Donald Trump: A Flock Without A Shepard

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What a difference one day makes. Or just one second. Within ten seconds close to nine pm eastern time my phone had lit up and buzzed nine times. All my favorite folks were telling me, and then confirming over and over and over that WWIII had possibly began.
President Trump has cracked under the pressure it seems. Surrounded by neocons, far leftists, communists and globalists, it all apparently was too much. He ordered that fifty nine Tommy hawks be dropped at a Syria military base, and we knew as soon as the bombs fell.
President Trump was beloved by the people, still is no doubt. The most popular President in US history, no election had ever had such an historic landslide turn out.
However the road has been rough since day one, not just for the president, but for all of his supporters. The nation has never been so divided, because the awake, cognitive Trump supporters refuse to back down and let brainwashed zombies push out their lawfully elected president.
Liberal social justice warriors, including all the ones in Hollywood -it was amazing what husks those people turned out to be- took to the streets, calling for another election, saying he isn’t a legitimate president, calling for impeachment, threats to hurt his beautiful wife and young son. ‘When they go low..’ well apparently they just keep stooping lower. Calling even for President Trump’s death on many, many occasions, not just in the chaotic streets, but on the mainstream television shows. Social media was by far the biggest onslaught. Memes, with great artwork, but the content was haunting, many depicting our president getting his brains blown out as he stood before the lecture addressing the nation.
Neocons and corrupt democrats spend all of their time whining, blocking key cabinet members,  picking at each one, until they managed to pick a couple off.
Yesterday there was no doubt the President was under a different kind of strain. His body language was different. His mood, the way he spoke, he was sweating more than usual. President Trump briefly explained that he condemned the horrific gas attack in Syria, even saying, “No child of God should have to suffer such a fate.”
 Not long after this address President Trump was due to meet with the Chinese President, Xi Jineing. In fact he was an hour late to dinner due to the strike he had just carried out on Syria.
This is a good move in a short term machiavellian perspective. Think of the optics this provided. The impression that President Trump left on the Chinese President, what North Korea must be thinking after such a sudden attack in Syria. A sovereign country  that had not attacked us, and we have illegally invaded during the last six years.
From the perspective of the hardcore conservatives that had supported Trump, all the way to the highest seat of the nation- it was horrifying in a long term geopolitical situation. The US has been poking Russia incessantly during the last year, accusing them of all manner of criminal behavior. From meddling in the US elections, all the way down to accusing Russia themselves of the gas attack.
When in reality Putin has always been the type of leader to want talks first at all cost before he would consider attack. Putin has shown remarkable patience and long suffering with the deceptive fake mainstream media slandering Russia and dragging her name through the mud constantly. If nothing else he has a very cool head.
Then the tight circumstances between the US and China, trade disputes, and the touchiness with both of them in the Great China Sea, there is much to be desired in the relationship between China and the US.
According to Fox news however, President Trump and the Chinese President had a, “Candid discussion”. President Trump said they had made, “tremendous progress,” and that the President and his family “were interesting to be with”. President Trump also mentioned that, “lots of very potential problems will be going away.”
The Presidents agreed on a hundred day policy to address each other’s trade differences, and try to resolve them.
Could Trump have made the same impression if he had not come to dinner late the first night after the Syrian strike? This was a show of power, that demanded at least a bit of respect. Funny how quiet North Korea has been in the last day too, isn’t it?
Russia was less than thrilled at the strike that damaged the Syrian military base. Russian in fact agreed to replace the fifteen to twenty jets- conflicting reports on the number- that had been destroyed, along with the runway. It couldn’t have been too badly damaged however, since planes have been using the runway for the last several hours.
To conservatives this was a deep blow. So many tweets were offered before and after the attack simply saying: hey @realDonaldTrump, what happened to America first?
This was not what they had elected him for. This was what he had campaigned on, promising to end the conflict, and bring our troops home.
Conservatives voted president Trump into office because he promised a border wall, our taxes cut, more fair tariffs and trade deals. He promised to deport criminals, protect the first and second ammendments. Bring our factories, coal mines and jobs back. Get government out of our schools, which is unconstitutional anyway. To get outlaw post and partial birth abortions, and federal funding to pay for not just poor US citizens, but also for poor women all over the world. Which is generous to be sure, but there is no money left to pay for out own roads and bridges. President Trump promised to put serious priorities first. America first.
This is quite a list. Even for a charismatic, successful, experienced man like President Trump. And he really hasn’t disappointed until a day ago with this strike. Even before he was inaugurated, he was making deals with Ford and GM, trying to bring back jobs where we can build and sell American. So many jobs that were leaving to all over the world he was chasing down, all by himself against the selfish wind of the bitterly reduced Democratic party.
