Trump, Syria and the Death of the Rebellion

By Tom Luongo
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Donald Trump was elected, in part, because he was the anti-war candidate. His stump speeches and promises of no more nation-building were the cornerstone of shoring up support from a middle America tired of endless war for endless chaos in the Middle East and Central Asia.

I voted for Trump despite serious misgivings. Normally I don’t vote for people at all only on local and state laws and referendums; feeling very strongly that voting itself validates the State by participating in choosing its leadership.

But, in the end, I voted for Trump because I believed this was a unique moment in U.S. history that could stem the tide towards unrepentant Marxism making way for global serfdom for us and perpetual wealth and power for those in charge.

There has been an unrelenting attack of an increasingly bizarre nature on Trump’s presidency that was easy to explain away if you assumed he understood the stakes. But, the latest tragic headline in an endless series of them coming from Syria has me seriously questioning what Trump’s motives are and what he’s going to do next.

The gas attack in Idlib is a false flag event. I won’t even dignify discussion of the opposite. Just hours after Trump’s Press Secretary announces the U.S. can live with President Bashar al-Assad continuing to rule in Syria a horrific chemical weapons attack occurred.

There are zero coincidences in geopolitics. I have studied these events for too long to believe otherwise. I expected the breathless rush to judgment from CNN, the Associated Press, and the New York Times, to name a few. There was zero journalistic restraint in the West’s coverage of this event.

All of it immediately put the blame on the Syrian Army and personalized the coverage by naming Assad as the villain.

The Duran’s Alexander Mercouris has, what I’ve read, the most reasonable take on the subject:

No one seriously disputes that a Syrian air strike on a Jihadi facility took place in Idlib province, and that as a consequence of that attack many civilians died from what look like the effects of sarin gas.  However it beggars belief that at a time when President Assad’s military is on the brink of victory he would risk everything by launching a poison gas attack on civilians which could have no conceivable military or political benefit for him. [emphasis mine]

It seems far more likely that the version of events suggested by the Russians and the Syrians – that the Syrian air force struck a Jihadi arms depot where sarin gas canisters were being stored, causing sarin gas to be released into the atmosphere – is the most likely explanation for what happened.

This could easily have been a case of bad intelligence of what was contained in that ISIS weapons cache. And, if so, then this event is nothing more than what it appears, a horrific moment of collateral damage in a conflict stoked for the most cynical reasons by forces within the U.S., Saudi, Israeli and Turkish governments.

In addition, it begs the question how did such bad information get spread. Because, you see, it is far easier for me to believe that elements of the U.S. Deep State fed bad information to the Syrian Army about the weapons cache to create a false flag event than it is for me to believe Assad went crazy and decided to gas civilians.

But, this is exactly what the media is trying to make us (and Trump) believe. They have motive and opportunity. Assad has neither.

Occam’s Razor tells us that Assad had zero motive for an attack of this nature. We also know that ISIS has been caught using Sarin Gas in Syria. Idlib is in mop-up mode. This is not the front-lines of the Syrian Army’s conflict with ISIS. That’s much farther East near Palmyra and Deir Ezzor.

Remember, the deal brokered by Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2013 saw Assad give up the military’s chemical weapons stores and submit to U.N. inspections.

That Trump would then reverse policy course immediately, while speaking with King Abudullah of Jordan, speaks volumes as to the kind of intelligence he’s receiving and what, at this point, he’s willing to believe.

And if he believes that Assad gassed civilians on purpose after not believing a word of it in the wake of 2013’s gas attack, which turns out to have been carried out by ISIS, then he is on a very dangerous path. And I am regretting my vote.

What this looks like to me is the last-ditch effort on the part of the U.S. War Party to achieve its original goals in Syria – removing Assad from power, installing a chaotic failed state solution a la Libya and Iraq, and running pipelines across the country to take European gas market share from Gazprom.

On the day after the announcement of a major Obama Administration policy change this occurs smells worse than a three-day old fish in a North Florida summer. If Donald Trump escalates this conflict his populist rebellion will have been crushed.

And his apologists, like his voters, will have to own every single body.


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