Media Indictment: Fifth Column, The Adhesion Of Liberalism In The Black Inner Cities

media indictment

The adhesion of liberalism in the black inner cities is one of the strangest, if not the most bizarre of relationships to ever evolve over the decades. The liberal media’s association with liberalism became the perfect storm of collusion to control a mass segment of the population that doesn’t seem to lose any ground, regardless of the results. The idea that the liberal agenda is the only one that benefits the black community, consistently ensures Blacks are slaves to the ballot box, voiding any transition to the individual thought process that permeates throughout conservative values. Despite all the attention focused on Islam and its intentions towards America, there is a more insidious beast that has and will enable terrorism to flourish in its attempt to destroy America, and it is the inner cities that are particularly strong nurturing ground for America’s Fifth Column.

Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam, CAIR, The Congressional Black Caucus and the rest of their ilk have motivated the masses with the aid of the liberal media in brainwashing the population in urban areas into believing the big lie propaganda of “Trump is racist”, “Republicans hate blacks” and other well know trigger phrases. This type of terminology is directly responsible for causing the negative reactions seen in the form of riots and a total rejection of the  value systems of the Right, which they have never had the opportunity to research, nor any other exposure to. The liberal media’s cooperation in this strategy has been to establish the narrative using revisionist history and several figures in the liberal elite to push the thought process (collectivism) as tool to keep blacks in line (SEIU, ACORN, NAACP). The influx of blacks into the Southside of Chicago during the 1930’s created an environment of discontent and anger which fueled the notion that America wants nothing but total racial destruction. In came Democratic politicians with media slogans “I AM A MAN”, “Black is Beautiful”, “Black Power” and several other phrases which proved effective in motivating the black masses. Not showing nor demonstrating individualism, but the socialist collectivism that maintains a fascist stranglehold in the inner cities was a direct result of these types of narratives.

As a former inhabitant of the inner city, I can attest this is exactly the case and the results I have seen over and over again in my community. In the words of Yogi Berra, “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. The most successful tool used by the Main Stream Media is the ability to further these narratives regardless of the time or place the community is at. This type of strategy is Alinsky’s Rule #13 from the book Rules for Radicals which is:

“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from any sympathy”.

The liberal media stranglehold of the inner cities by way of George Soros (Open Society) and the cozy relationship between the Democratic Party (click here for a list of these types of entanglements) and the Main Stream Media will continue to propagate the narrative that will keep the inner cities under the grasp of socialist collectivism for the foreseeable future. It is amazing that the community is deprived of the narrative which can show them the source of their oppression.

May God help America.

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Marc Comvalius
Marc Comvalius is the author of Media Indictment with Marc Comvalius. Marc focuses on the effects of the media on different groups within society, specifically the Black Community. Marc is the CEO & President at Lotterschmid Performance.