Then after the inauguration he was was racing even faster to at least cushion the blow when the economic  crash hits. But President Trump had this stacked against him as well, and it seems these jobs are lined up for after the crash. How can these  businesses and factories hire when they are contracting and laying people off, closing the doors?
Small businesses have never been so hopeful. The enthusiasm is so great, that the soft data on the markets has soared almost constantly since January. If we actually had the jobs, we might even be able to cut spending and government and live more efficiently. President Trump made it legal to work with coal again, and many many people in the Blue Ridge Mountains may not starve to death.
There are two things that stick out the most in all of this.
President Trump has promised a very long list, an entire complex plan to get us working again.
This is the first prepresident in my lifetime, that has kept any campaign promises.
It’s important to remember that even if he only keeps the promises he’s made so far, and no others. We are still infinitely better off than if Clinton had won.
Other factors have surfaced as well, which show the pressure increasing.
President Trump’s lovely daughter  Ivanka has moved into the white house as one of her father’s advisors. She, her two small babies and her husband, Jared Cushner all reside there with him now. They are well known liberals, and perhaps this point of view has been harped on a bit more since her arrival.
Also with so many loved ones under the same roof, who knows what kind of threats the president may have received? Surely he hasn’t much fear for his own life, but what about the fate of Milania, Ivanka and his small grandchildren?  By the looks of President Trump’s composure last night, that is indeed a strong probability.
After all, if we are seeing so many belligerent, blatant threats publicly, who knows what kind of things get whispered in his ear?
Whatever it was, the man caved.
So did much of his support. President Trump may be making the neocons and ISIS happy temporarily, but his base is less than enchanted.
Not even an hour after the bombing, Paul Joseph Watson tweeted that he was, “officially off of the Trump Train.” Lauren Southern, Michael Savage, Mike Cernovich and many other pillars of this base do not approve of this act of war. They see how close the planet is to breaking out into the next world War, and how foolish attacking a nation without Congressional approval is. And as I said before, they had not attacked us,and we have had troops in there illegally all this time.
Think on this. Who is happy that the president made this decision?
The neocons, like John McCain, and other war mongers like Pelosi, Schumer, and Graham were absolutely salivating at the thought of kicking off the war in such a way.
Isis, and all the other terrorist organizations were celebrating publicly, on social media and the news.
Brian Williams called the bombs falling ‘beautiful’. And now the mainstream media after singing President Trump’s praises all day have taken it a step further. They are saying now that Russia is responsible for the attack, and that Trump must declare war to save Syria. This while Russia still tries to communicate with us, and does all it can possibly do to look after the people of Syria.
But what motive did Assad really have for gassing his own people that voted him into place? After Tillerson had said last week that “toppling him was no longer a priority”? It would be like winning the lottery, and then tearing up the winning ticket. It just doesn’t make sense.
Then there is the issue of the gas. Was it really a nerve agent? Or was it a phostgene gas? More of a choking tear gas, that causes discomfort but is rarely fatal? A nerve agent would have killed first responders quickly, and these people had no gear at all, not even gloves. Another factor that doesn’t fit and makes no sense.
How many times have they pulled this false flag?  Remember the WMD’s? Or that time when a boasting Clinton bombed an asperin factory? How do we know this is any different?  This could just be a fake catalyst set by the deep state to entrap us in this mega war like the world has never seen, while the draft bill is making it’s way through congress.
Yesterday afternoon Hillary Clinton rallied her followers and called for these very strikes. Today she returned to her soapbox, calling for more war. Did she know ahead of time? That woman is never more passionate than when she gears up for war.
Just knowing all these evil people got what they wanted, and they are rejoicing so publicly, if we cheer for this also, what side are we on? It’s a very slippery slope, and Trump’s supporters for the most part have held his feet to the fire, even today- rather than just assume he knows everything and can do no wrong. They will not follow him no matter what, like say over a cliff, or off a bridge taking the country with him.
Now we have all these people, real Americana, who just want desperately to make America great again. They’ve been attacked, beaten, threatened, pepper sprayed and maced. These people went the extra mile and made sure their vote counted because they finally found the outsider to lead them back home to their promised land.
But their leader seems distracted and put off course.
Roger Stone put it best.
“It was only because of all these people that Trump is able to rally. But if his supporters are put off and go away, then there will be no one to rally.”
To top it all off, most liberals are considering that President Trump warned Putin before the attack, so he could make sure all his men were clear.
“This is it, right here:” one tweet read. Below was the headline, and then the girl’s duped analysis. “Trump colluding with Russia.”
President Trump could raise the dead, and the left would find some problem with it.
What has all of this accomplished?  Well The Kremlin released a statement saying that this attack “crippled peace relations” between the US and Russia.
Another anonymous tweet today read:
“What have they done to our president?”
We can see that the trust between the president and his supporters has worn a bit thinner. There will still be a freedom movement to fight the global cabal.
The question is, will President Trump still lead it?
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