Trudeau Said Canada Will Give $840 Million To Syria, But Who Gets It?

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By Douglas Joya
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Following the horrific attack in Syria this past week, PM Trudeau announced in Parliament that Canada will give $840 million to Syria. But to whom? The conflict in Syria is between the Syrian Government and the Rebels. As shown on an early article, there have been evidence that indicates that the Rebels are actually not friendly. There is also evidence that indicates that the Rebels are also receiving help from ISIS and other terrorist organizations. I mean, if Saudi Arabia is providing weapons to Rebels, the same to Al Nusra, it pretty much paints the same picture right?

Last year in February, Canada had pledged 1.6 billion over the course of three years towards stabilization effort, diplomatic engagement, strong security and humanitarian and development assistance in Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. Trudeau, after the attacks, blamed Syrian President Bashar Assad and his government. He spoke on the morning of the attacks with President Trump and agrees that Canada should not let Assad’s use of chemical weapons to continue. Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said earlier the week that there needs to be facts behind the attack need to be clearly visible in order for so those who were responsible can give account to it.

During a trip to New York, Trudeau said,

“States that have been supportive of the Assad regime need to think about their responsibility in the ongoing conflict in Syria that is taking so many lives”.

This is a clear message referring to Russia. After the chemical attack, the government of Russia said their support for Assad is “not unconditional”. However, RT reported that Putin said it would be ridiculous to accuse Assad’s role on the attack without proof.

So if Canada is pledging $840 million to give to Syria, who are we really giving it to? The Government or the Rebels?

The Rebels have received money from the US with help from Saudi Arabia to train the rebels. Canada has given 15 billion dollars worth of military vehicles to Saudi Arabia. Most of these vehicles have been seen in Saudi Arabia in which the Saudis used in support to attack Yemen. And if Yemen is an ally to Syria, does that not mean that Canada will help their good ole friend Saudi Arabia again? Will that not mean that Trudeau will give the 840M to the Saudi & CIA trained Rebels to defeat the Syrian Government?

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