Dear Men: Put A Stop To This Street Brawl Nonsense

As it often goes when I sit to write down a simple opinion piece, I find myself winding up in an entirely different place than I started. It’s a bit of a curse. If I lack brevity in writing, I’m sure you can imagine my mind’s complete disdain for brevity in thought (especially when I think of the gender relations between men and women and how they really underpin almost everything).  And yet, it’s also a blessing.

I enjoy what I write, and I think when you have a formula that creates content you’re happy with, you should just leave it alone, even if it means frantically plying your teething toddler with goldfish crackers and empty club soda cans when your “simple opinion piece”  has yet again turned into War and Peace.

Dear Men: Put A Stop To This Street Brawl Nonsense

But this was hilarious.

After watching the discourse surrounding the  Berkely Antifa/Trump/WhiteRight™ rioting fight that happened yesterday for a while, I came to a pretty simple conclusion:

These street fights are an idiotic tribal turf war, and they have to stop.

Now, I actually do think this is true, even after spending more time talking about it with friends and thinking about it in an in-depth way.

Back at the end of March, Gavin McInnes wrote an article titled  “God Bless The Right-Wing Social Justice Warriors” which epitomized the argument in favor of fighting leftist cancer with the same fire they spew at the right. It was an excellent, thought provoking piece (Mistake unlikely-intellectual Gavin for a shock jock at your own peril) and I strongly encourage all of you to read it. He includes example after example of the right turning the left’s weapons against them, and I admit, my vengeful streak took pleasure in reading it.

This bit at the end stuck out to me in particular:

“We’re the snarky little bitches now and we’re way better at it than they ever were. I honestly don’t know why we wasted so much time taking the high road. The low road is way more effective and it’s way more fun.”

To me, that is what all of this comes down to. This “new right” is acting exactly like the SJW’s we used to oppose. You can justify all you want that they started it (true), that we are the side of free speech (true), that they will call anyone a Nazi, true or not, to justify their own violence (true), that we are just defending ourselves (getting less and less true it seems), whatever you want, but when it comes right down to it, Gavin is completely right.

You’re social justice warriors, and you’re taking the low road.

At least he’s up front about it.

I remember reporting on Black Lives Matter riots, and being so annoyed that no one was really even protesting anything – they were just using their anger as an excuse to let out their aggression on property, police, and each other. I remember thinking “Hey, we’re better than that. We’re on the right. We have the superior argument. We can win debates on merit. We discuss things, we don’t beat each other up!”

How naïve of me, right?

What I’ve learned since then is that vengeance is sweet, and that without imposing our own constraints of moral and principle on ourselves, we end up with an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a Richard Spencer supporter punching some dreadlocked antifa chick in the face.

I’m not going to sit here and lie to you and say that I didn’t laugh a little. I’m not going to say “We’re the fascists now!” because the imbecilic left finally got their own worldview handed to them in the form of a well executed punch.

The left started this, the left caused this, and just because you don’t get to claim any lofty moral high ground doesn’t mean that you’re not still about fifty steps above Antifa in my book.

However, I will not align myself with this sort of behavior.

Dear Men: Put A Stop To This Street Brawl Nonsense

Class on every side.

Maybe it’s my naïveté, maybe it’s the fact that I’m a normal woman who doesn’t want to get punched in the face, maybe I’m completely wrong, but as it stands?

I still believe we can win on our ideas. I still believe in debate. I still believe that speech is a better alternative to settling arguments than with violence.

Above all, if we’re going to square off and have a civil war, I think it should be over something that actually matters – not over proving Antifa to be the free speech hating, communism loving, violent masked worms that they are. Any normal person already knows this – now, what have we done? They have a poster girl for how violent white nationalists are, and by association, all Trump supporters.

This helped how, exactly?

Gavin is right for now. The right has been taking win after win because we have used the weapons of our enemies, and used them better. But the ends can’t justify the means if the end we’re headed for is some Trump supporter getting shot. Or, worse: some Antifa idiot getting shot and thus ‘proving’ all Trump supporters really are evil and violent.

If we’re better than the left, and I really do believe we are, here’s how we fight them. We may have mastered their short-game tactics, but when it comes to the long con, the left knows what they’re doing.

You don’t beat the left by playing for today. You do it by setting up the chess board for five years from now.

The Berkely situation could have been the perfect example of how to do this.

Berkely police officers seem to have been told by their higher-ups to stand down while people beat each other up. Hmm, maybe that’s something we should be concerned with! Mayor of Berkeley, Jesse Arreguin, more or less incited the Milo Yiannopoulos Berkely riots that brought all of this to a head.

When you try to have a free speech rally (or whatever false pretense this street war was fought under) and you are interrupted by Antifa militants, and the police are ignoring the violence, and the mayor is tweeting platitudes instead of taking control of his city, there is an option besides standing down and baking off.

Keep the fight, but take the fight where it counts.

Find out where Jesse Arreguin lives, and go there and protest. He can see for himself the destructive stupidity he seems to love so much as Antifa girls get punched on his lawn.

Find the UC Berkeley bureaucrats who allow this anti-free speech ideology to fester on their campus. And, hey, if some stuff gets broken and costs the University  money, so be it.

Find the police chief and ask him why the hell the police aren’t doing their jobs. Sure, “our side” might see some people in jail, but at least we won’t be the only ones.

The exact target doesn’t matter – but for the love of God, target the institutions that have allowed the left to run freely with unbridled power for decades.

Politics is downstream of culture, after all, and when our political culture has become one where whoever brings the best pepper spray remedy wins, well, I don’t see how that serves anybody.

As usual,  there’s another factor here which cannot be left out. Feminism.

Surprise, surprise, thy cancer which hangs over every political issue like a dark cloud of toxic gas has a hand in this, too.

Yes, like almost everyone, my antifeminist side laughed when that girl got punched. Feminists don’t want equality, what a load of garbage.

They want all the good stuff about being male, with none of the responsibilities.

Hey, feminists: if you are going to argue there is no biological differences between men and women, well, enjoy getting punched in the face. I really struggle to feel bad for you when your fantasyland spills over into the real world and it doesn’t end well for you.

But my traditionalist side really doesn’t like seeing women get hit. See, I don’t want women and men to be equal (except under the law), because we’re not. I like patriarchy. I like knowing that men would  protect me if someone tried to beat me up. I also have the eyes to see that I’d lose in a fight with even the most scrawny of men.

It’s more than that, though.

Dear Men: Put A Stop To This Street Brawl Nonsense

More of this, please.

I had a conversation with a male friend today and he said something that got me thinking: “Suppression leads to intensification.” He’s right, of course. But he was also talking about men fighting with each other. Not women. And herein lies the problem, and why I believe that this escalation will never stop – because this isn’t  men fighting, men who will find out who is top dog and get over it.

It’s feminists – and right wingers acting like feminists. And to make matters worse and more complicated? It’s coed.

Men, you need to stop acting like feminists and start acting like patriarchs.

Step one: stop fighting the bespectacled D students of the political sphere and start fighting the corrupt institutions that got us here in the first place. Maybe some day you’ll have your chance for guns and glory in a civil war – today is not that day, so knock it the heck off.

Why do you think Trump appealed to so many  people? We’ve had enough of the nanny state.

We want boundaries. We want to follow the Constitution. We want the rule of law.

We want daddy.

And daddy says stop f*cking fighting or you’ll go to jail. I don’t care who started it.

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