Dear Tomi Lahren: Being Young Is No Excuse

Dear Tomi Lahren: Age Before Beauty

When Tomi Lahren made her controversial appearance on the View back in March, I didn’t speak about it very much. I made a few sassy tweets, but overall, I was pretty willing to forgive Lahren for calling people like me hypocrites (for holding views she had herself held three months prior, mind you).

When she sued The Blaze for wrongful termination (The irony), I remained watchful  of the situation, annoyed with Lahren for continuing to play the victim, which had been my main point of contention with her comments on The View in the first place.

Still, I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt to some degree. I thought that someone who made a career out of being controversial and facing criticism might be willing to accept some of the critique that she so willingly flings at others.

I was wrong to think that she might learn something from this experience.

In typical snowflake, social justice warrior, millennial fashion, Tomi Lahren has managed to not only double, but triple down in an appearance on ABC Nightline. It seems that in Tomi’s mind, it is better to remain willfully ignorant and to act as an eternal victim – as long as she can stand in “her” truth.

Well, Tomi, here’s the thing about truth.

 There is no such thing as “my” truth.

There is “the” truth, and you will never hear me say otherwise – even if it means that I might miss out on some talk-show adoration and applause.

We can ponder unto the ages what the truth may be, but to deny that one exists is to fall into post-modernist thinking. And as someone who considers herself a conservative (and, presumably, someone who is against  Marxism and communism), you should really take the time to educate yourself on this topic.

Post modernist ideology is one rotten root by which the hollow, putrid tree of leftism grows.

Now, I know you’ve said before that you don’t really read books and that you have a short attention span, and you’ve been lambasted for these comments. On the one hand, my kneejerk reaction is this: read a damn book. It’s important. The nature of social media and breaking, up to the minute news makes it very difficult to get a deeper take on any subject.

On the other hand, as a fellow young conservative (‘conservakid’ if you must) commentator and business owner, I understand how easy it is to get overwhelmed. I used to read every single day – lately, my reading time has slipped. A lot. And that is something I know I need to rectify in my own busy life.

But is that an excuse for me to hold kiddie-pool-shallow views of important and complex topics, and proceed to act as though I am an authority on them?

Absolutely not. 

Yesterday, I did a Periscope video about you, and your comments about abortion, and it was spawned by one specific tweet.

It read something like this: “She’s only 24. I bet you didn’t have everything together at 24 either, give the kid a break!”

Many of your most ardent defenders use your age as an excuse for you to evade reasonable criticism.

Apparently, you’re an important voice for the Right (and I agree you have the potential to be) — and, in the same breath, you’re also just a kid, and therefore, you don’t have to be held to the same intellectual rigor as those older than you.

That excuse is a bunch of bull, and I suspect you’re smart enough to know it.

Now, I can’t speak for everyone, but I tend to allow my political views to be informed by those with mature, reasoned ideas – not by children.

It’s pretty telling that I never see Kassy Dillon or Liz Wheeler being defended on the basis of them being young. Not because no one disagrees with them or because they never get anything wrong – of course they do – but because no one can argue that their ideas were given as much thought as which flavor of chicken wings to get.

Dear Tomi Lahren: Age Before Beauty

Liz Wheeler, One America News Network

I won’t even get into exactly why your opinions on abortion are ill informed and asinine. Your former co-worker at The Blaze already did that job for me.

Because that really isn’t the point. The point is this: it might be unfair, it might be difficult, but when you’re a young conservative, you have more responsibility to get it right. Not less.


I don’t write this letter from a place of malice. I write it from a place of understanding.

I don’t think the guy who tweeted me yesterday knows this, but I’m the same age as you are. Well, just about. I turned 25 on the 12th of April.

I didn’t have it figured out at 24. I don’t have it figured out any more today at 25, either. All that has changed is that I’ve now been alive for a quarter century.

Age brings wisdom, it’s true. As you get older, you get wiser, without having to do anything at all. Before you know it, the day to day experiences are shaping you, and you’re finding things that were complicated yesterday are starting to make sense.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t steps we can take to speed the process along. Reading. Watching. Debating. Engaging. Thinking.

And along with all of that, maybe most importantly, acknowledging.

Acknowledging that older people know more than us sometimes.

Acknowledging that we must be honest with our audience when we change our minds on something.

Acknowledging that our personal experiences do not always serve as a good lens through which to view the world.

Acknowledging that it’s okay not to know the answer on every issue, and to sometimes speak publicly about issues from that perspective.

And right now, I acknowledge that I may be coming off as some sort of self-righteous woman who thinks she knows so much more than you. That’s not my intention – I am learning and growing just like every other person in their mid-twenties.

But on this topic which started it all – abortion – I do know more than you, Tomi. And being a mother helps, too. 

That’s a thing I still struggle to acknowledge sometimes, for fear of coming off as having a big ego or not being as humble as I am in my heart.

For those of you who know how much I love to debate and how much I strive to make good, unimpeachable arguments, it may sound silly that I struggle to take credit when it is due, but it’s the truth.

I’m a young conservative, a young woman on the right, just like you.

And just like you, there are topics where I have no idea what I’m talking about.

There are areas where I find my own biases sneaking through, where it kills me to admit I am wrong.

Conversely, there are times when I struggle to have the stubbornness to stand when I know I am right.

You have the confidence part down, and I believe that will serve you well. Now I’m telling you to take the same criticism you dish out.

So, here are my Final Thoughts, Tomi. Stop being a snowflake, and grow up. Your age does not excuse laziness and ignorance. Be better.

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