There Is No Compulsion In Religion? Think Again

There Is No Compulsion In Religion? Think Again

There is no compulsion to follow Islam? Does anyone really believe that?

Today, 46 Christians were killed and over 100 were injured in church bombings in Egypt. I’m not surprised. I’m sad. I’m angry.

I grew up in the Eastern Orthodox church, and I remember Palm Sunday services. I especially remember bringing home palm crosses to put up with my dad’s icons afterwards.

The image in  my head when I heard someone utter the words “palm Sunday” would always be those little crosses that I tried and failed to make as a kid.

Now, it will be a very different image that comes to mind. The blood of Coptic Orthodox Christians on the floor of their church.

I’ve been on my Twitter account all morning “debating” with Islam apologists, talking about this attack, and talking about Islam as a threat.

Of course, when I say “deal with” Islam, people assume I mean through violence, despite the fact that I have never advocated for violence against Muslims.


When I say we need to deal with Islam, I mean, we need to take step one. 

We need to understand that the average non-Muslim (and the average Western Muslim, for that matter) has no idea what Islam teaches.  We need to learn about Islam ourselves. We need to share that information with others. And we need to see Islam the same way we see any other cancerous ideology such as Nazism – unacceptable and intolerable insofar as these beliefs threaten the safety and freedom of human beings.

So if the rest of this piece is full of links and a bit more dry than my usual personal pieces, I apologize. But I also ask you to learn.

Today, we need to talk about what Islamic rule looked like and will look like for non-Muslims.

There Is No Compulsion In Religion? Think Again

I don’t know if the Coptic Orthodox display these in churches on Palm Sunday. But I can’t help but imagine one on a floor in one of these churches, splattered in blood. It makes me feel sick.

Whenever non-Muslims voice their concerns or fears about being forced to convert to Islam or die (or live as a Dhimmi, which I will explain shortly), Islam apologists (be they Muslims or useful idiot secularists) will cite Surah Al-Baqarah 2:256.

Usually, they will only give the first line: “There is no compulsion in religion.”

This is misleading nonsense. As usual, Muslims will do exactly what they accuse Islam critics of doing: citing a verse out of context. This is also commonly done with this verse which says, in part, that “Whoever kills a person it will be like he has killed all mankind.” Of course, they leave out the fact that there are exceptions – such as “unless they are spreading “mischief” or “corruption” in the land”.

When someone cites a Quran verse, make sure you actually read it. Read the verses that come before or after it. Give the verse a Google search to do some more research on it. Putting forth out of context, partial verses is a very weak tactic by Islam apologists, and it shouldn’t be effective – however, most people are eager to give Islam the benefit of the doubt and will not look for themselves at what the verse actually says.

Back to compulsion in religion.

Here’s Surah 2:256 in full:

“There is no compulsion in religion. The right direction is henceforth distinct from error. And he who rejecteth false deities and believeth in Allah hath grasped a firm handhold which will never break. Allah is Hearer, Knower.”

Yes, most religions think they are the one that is right and others fall short, however, Islam is the one major religion which treats those who do not follow the one “right” religion as second class citizens.

There’s also the small fact that this verse is abrogated by later verses which state that those who don’t believe in Allah are to be killed and enslaved – but as usual with Islam, even the “peaceful” version is bad enough!

There Is No Compulsion In Religion? Think Again

Look on the bright side! At least Dhimmi’s can choose to become Muslims!

Most of us know what a “Kafir” is.  Bill Warner of the Center For The Study Of Political Islam puts it this way:

“The language of Islam is dualistic. As an example, there is never any reference to humanity as a unified whole. Instead there is a division into believer and kafir (unbeliever). Humanity is not seen as one body, but is divided into whether the person believes Mohammed is the prophet of Allah or not.

Kafir is what the Koran and Islam call the unbelievers. Kafir is the worst word in the human language.”

If you click the link above, you can read over a dozen verses in the Quran which define the Kafir as well as state the acceptable treatment of the Kafir.

There is another, lesser known term which I want everyone reading this article to be familiar with, if you aren’t already, and that word is “Dhimmi”. 

A Dhimmi is alway a Kafir.  But a Kafir is not always a Dhimmi.

A Dhimmi refers to a subordinate, legally “protected” Kafir, which is a non-Muslim who is living in an Islamic society who submits to Islamic law, culture, etcetera except in private practice or his or her religion (including in churches or synagogues under specific conditions).

The entire point of enforcing Dhimmi status is to humiliate non-Muslims until they become Muslim. It is not to promote peaceful coexistence between faiths. It still follows the theme of Islam to destroy all that is non-Islamic – it is simply a non-violent first step.

If we put similar restrictions (not to mention outrageous demands such as the Jizya tax) on Muslims in the West, they would leave or they would denounce Islam. 

Here is an example of a historic Dhimmi treaty for Christians. 

Oh, and atheists don’t get to be Dhimmis. You get to convert or die.

And yes, this still happens today.  In many countries.

We also have a more modern, non-legally-enforced version of dhimmi status that has been coined as “Dhimmitude”.  This term, I believe, can be applied to non-Muslim majority countries which choose to subjugate themselves and to submit themselves to the demands of Islam.





There Is No Compulsion In Religion? Think Again

Islam apologist logic.

We are catering to Islam. And it is killing us. Take just one example: blasphemy.

We fear criticizing Islam. We fear drawing Muhammad, because it could literally get us killed. We self censor for fear of being called racist despite the small inconvenient fact that “Muslim” is not a race.

If we are doing this, if we are condoning these actions, have we not already begun to submit?

Dhimmi status is a legal one in the strict sense, especially historically. But I would argue that “Dhimmitude” is also a state of mind. To be a Dhimmi is to submit. It is to capitulate. It is to say “we will cater to you, so you will not hurt us.”

And to that, my response is simple: no.

I will not capitulate. I will not stop criticizing. I will not tolerate hatred, destruction, and death.

There is compulsion to follow Islam. Be it through manipulation, forced servitude, forced enslavement, or at the tip of a sword.

And if you are a person of any religion or non-religion who believes in human rights, I would argue that there is a moral compulsion to criticize this ideology.

To be silent is to submit.

I will fight as an infidel before I ever will submit as a Dhimmi.


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