How To Defeat Islam When It Isn’t About Islam

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I was posed a question the other day by Halsey News Phenom, Stef MacWillaims when debating President Trump’s actions in Syria. She basically said, if you were made God Emperor of the Middle East and got to decide how to end the problem of ISIS what would you do? How would you stop the march of Islam into the West?

What to decide? Where to start? My first thought was Iran, I would use those Tomahawks on the Mullahs to stop their whole “Death to America” and support of terror and developing nukes and such. Maybe it is Saudi Arabia that needs to be stopped? Boko Haram, ISIS, Syria, Libya? Then I disconnected for a little while and thought about it and realized that none of that would really work. So I went in the other direction…we should just withdraw. We should reaffirm our commitment to Israel’s security, and walk away from the Middle East. Then I thought about how bad that would turn out as well. Then it hit me. Why am I overthinking it? The solution is the same as every solution I see right now.

The answer isn’t to even concentrate on Islam. It is to concentrate on the Left, right here at home.

There is a reason why Republicans, Libertarians and generally everyone who would feel uncomfortable on the Berkley campus never seem to be able to get the job done. They fight and fight and only get a small victory here and there. There is a reason why President Obama just seemed to be able to push us around at will and make it look easy. There is a reason why those who call President Trump Hitler and a threat to gays, women and minorities and then embrace Islam, keep winning. It is because they are willing to identify their enemies and fight them mercilessly. Their enemy is you, and they have you beat as of now.

President Trump, love him or hate him, changed the rules of the game for a brief while. When Elizabeth Warren called him Hitler, he called her Pocahontas. When Jeb Bush called him wild, he replied with Low Energy Jeb. Lyin’ Ted, Crooked Hilary. It wasn’t just about the insults either. He called them out with ridiculous names because he wanted to remind them that if they wanted to go there he would too. Politics is a game that the Left has down pat and we, on the Right, are not seemingly capable of. How can we be expected to take on ISIS when we can’t take on CNN? How can we stop Iran from obtaining nukes when we can even force Hilary to obtain her own emails? How can we “bring back our girls?” from Boko Haram when we can’t even bring back our ambassadors from Libya? The honest truth is we can’t. We have lost and unless we start winning again than the consequences are going to be deadly for our whole country. President Trump is losing his Presidency because he is losing his fight. He is losing what got him there in the first place.

The Right has always been about solutions. Here is our tax plan, our energy plan, our healthcare plan, our foreign policy. The Left has always been about lofty philosophical nonsense that only makes sense when done in front of a green screen in Hollywood. But it sells. Let’s look at the following three scenarios, and when spelled out in front of you, try not to feel as stupid as I do.

  1. Energy
    We love to talk about energy. We believe in coal, oil and nuclear. We have solutions that can make gas cheaper, electric bills drop and actually untangle us from the Middle East. It is really quite simple. Tell the energy companies, “tell us what you need and we will provide it but we want this amount of production in this amount of time”. I can almost guarantee you we will get it it. You know what else we will get? Hollywood Drama. We are in the pockets of the energy companies, we only care about corporations not people. We are rewarding our friends in the billionaires club. We actually are supporting ISIS.  STEEEEEEVVVEEEE Bannon! Ask them for their solutions and they talk about lofty goals that can never be proven. They want to trillions in Solar, Wind, Hydrogen and fairy dust. Their “investments” are never corporate cronyism, just hope. Hope for the future! What happens to the now you ask them? It doesn’t matter because by wanting to make energy cheaper, you are Dick Cheney, Dick Cheney is Hitler and Hitler is almost as bad as Steeeeeve Bannon.
  2. Immigration
    It really doesn’t matter who the group is. If they have the numbers they have the support and the backing of the American Left. The less educated the better. Islamic Countries, Latin America you name it they support it. The only thing they ask is you don’t go through the legal process. If you do that, you have the money and brains to understand what you want and are probably trying to escape the very people the Left likes to champion. Third world dictators, Islamic extremists, Socialist failures. They want you to come over the border or on a refugee ship, and if anyone tries to stop you they will be there with the alligator tears (literally).Well unless your immigrants or refugees vote Republican, like the Cubans. Then no staying for you, no tears no Pussy hats and Hijabs. If you try to point out their insanity you are not just a political opponent, you are Hitler, you are Stalin or worse…you are STEEEEEVE Bannon. Their solution is simple. It is all about love and education. Show these lunatics you love them and then educate them about how special they and we are and they will all come to realize our awesomeness in just 2 or 3 thousand years.
  3. Civil Rights
    This is the best one. The Left loves to give you a lecture on Human/Civil Rights. Especially if you propose something that might actually help people. If you suggest that it is unconscionable that the people in Detroit are living like a third world country under  Democratic Party rule than you are a pure racist. It isn’t that their policies have doomed these people to generations of suffering from which it seems there is no return. They are doing the best they can, and you have fallen under the evil spell of the Ku Klux Klan and Steve Bannon for suggesting otherwise. It isn’t the Left that is the problem it is you. You are the ones who won’t let them increase the welfare rolls and cut off the supply of government cheese. Your solution of jobs and safety is nothing more than fascism pure and simple. They only want to give them food and water, just like any other aid we give to the third world.

These examples are real and it shows what we are up against. Facts and logic is not the answer and policy suggestions won’t work either. It is impossible to have a debate with someone who will say absolutely anything, and completely contradict themselves 24 hours later. It is impossible to point out their hypocrisy, no one actually cares. If you start to win an argument, and show that you are right, just tune into CNN and you will see Chuck Schumer, Minority Leader of the Senate, crying (again literally) about how mean you are and that your suggestion that they are wrong hurts his feelings so bad it makes him sad. If you are willing to make him sad, how can you be trusted with running a country? With policy? With anything?

The answer is to start punching back and to do it mercilessly. That is the first step. It isn’t enough to want to beat them on policy, you have to beat them on reality. When Chuckie starts crying about all the military age men that he wants to import by the millions with no screening we need to say “Grow up you sniveling little baby! This is big boy time and if you can’t hack it it is time to go home. We don’t cry in the real world when things get tough. Now go to Time Out”. When Bernie starts waxing poetic about socialism and giving away everything for free we need to stop pointing out that it doesn’t work and start pointing out that policy like that is immoral, disgusting and a slap in the face to every poor person on the planet. That redistributing wealth, is not giving a leg up to the poor it is just redistributing misery. To advocate that does not make you a visionary, it makes you a horrible person. When Elizabeth Warren, well when she says basically everything, she doesn’t need to be told she is violation of the rules. She needs to be called Pocahontas even louder. She needs to be ridiculed and mocked, just like she mocks us. She needs to be dismissed, marginalized and  confronted. Maxine Waters, Keith Olberman, Nancy Pelosi all the same. No more screwing around. No more arguing the merits of the policy. Argue the merits of the humanity. Argue that their policies lead to lots and lots of dead Americans. Let them come back with facts if they want, it won’t take long for anyone to realize that they don’t have any. We need to start calling out the Left for their horrible ideas and not give them the moral equivalency of saying “well they mean well”. They don’t! You pretending they do is only encouraging them and letting them win.

This brings me back to my original point. There is no magic solution to beating the Rise of Islam on foreign soil if we can’t beat the Left at home. We are outgunned and losing at every turn. They have Hollywood, They have the Media, They have the Universities and they have The Public Schools. Everywhere they need to be to push their narrative, they have us beat. What do we have? Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and of course STEEEEEEVE Bannon.

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