Getting Real Pilled: An Essay

Getting Real Pilled: An Essay

Fake news. Fake boobs. Fake sports. Fake food. Fake blood. Fake environments. Fake eyelashes. Fake nails. Fake hair.  Fake situations shown through a screen, depicting fake characters, played by fake actors and celebrities — watched by real people.

Well, as real as they can be under the circumstances, since most of their food is made up of plastic and artificial sweeteners if they’re following the FDA’s guidelines of synthetic nutrition. Even if you go to a health food store, to supplement your diet, you end up with a bottle of expensive man made synthetic vitamins and minerals, with about seventy percent filler.

It doesn’t get much faker than that.

We live in a world full of the fake, phony and false. It’s rare to meet a real person, much less a real friend. The only beings on this planet left that are real, are the animals, and plant life. Yet, mankind has still found a way to make fake representations of them, and even locked as many species as they can into artificial surroundings. We are just obsessed with the fake.

A lie.

A farce.

A misrepresentation.

It begs the question: isn’t the real good enough for you? Can’t the daydreams stay in the imagination?

Getting Real Pilled: An Essay

What if I told you, that what you think is fact, is actually fiction? Not real. Just an elaborate plot, thought up by others.

Not how nature intended, but manipulated. Your whole life has been conditioned by this influence, a nightmare version of ‘The Truman Show’.

Think about all of the examples given so far. If that’s not enough to give you pause, about what’s real and what’s not, about what’s good for you or deadly, then follow me deeper down the rabbit hole.

 If you’re like most Americans you were born in a hospital, a place where others work tirelessly to fight illness and save lives.

Or is it?

No doubt there are good men and women who do sacrifice much to come to our aid in sickness and tragedy. But really, as wondrous a miracle these folks are, they’re a stark minority.

Of course as with anything, there is a dark underbelly. People stealing and selling baby parts, other body parts. Ruthless doctors and staff that haven’t the conscience to see that they’re using their patients as test subjects.

The vaccines they gave you at birth. Toxic heavy metals, monkey cells, human blood cells from other people, all manner of pathogen filth put into these shots, given to babies, minutes old, with no immune system at all.

*editor’s note: The editors of Halsey News find this information about vaccines to be scientifically unsound to the best of our knowledge. We do not endorse it nor verify its validity. We have given the author the opportunity to substantiate their claims and will update the article or remove the information accordingly.

Who thinks it up? Someone thought it would be a good idea to do this to every single baby. Who developed these vaccines in such a deadly way? Who thinks it’s such a great idea to make folks sick on purpose, and then sit there with their condescending attitude, chewing on the end of their pen, clipboard in their lap, waiting to write the latest symptoms of the experiment?

Indeed, who?

When you step back and take a good look at a hospital, really look at it, it doesn’t seem like such a safe haven any longer does it?

The people who seemed to be life saving angels, they now could be mad scientists in all reality.

Think of public school, how much do kids learn, as opposed to how much the system observes and learns about your children? Every year for the last twenty years the number of illiterate kids turned out onto the streets increases.

Prison like conditions, not even plastic cutlery can be used, these kids are so badly behaved. They are stuffed into classrooms at thirty-five a piece, so they can see the page number written at the top of the board and choose to either read the lesson, or just play and make noise for the hour.

All this while the teacher reads a romance novel, or does her nails. At the end of the week there’s a test, and instead of actually seeing what the children have learned in the classroom, the government gets to learn more personal things about your child. Their handwriting, what they like or dislike. What they know and don’t know, and what they want to learn. It’s enough to start a profile on each child, and that with all the medical records are tucked away. ID, handwriting, description, even your kid’s favorite color and type of music.

Why? It’s just another form of control. The word, ‘government’ actually means, ‘to govern the mind’. Any government institution, helpful or not.

Some even have said religion is a doctrine invented by ancient governments to make people into obedient sheep, not what nature intended.

We have all this illusion around us, even inside of us. Any water you drink is polluted by chemicals that the government deems safe. Fluoride in the tap, and plastic in the bottle. An illusion, on top of a facade, on top of a falsehood.

Would it really be such a shock to find out that even the highest members of members of our government, all the way to the White House, are just actors in a drama? An intense, intricate soap opera with world renowned players.

Who knows, perhaps the deep state even trains them for their parts.

Which brings me to the meat of this.

The biggest scheme of all is the currency system.

The deep state and central bankers hold as many resources as they can, and pass out green pieces of paper for us to use as currency, while they hoard the earth’s precious bounty.

This is why there is war.

The central bankers really don’t care a lick about the debt. They never expect our countries to actually pay the massive bills off. However, the central banks are very interested in any of the resources that these countries own.

Getting Real Pilled: An EssayControl a country’s currency, then you control the country. Control their debt, and you control their resources.

Let’s say you’re a first world country with a large army and compliant leaders. But the deep state isn’t interested in anything you own. They want the oil that belongs to the country you’ve been occupying illegally on the false pretense of protecting it. You could never figure out what your army was doing, prying onto the affairs of other smaller countries, when it made no sense.

Here’s the real part, the part they don’t want you to know about. Suddenly instead of protecting the people of this country, your orders are to hold them hostage while your troops harvest the countrie’s oil. All in the name of business and tyranny.

The oil companies in your country are getting a great deal on all the petrol, and the central bank is happy because instead of paying off the debt, your country has delivered them another resource. Here is the kicker — all this time the debt keeps climbing for the sake of the whole expedition.

For the deep state and central bankers, your country and everyone in it is a commodity. A resource. Even at your birth, back in that creepy hospital, they made you, a human being, a share belonging to the United States. It’s right on your birth certificate.

What of President Trump? Will he send our children into war due to the extortion of the New World Order? So the debt can climb, and people on both sides can die just to make these elitists rich?

It appears at the moment he will. Funny how our Secretary of State is an oil tycoon, and here we are back at war over oil.

Was the pressure really too much, or is this just a new act in the play? Was the president  really trying to help us? Or was he a shill?

The act, the performance, always ever about the appearance of what things are. Never reality. Our kids roam these dying malls and watch the sexy advertising and racy violent movies, thinking this is reality, just so they can go out into the world and get knocked down by real truths.

One thing is for certain.

The plan of the deep state, central bankers, and any other globalists was the same then as it is now. Nothing has changed and things are slowly moving forward. War is great for getting any resource they desire, from any country they choose. It brings the population down, dramatically when WMD’S are used. Nothing different, all moving smoothly in their favor.

The nanny state that will never love us.

Is it all part of a bigger plan? The greatest act of manipulation ever pulled off. The best drama ever played out?

No doubt, there are real world consequences, but it’s apparent that no nation has any sovereignty, has any power over it’s own affairs as long as we all owe trillions to a corporate entity, that is anti-human, anti-family and anti-love.

It’s all become the biggest real life movie. Where the actors live in luxury on our hard work, and the main bosses at the top become more drunk with greed.

If they were actually honest about their intentions, do you think that anyone would go for their madness? Of course not, which is why this entire phony empire on top of a fake economy is here for a glamorous show full of lies. The only truth- heartbreak, hate, and dehumanizing.

There are scores of reasons and examples for this theory. From the corrupt city leader Kwame Kilpatrick, up to Bill Clinton who waged war on innocent Serbia, just to take Kosovo, another oil rich asset.

The global cabal will own everything. We will work in sweatshops, suffer and die.
This is reality. The End.

Hope you at least enjoyed the show.

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