These Are Not the Feminists You Seek

By Brian Hendrix
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In thinking about Feminists, I think about the “law”. Everyone’s got a “law” these days. Godwin’s Law. Sargon’s Law. Poe’s Law. I’m starting my own law – Brian’s Law: The more progressive an individual is, the more they blur linear time into a ball of putty to prove some non-point about how the present and past are indistinguishable.

Why have I went all Socrates level over-nine-thousand and decided to write a law? For the same reason most do: Observation. What I observe, without fail, is that progressive individuals love to play around in Wells’ time machine as if a policy from 1917 is valid in 2017, or as if whatever people did in 1850 is still relevant today.

Case in point: A while ago, Karen Straughan, a popular YouTuber and social media personality, did an interview with The Young Turks, perhaps the most regressive media shills in existence. Their bloviating brown buffalo host, Cenk Uyger, began abruptly yelling at Karen that he will dismiss her until which point she’s ready to thank “feminists” for giving her the right to vote.

Old news for some people. For me, my YouTube watch list is so backed up that I just saw Gangnam Style for the first time last month.

Though I was infuriated having seen Cenk blur linear time in this fashion. It’s not fair. It’s not right. It’s not logical. The original feminists, known as first-wave feminists today, paved the way by tackling real issues that were affecting women in the United States and, to an extent, the western world as a whole. The right to vote. The right to have control over their reproductive systems. The right to be seen as equal people in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of men. These were very important issues, now solved, and the feminists of yesteryear have our collective thanks. But that’s as far as it goes.

Feminism is not some genetic marker that carries over to millennials born in the 1990s and onward. These feminists have done sod-all to deserve anything but our ire for their pestilence spewed across our civilization.

Today’s feminists are nothing at all like yesterday’s feminists. Today’s feminists gripe about a wage gap that doesn’t exist unless you tinker around with the numbers worse than politicians calculating unemployment figures. They complain about oppression while doing so in a society that allows them to stand up and incessantly wail about how evil men are. What a strange sort of oppression one is facing, whereby the oppressors don’t actually oppress but rather allow the supposedly oppressed to have more freedoms than they afford the oppressors. Very odd oppression, that is. It’s almost as if feminists themselves are the oppressors. Let’s ask Jordan Peterson the next time SJWS refuse to let him speak who’s doing the oppressing in society.

Though back to the point, our feminists are the ones who willingly volunteer to take gender studies courses because they’re easier than STEM, and then complain that a gender studies degree won’t get them hired on the Mars Rover team at NASA or as a power broker on Wall Street. These aren’t feminists fighting for the right to vote; these are feminists fighting for the right to walk around nude and have men who whistle at them lashed a hundred times by a totalitarian government.

So, yes, it really stomps my last functioning nerve that Cenk could just start screaming—start demanding—that someone “thank” today’s feminists for things they never did and, quite frankly, for things at which first-wave feminists would have been disgusted.

Just imagine it, if you have the will left. You’re a woman in the ’40s, without the right to vote, and whose place is thought to be in a kitchen. You’re fighting for actual freedom. Up the street, at a prestigious university government’s paying for, another women’s group is marching and demanding that men sit with their legs crossed so women have room for their purses and bags beside them on public transport. These things aren’t even in the same universe.

One might argue that women in the west don’t actually have problems and that’s why they can afford to make them up. And while I’d agree, I’d simply point to the Middle East where women are being mutilated, abused and oppressed. So if our feminists were actually feminists worth thanking, they would shut up about guys on buses and the “male gaze” and instead focus their attentions on places that need real feminism. But not only do our western feminists fail to speak to the actual problem, they pretend it’s a fairy tale over there! Our feminists are now welcoming Islam into the west, wearing the hijab as a sign of respect, and promoting Linda Sarsour to the front of their movement. Who’s she? Well, she’s just an ISIS-supporting advocate for Sharia Law who was born in New York City, USA, but whose heart is forever in Palestine, where her people are from. She’s famous for her antisemitism and her love for the stifling form of Sharia that will force the hijab yet won’t charge interest on loans. So forget the potential for an acid attack, ladies; you won’t have interest on your gender studies degree! Fair trade is the hallmark of Islam, right?

Western feminists are a joke. Horrible at math, supportive of oppression, and about as anti-male as any group you’d ever find. They spend their days ranting and raving about how evil men are, throwing their own brothers, fathers, husbands, sons under the bus and driving back and forth over them. And this is in between stints dressing as walking vaginas, making literal objects out of themselves while wailing, “Don’t objectify me!”

No, Cenk, no one should thank these feminists for anything. First-wave feminists are responsible, in large part, for women’s right to vote, their right to be hired and paid the same—yes, the same!—as their male counterparts. Today’s feminists are responsible for safe spaces and an economic boom in pink fabrics.

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Cenk isn’t the only progressive who would have us thank today’s feminists for things they never did. That was really the underlying motivation of the Day Without Women we had a few weeks back. These women wanted to highlight the fact that the world should be thanking them because they’re women.

Follow the logic: Feminists claim they don’t want you objectifying them, don’t want you thinking about them in any way due to their genitalia, while they simultaneously demand that you view them as special only because of their genitalia.

It’s people like Cenk who keep SJW brand feminism relevant by literally putting it on par with suffragettes. It’s disgusting to not end, but exactly what we expect from our progressive friends and their version of the time machine.

Feminists of yesteryear have my sincere thanks. Feminists of today bear my scorn and ridicule. Both have earned thus in equal measure.

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