The World Is Not A Safe Space: A Call To Responsibility

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By Callum Walters
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Modern Liberals/Leftists want to turn society into one big safe space, utilizing brainwashed youths as a way to champion their agenda and fulfill their ultimate ambition.

This is a call to responsibility. To the chunk of my generation that are adult children, indoctrinated to think with their feelings instead of their brains. To those who adopt Marxist views and larp about in their own Che Guevara fantasy whilst living off their parents cash.

Listen to me: your being deployed as pawns in a political game you do not understand. You are useful idiots, collectively being used as a mouthpiece for the Globalist establishment. You are slowly allowing yourselves to be transformed into authoritarians.

It may seem as though I’m painting a caricaturish image here. The truth is I’m very concerned for the aforementioned chunk, and with good reason; they are presenting themselves not as people, but as intolerant (often violent) human manifestations of ideas. They really are authoritarian in their manner, yet they don’t realize it. Unsurprising really – this is the intention of the very people that install this within them.

In other words, when people are this brainwashed, you know it’s more by design and circumstance than mistake; the institutions do a good job of pushing easily misled youths into a braindead slumber.

Society is breeding adult children, overly sexualized, infantile and stupid. They are not being taught the lessons of responsibility, nor the ability to question things or think for themselves. They simply fail to understand the virtue in being one’s own person – an individual. They are being turned into sheep.

I’m not exaggerating – this is collectivism. It’s sinister and it’s wrong.

Worst of all, they’re being taught to challenge free speech. If the ‘rhetoric’ they hear challenges the sacred progressive ideals they hold in their Bolshevik hearts, they will attempt to oppose our right of free speech directly. Ostensibly they are not worth engaging in conversation with – given the choice between trying to talk to a wall of collective human ignorance and a literal brick wall I’d plump for the latter. I’d do this as I’m likely to get a more reasoned debate from a concrete edifice than from a gaggle of adult toddlers larping as Anarcho-Communists.

Talking of Communism, it seems their ideology is built largely on a modification of Karl Marx’s original idea of Proletariat vs Capitalist. That’s to say they’ve taken this scenario and swapped Proletariat for  “non-white, LGBT, female, Muslim”, and traded Capitalist for “straight white male, representative of the evil white patriarchy.” They live in this very fantasy. What we need to understand is how they are being used to push this regressive agenda, an agenda which is funded and supported by shadowy figures, all with a desire to annihilate traditional western society.

The effects of this agenda on masculinity in society are becoming ever more profound. More and more, western men are being encouraged towards gynocentric dispositions. More and more, men fall for these progressive ideas, thus more men become over-feminized, irresponsible cowards. Afraid to act like men for fear of being sexist and encouraging patriarchal tendencies. (Because we wouldn’t want that now, would we?)

There was a time when the Man was the staunch defender, the warrior, the guard. Now though, just this idea gets progressives rilled up. Today society is churning out more and more overgrown teenagers.

These are not men. These are boys.

In society men are supposed to protect woman, because of tradition, because of biology. I really couldn’t care less if feminists say otherwise. So why are so many “men” failing to do this. Why is it now acceptable at protests to pepper spray girls and hit them with flag poles. Could it have something to do with good old feminism? After all, absolute equality of the sexes must be achieved at all costs, right?

Thankfully not all of my generation are idiots, thankfully not all of them are drones, but to those that are I’ll say this: The World is Not Your Safe Space. Please stop trying to turn society into one. You’ve done a pretty good job with the campuses, I know. Let’s not let this cancer spread any further, please.

Right-wing people like me want the opposite of what they want; we champion individualism and responsibility. We love the idea of small goverment, and often the right to bear arms or own weapons – to right to defend ourselves. We don’t need to be mollycoddled by an overbearing state. Also, we don’t shun opposing opinions – we welcome them, for the sake of debate and good discourse.

We want sovereignty of our lives. They can’t even handle autonomy of theirs. We appreciate values, culture, heritage. Unlike them we’re not constantly trying to undermine traditional society to create a multiculturual, gender-fluid, feminist, Marxist, Islamic, pacifist superstate.

They can have a country with an overbearing state if they want. Why not? No right to bear arms and a leader that’s certain to look after them, just as their mothers did when they were fetuses nestled in the womb. In fact, countries like this actually existed once; look to the Soviet Union and Maoist China for examples. Because I’m sure they would live in countries like that at moments notice, wouldn’t they?

As for us, we’re not cowards like them. We’d rather be responsible for looking after ourselves, thanks.

I’ll summarise my message by speaking to them directly once more:

To all of you children – because that’s exactly what you are – learn to form actual arguements instead of chanting meaningless nonsense. Stop believing everything your told for once and start challenging everything around you. You needn’t be our foes forever; stop allowing yourselves to be used as puppets, as part of a twisted narrative. Aquire the ability to think for oneself and pull yourselves up from the sleep you’ve been knocked into. Do it now before it’s too late.

The World is Not Your Safe Space, it’s time to man up.

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