Antifa Is Not Just An American Problem


You know when you read your old high school yearbook or look at your high school photos on Facebook and think, “Boy, was I stupid”? Yeah, that is going to be exactly what Antifa is going to say when they read History textbooks 20 years from now.

No, not yearbooks, actual text books where they will display the 2016 US election as the reason of the rise of Antifa across the globe!

In every video that displays Antifa, there are numerous comments on how stupid or idiotic ANTIFA are. From videos of them stopping Trump supporters who were protesting against striking Syria, to videos where they were harassing elder people just because they were protesting against hate speech in schools, Antifa surely are putting their name out there as the laughing stock of 2017.

Take yesterday as an example. Journalist Kevin J. Johnson from Freedom Report organized a gathering in protest against the PDSB officials for banning him from the building and for mistreating many parents in the community of Brampton and Mississauga, Canada.

While he had a crowd listening to his speech, Antifa were close to the entrance of the Board of Education building. They were in the usual attire; black skinny jeans with bandanas. They were waiting to cause drama and trouble. While Kevin was speaking to the crowd, a woman interrupted saying

“Antifa, are you here to beat up a bunch of grandmothers whose babies go to the Peel District School Board?”

Security at the event explained that this woman was not allowed in. She asked for an explanation and to bring the police in the discussion. Security told the police that this woman allegedly spoke wrongly about Muslims. The woman then asked for Security to repeat what she allegedly said but there was no response. She then got aggravated because of the misrepresentation and then yelled at security for lying to the police about her. An officer told her to calmly leave the area and she agreed.

Antifa were there watching the whole time watching this woman being asked to leave and the local media organization, City News, was there filming it. While watching Antifa, City News approached them and asked questions to try to figure out who their leader is.

It was interesting how the camera guy and the reporter were trying to work on communication with Antifa. It seemed like if they were trying to have a “yeah, the group of Kevin supporters are crazy down there so try to talk to us calmly so we can show our viewers you guys are better than them” narrative. I mean, City News didn’t ask Kevin Johnson for an interview?

While capturing the interview, a member from Antifa was trying to protect their identity by trying to touch my own phone and cover my own camera lens. This Antifa member was named Cassandra Williams, a student from the University of Toronto and Vice-President from the student union there. He was accompanied by a male student who has been at other protests and another male who unfortunately was in one of my media classes in Humber College.

While some of Kevin’s supporters tried to walk to into the building, Antifa responded by creating a wall to prevent the people from coming in (oh the irony of forming a Wall to keep people out).Unfortunately, their plan failed and were asked to leave by the police.

The problem with Antifa is that they claim they are trying to stop fascism, when really they embrace every single trademark of fascism.

They try to silence people’s free speech. They try to block people from entering in. They would beat up someone just because they have different views than them. You could truly fit this group as communist/fascist. It is also ironic that Stalin, Castro or Mussolini would probably laugh seeing these young kids trying to beat people up.

In the end, after the meeting with the board and the directors. My friend and I went outside and saw Antifa memebers there. I waved goobye and noted that they still looked like brainwashed zombies.

I for myself believe that Antifa will fall into a category of the “Most Stupid Political Groups in the 2010s” but only history will bear out whether they are worth remembering at all.

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