White Women Needed For Intersectional Feminist Legitimacy

linda sarsour

“Understand that there are some of us in perpetual fear and perpetual outrage!” cries Linda Sarsour about living in the brutally oppressive western world, wherein she’s allowed to drive, vote, and walk freely down the street without running the risk of being doused with an acid facial.

Why is she pleading for people to understand her plight of extreme victimhood? It’s because white women are leaving the whole “feminism” thing in droves. And you cannot really blame them.

Preceding today’s intersectional feminism, which is the special brand of feminism that focuses on race rather than women’s issues, third-wave feminism’s ranks basically overflowed with middle-class white millennial females who preached their gospel about the mythical wage gap, the legend of the cruel man-spreader, and the fairy tale of patriarchy. Noticing that white girls weren’t focusing on alleged racial discrimination, POC (people of color) women started to gripe and moan and complain that their important issues weren’t being addressed by feminists.

Rather than say, “Hey, feminism is about gender, not about race; please go away!” white feminists kowtowed to the POC contingent and did whatever they could to etch racial-based issues into gender-based canon. For the logical world, the rise of intersectional feminism was yet another reason to dismiss wholesale the mere idea of third-wave feminism in general. Though for the white feminists who were sacrificing their own made-up oppression for someone else’s made-up oppression, they were being good allies; they were doing their part to fight against injustice. After all, the only bigger victim than a woman under patriarchy is a POC woman. So millennial white feminists did what they could to ensure POC women had a platform to speak about the terrible woes of being nonwhite in the west.

This wasn’t enough for POC feminists, of course; they wanted more. They wanted the entire platform! Suddenly, a rift began, albeit not reported on by mainstream media, wherein POC vs. white girl was the battle that raged behind the scenes. It’s the reason feminism as a whole has embraced Linda Sarsour, the idea of wearing the hijab, and has promoted the likes of Donna Hylton, convicted kidnapper and murderer, to the forefront of the movement. They have done this, the white girls, to show how diverse and understanding they are toward the imagined plight of the POC feminist.

Though all good things must end. White girls are now opting out.

So now we have organizers of women’s marches around the west begging the white girls, “Don’t leave us!” With good reason, too: According to the Huffington Post—which would gladly inflate these numbers if they could get away with it!—only 1/5 of American women identify as feminists, and far fewer than that total number are actually activists. So with only 20% of women even describing themselves as feminists, the newcomer to the movement, intersectional feminism (read: POC-specific feminism), needs to gain more support, not lose their existing support.

Tall task, of course, when white girls are being forced out of their own movement by offshoots of Black Lives Matter demanding that white people must do more to promote the delusions of nonwhites by helping them pretend to be oppressed.

Linda Sarsour, who wants to make feminism more about accepting Sharia Law, and Women’s March co-chair Tamika D. Mallory, who wants to make feminism more about race-specific gripes and quibbles, both notice a trend of white women losing interest in the activism. They note that these white girls were gung-ho about protesting against Trump and their cutsie little patriarchy, but they’re losing that fervor when called upon to march for hijab acceptance or for black women to earn special classification.

While this is just my opinion, I do feel it’s weighted well by observable and empirical evidence, and that’s the seeming fact that more white women are starting to wake up and realize that their movement is just crap to begin with. They see with POC women taking over what the rest of us see when they take over: Women screeching about oppression without actually being oppressed. When Tiffany’s feminist cause celebra is about wage gap and rape culture, and Tamika’s feminism is about black women being treated as special cases, Tiffany sees this and thinks, “Well, that’s not a problem I believe exists, plus what about my problems? Why do I want to fight for this?”

Sarsour and Mallory aren’t helping matters either, for whenever they speak they simply condescend to white women: “While you’re at the table saying you want to be a part of this movement, let us quickly help you learn what you need to learn…” In real English, this is saying, “Let us POC-splain to you white girls how you’re doing it wrong and how you need to sit down, listen, shut up, and do what we say if you want to be good allies.” Obviously white girls are taking the real meaning away from Sarsour and Mallory’s advice; after all, it was the white girls who invented these terms like “mansplaining” and they’re the ones who hate being condescending to and treated like kids.

Linda and Tamika are implementing shaming language to get white girls to say. What they really need to do is beg them. Without the support of white feminists, POC intersectional feminism is no longer feminism; it’s just another version of Black Lives Matter, as it’s dealing with only racial issues and not with gender-based issues. It puts being black or being Muslim over being a woman, and more and more third-wave feminists are running for the hills.

It boils down to the fact that Sarsour and Mallory need white feminists to legitimize their movement. If they don’t have white girls on board, all they are is another in a long line of racially charged hustler groups looking to carve out a space in the special interests lobby.

I say, good for you, white girls! Leave! Run! Never come back! You are being used as shields by women whose agendas have nothing whatever to do with feminism. Leave the idea of “feminism” in general. Go and do not look back. The rest of the world will welcome your return with open arms.

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