The Effects Of Feminism: Stay At Home Dads

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I had a really odd experience today. I had the day off and my kids are on break from school. Being bored, and not wanting to see my kids confined to the house we decided to take a walk to the public library down the street. It is a nice place, and one of the few that my kids realize they have to stay relatively quiet. The last time we had went we spent a couple of hours going through a book on dinosaurs and I figured we would do something similar today. Upon arrival, the head librarian asked if we were there for the kids book reading and puppet show. In my mind, double score! Quiet time for me to read, and someone else to distract the kids and give them an activity! We walked down to the kids section, and I encountered a very strange sight. The room was filled with at least 20 kids, and 11 parents. That in itself isn’t odd, what was odd was that every parent there was a man. The only woman in the room was the one being paid to read the story. I know, that shouldn’t seem weird, but seeing 11 men wearing kid carriers and holding diaper bags made me wonder what I had walked into. Did everyone have the day off work? What was the deal? Well, the journalist in me decided I had to find out, and it turned out all of them were stay at home dads. This was something they did every week. The woman reading the story knew all their kids by name. They all knew each other too. This made me feel even weirder.

To get it out of the way, I really don’t care if you want to call me a misogynist or any other type of phobe. Sticks and Stones right? It was just that, one would expect there to be at least a mix of stay at home moms and dads. Truth be told, I have read a lot about men staying home to be with the kids, and women being the sole breadwinner. It has never got me thinking. Today it got me thinking that I was staring the effects of feminism right in the face…and it was really really strange.

I have always found a bit of an objection to the way stay at home moms were regarded by the Feminist Left. I always thought that a woman would want to be home with the kids if it was financially feasible. My mother, after taking a few years off when we were really little, worked full time. I never saw it as a liberating factor for her, and she always seemed to have some level of regret for not being with us during the day. My wife was a stay at home mom until my kids were all in school all day, and even now she only works part time wanting to be with them when they get home. I was always fairly proud that my family was able to forgo some of the more material advantages of life in order to have my wife be with the kids. Feminism seems to want to separate mother from child as a sign of liberation. Forget their rabid support of just wanting the mothers to have the right to just kill the babies through abortion if they find them inconvenient, they also seemed to want every woman to join the mindless pursuit of materialistic gain and the stress of the workplace at all costs. Men who would prefer their wives stay home with the children are boorish cavemen who want to keep their women barefoot and pregnant. Women who want to stay home were nothing more than brainwashed simpletons, who had so internalized men’s misogyny that they only knew how to pop out babies and make sammiches.

I have read several studies, the most recent out of Boston College, which is finding that the amount of men who stay home with their kids is rapidly increasing. Yet, why is it ok for this to happen? By the feminist ideal all they want is equality? If staying home with the kids is a sign of oppression and misogyny than why is it ok for men to do it and not women? Then I realized what was really bothering me. It was me. I spend most of my days researching news stories, seeing what is going on in the media, college campuses and such and I always wondered how this all could be happening? How could college students get so triggered by a Chik-Fil-A opening on campus or a political sign they disagree with cause them to cry and hide in a safe space?

I remember how ridiculous I thought it was that women in today’s day and age thought it wise to take the day off work to protest the patriarchy in the “Day With Out A Woman” March. Forget that it was run by a bunch of terrorists, the whole premise made no sense to me. I was lucky that I was in New York City for a meeting that day because I got to go see what all the fuss was about. I even took a few pictures!

Trump Lady New York City MAGA

Today I realized that the society they hope to create isn’t one where the roles of men and women are equal. It is a fight against masculinity itself. I have heard it said a million times but today I came face to face with it. It wasn’t just weird, it was kind of horrifying. Not the kind of horrifying that sends you running to a grief counselor for play doh and a feelings chart, the kind of horrifying of what happens when the time to fight is upon us?

What happens when the march of Islam calls forth our men and women to join the military and go fight in a foreign land for our Freedom? If masculinity is so toxic that it needs to be eradicated, what happens when the rest of the world, who has no illusion of toxic masculinity, decides that we have turned into a group of cowards who have no idea what it means to want to protect our families? What if they decide that the masculine side of America is truly gone?

Today I got to see what that is like as I saw a bunch of men signing Dora The Explorer with their kids on a Wednesday morning, thank God tomorrow I am going to work.

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