How Pissed Is The Kremlin?

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Buzz buzz buzz, everyone has been buzzing about President Trump and his decision to engage in an air strike against Assad for the alleged chemical attack against his own people in Syria. Everyone has their own point of view, their own rhetoric from world leaders around the world all the way down to the common everyday person. Was President Trump right to act so quickly without holding an investigation first? Some feel that it was high time that he took a stand, showing the other world leaders where he drew the line. No opinion counts more however, than that of Vladimir Putin and the Russian government. After all, our relationship with them since Obama left office has not even been clearly defined yet.


The Kremlin has every reason to be testy with the new president, due to the shabby treatment Russia received from the outgoing administration. President Obama increased already unfair sanctions against Russia before he left. To make things even more perilous, Obama sent American troops and a lot weapons and equipment to every Russian border in Eastern Europe, as if to prepare for a huge conflict. Putin answered by sending a fleet of destroyers from Russia all the way around Europe and down to Syria in a show of strength. It was the least he could do under the circumstances, and if the Russians are really as bad as everyone says they are, then we would be deep in a hot war from all of the nose tweaking America has done to Russia. Here is the reaction from the Kremlin: “Putin views the US Air strikes as aggression against a sovereign state in violation of the norms of international law, and on a made up pretext. This step by Washington will inflict major damage on US and Russian ties, which are already in a lamentable state.” 

Syria is in Russia’s backyard so to speak, and Russia has had a very hands on role in Syria recently helping them to eliminate ISIS. If Russia sees this as an uncalled for act by the US, say if the chemical attacks were fake, then they are no doubt highly incensed that President Trump made such a rash decision to attack a couple days later, in the early morning darkness. On the other hand though, if the sarin nerve gas story is absolutely true, then Russia is still steamed, but more over territorial issues. Russia might have felt as if the US was overstepping our bounds by going straight to Syria to perform the strike, and not giving Russia any input at all. President Trump only called right before hand so they could pull their men and equipment out of the area. Whichever the case, more communication with Russia about action would have been ideal. Perhaps we wouldn’t be in such sore straights with them. Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev, denounced President Trump. He condemned the US for “attacking a legitimate government of Syria, breaking international law without UN approval… This military action is a clear indication of the US president’s extreme dependency on the views of the Washington establishment…everything would depend on how soon Trump’s election promises would be broken by the existing power machine. It only took two and a half months.”-UK Daily Mail. Ouch. The prime minister makes some good points though. President Trump did break Federal and international law in carrying out this attack. The president is supposed to go through Congress to get the go ahead to perform the air strike. Even if they told him no, at least the record would have showed that he tried. The ‘existing power machine’. What an apt way to put it. Thing is here, will President Trump stick to his own values, what he knows in his heart is right? Or will he continue to cave under the pressures of the establishment? All of it? This was rash, and it seemed against the president’s best judgement. Hopefully he listens to the prime minister’s counsel. It was, after all, spot on. Russia’s envoy to the UN called the attack ‘a flagrant violation of international law and an act of aggression. “Russia had been “humiliated by it’s failure to bring to heel a puppet dictator, entirely propped up by Russia herself..” Said the UK ambassador, Matt Roycroft.

Ouch for Russia. That couldn’t have been easy to hear. Vladimir Safronkov commented that, “The consequences of this for regional and international stability could be extremely serious.” When you look at the list of folks that supported President Trump, next to the number of governments backing the Kremlin, it’s easy to see why Russia is so upset. For the most part they are being undermined my most of the world. This makes sense if the reports of a chemical attack are completely true. But if this is a false flag in any way, left to set up either president, then they would rightfully be infuriated. The governments that ally the Kremlin include Syria, Iraq, and Hezbollah. That’s all. Everyone in the western world felt President Trump was right to strike out on Syria.

Has anyone noticed that many of these countries want to gang up on Russia? That even gives me pause and makes me wonder if the gas attacks were true? If both of these presidents have been set up? Surely President Trump was, he’s a political infant, so they’re gonna pull every trick in the book on him. But with Putin? Can you imagine the sting to his pride? When we see an attack that was basically a waste of ammo, was cosmetic only, and then people, the kind like Angela Merkel, and ISIS commending it- something doesn’t make sense. It’s no wonder Putin said that the US is ‘on the verge of a military clash with Russia’. The Kremlin has every right to be pissed. They’ve taken abuse from the fake media for a year solid. They’ve endured Obama’s poking. Now they’re trying to be patient with a populist president who was never a politician. So here is what they’ve decided. Moscow has suspended communication with US forces designed to stop planes colliding over Syria. The US has temporarily halted operations in the country amid fears of a mid air crash. The next test will be when Rex Tillerson visits Moscow next week for talks, that will include Syria. Now, there has to be extreme caution on the American side. Just one wrong move, on slip, and Russia’s had enough. WWIII will be here.


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