anything most artists spend more time flaunting their bodies and how depraved they can act during the span of a three minute music video. Some really great music has been cheapened by this type of behavior.

However, that’s all. There’s no reason to act as if you just had your eyes bored out just because you saw a little to much skin or bumping and grinding. If you don’t like the video than listen to the song only, and if you don’t like the song at all, then listen to a different one. It’s a simple concept, but not one these younger generations can grasp. When one of these uptight kids sees a post on social media they don’t like, instead of hitting the unfollow button or just scrolling past, they usually spend half the day shaming the person who wrote said post, endlessly virtue-signaling everyone involved while they preach of their upstanding views and morals.

What kind of morals does this kind of person have if they need to virtue-signal others about how offended they are in order to feel like a ‘decent’ person?

More importantly, how much time do they really have to waste? If I’ve learned one thing over the years, it’s that you can always make more money, new friends, and find new interests. But time is one thing you never get back. In fact, it can be said that when someone wastes your time it’s more offensive than a thought you may not approve of or a taboo post online. Time is the most precious of commodities, but you would never know it these days when you look at your newsfeed on social media. Many folks with too much time on their  hands have even become professional trolls for the sake of feeling superior to others. Imagine all the things this great number of people could accomplish if they stepped away from the keyboard and worried about their own lives instead of tearing down others for choices they will never understand. The possibilities are endless, and yet, the people who are so easily offended, are usually the ones constantly complaining of boredom.

Is this one of the downsides of the tech age? After all, would these critical people be nearly so outspoken in person, or is this something more easily done behind the safety of a screen? Is picking on others who don’t think the same way as they do emboldening them to act out against others when they are in public?

Why Is Everyone Perpetually Offended?

As mentioned at the outset, one of the big problems that comes with this brand of political correctness is the hypocrisy of it all. None of us are prefect. Does it really make sense to mercilessly attack someone because they made a bad statement, or a bad choice of entertainment, or posted something you don’t agree with? The people who act out by attacking others in this way are just as human as the person they’re berating, but still, they feel it’s different for them.

Are we raising an entire generation of snobs? Ironically, snobs that are slaves to the internet? When a person goes around looking down on others even at church there is an obvious problem that’s developed right under our noses. Is there an unnatural lack of love in our society these days? These criticisms are never made in the other person’s best interest, but only to tear them down and make them feel low.

Maybe this dates me, but I can remember a time when mothers scolded their children for talking badly of others. People were more charitable, looking out for those less fortunate. If we saw a person down on their luck, others reserved judgement in most cases and did what they could to build the other person up. Even so far as providing a warm meals, clothing, or even a temporary place to stay until they got back on their feet.

But not now. The homeless in a best case scenario are ignored or given dirty looks. At worst- well you saw what happened on Facebook live recently. The elderly man collecting cans on the side of the road was gunned down at point blank range. Would this had happened if he was wearing a five-thousand dollar suit and Armani shoes to match? Doubtful. It’s now acceptable to beat, throw objects, spit and swear at such people. The ones who drive by in their warm or cooled cars, in their safe protected lives look down their noses in judgement at them and talk badly about these bums amongst themselves as if there’s some sort of extra righteousness that gives them the right to do so.

When really, it’s only chance in many cases. That’s the bitter irony of all of it. None of us know when some cruel twist of fate can come slicing up our lives into little bits that could land us in the exact same position. Illness, job loss, addiction from the meds the doctor gave you for an illness or a bad injury- any of these things could happen at any time. None of us are exempt from the human condition, which is why it’s ludicrous when people get on a perpetual soap box, buying into the classist propaganda that plagues our media and culture.

But don’t ever assume someone’s gender- because then you’re a terrible person wholly deserving of public humiliation. All because someone was offended.

Give us all a break, get off of your high horse and join the human race. It’s ugly, nasty and awful at times, but can also be bursting at the seams with love, joy, peace and kindness if you allow it.

Most of all it’s real. Not some imagined flawless online Identity that plays God in judging others.

If we all spent a little more time on our own characters, only judging our own actions, we’d realize that none of us have any room to talk down to anyone else, or become offended over trivial offenses. Life is just too short.

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