Syrian Civil War: What The Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You

By Douglas Joya
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The Syrian Civil War was the biggest trend all over social media in the last few months of 2016. The name Aleppo was in everyone’s feeds. Children figures like Bana and Omran were the face of Syria’s civil war. Her tweets on the conflict and the picture of his face covered with dirt and blood had the world watching.

But what was the angle? The narrative that the western media was selling to us? Was it to stop the Syrian civil war? If you follow the mainstream media, they will continually refer Syrian President Bashar al Assad as “brutal dictator”. They will also used the term “Assad regime to justify their narrative that the Syrian Civil War occurred because of Assad’s “strict” dictatorship. The battle for Syria started when there was a protest that was considered “peaceful” by the mainstream media. The protest started in southern Daraa against the arrest and alleged beating of 15 teenagers who were painting anti-government slurs on the walls of a school.

On April 2011, activists across Syria prepared for what was considered the biggest anti-government rally as the ‘Great Friday’ protest. During the rally, many demonstrators became aggressive and security officials had to handle the problem. This resulted in 75 casualties. After the brutal event, there were more uprisings happening in major cities. The Syrian Army started to deploy tanks and heavy armor to tackle the problem.

The US, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and Qatar continue to push the agenda that Assad must go.

Syria has not threatened the United States or even attacked the country, therefore the government has no way to try to overthrow the government of Syria. The U.S attempt to overthrow the Syrian government violates the treaty they signed under Article VI of the U.S constitution.

Media outlets such as Al Jazeera, CNN, and BBC began a propaganda campaign against the Syrian government. Al Jazeera’s Rula Amin was in Dera and had a personal interview with the cleric Sayasneh at the Omari Mosque. Al Jazeera is a state owned outlet for Qatar. The Prince of Qatar was one of the funders of the terrorist attacking Syria. WikiLeaks’s Julian Assange explains the move from the prince in an interview in regards to the email Clinton wrote to campaign manager Podesta. The email states, “We need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to Isil and other radical Sunni groups in the region,” This proves that the prince of Qatar was sending money to arm rebels and terrorist to overthrow the Syrian government. Assange also points out that the US government did not acknowledge that the governments of the Middle East nations financially supporting ISIS.

The United States did not learn the consequences of what happens when they overthrow a government, etc. Iraq, Libya. Due to the overthrow of the government in Iraq and Libya, it has assisted the rise of ISIS. The US and NATO also backed Islamic rebels in 2011

The outlet, SUN today, had a poll that 52% agree to bomb Syria in September 2015.

In mid August of last year, the boy Omran from East Aleppo was the symbol of the Syrian Civil War displayed by every major outlet internationally. Media outlets explained that this is the fact of a bloodshed war pointing out to Assad as the culprit. The photographer Mahmoud Rslan, who took the historic photo of Omran in the ambulance, also took a selfie with the rebels that later beheaded a Syrian boy that the media ignored. Mahmoud works for the AFP and is linked to the White Helmets organization.

Who are the White Helmets?

The White Helmets claim from their campaign sites that they are a non-government organization that just helps out in the aftermath. They don’t accept no money from government, but on 27 April, 2016 US Deputy person Mark Turner explained that the US gives the White Helmets 23 million dollars in assistance. Despite what their site claims, the organization was not created by Syrians but by an ex-British army officer. The White Helmets use propaganda on their campaign site to promote No-Fly-Zone to their audience, which is also what Hillary Clinton promised during the 2016 Presidential race. No-Fly-Zones could prevent WW3 with Russia, Trump explained. He believes that it’s better to take down ISIS than tell Assad to step down.

There were videos circling of innocent people being shot by extremist… then moments later, the White Helmets come to assist the deceased. Additionally, there have been various footages of White Helmet members praising victory with terrorist group Al Qaeda but the media was silent.

In September, due to the fact that rebels and terrorist held areas that were starting to be retaken by the Syrian army and assistance of Russia; it is likely that these extremist organization decided the only way to receive more help is through social media. If people from countries see the “good side”, their officials will maybe take action. Videos from citizens in Syria took social media by storm. These users explained that this might be their last video and that it is just horror blaming the regime. However, these users are actually activists who support the rebels, a journalist who is affiliated with Al Nusra, and also a member from the White Helmets group. After their viral video were up, they were still alive being reported by CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera. Notice how those networks are affiliated with the country US, United Kingdom and Qatar that pushed propaganda against the Syrian government as I said earlier.

Then there is Bana Alabed. She is a little 7 year old who tweets with her mother in east Aleppo. She has tweeted the events on what is going in Aleppo, but with pushing the Syrian government as the enemy. Many users would believe a 7 year old girl who is telling the “truth” because she is young. Well actually, Bana’s father is a lawyer and there is evidence that on his Facebook (which is now deleted), he was friends with fighters from Nusra front. When Bana and her mother started to report on Twitter the persecution and fear they were living under, it became clear that this is a method to manipulate readers using their fear for life of a little girl. In November, in East Aleppo, many communications were jammed. So it is odd that Bana’s Twitter uploaded videos and photos? It is likely the Bana account is run by more than one person and could very be likely outside of the city. From reading the tweets, you can see her mother’s tweet, that show political opposition. A journalist tried to instigate to meet Bana and have her in government area to keep her safe in exchange of offering her father amnesty incase he wants to get his legal status settled. Bana, or the account user did not respond after they claim the man is a journalist who probably sides with the Syrian “regime”. When users have pointed out that Bana’s account was created in the UK, they question her and her response was to block them. Also what is interesting is that who she follows are White Helmet members. The mainstream media eats this up and just talks about the life of Bana making naive viewers believe what Bana is saying true.

Syrians however, have spoken out against the false propaganda that the west has shown. While the mainstream media were portraying the freedom fighters as heroes as Democracy, they really were raping, looting, kidnapping for ransom and murdering for propaganda. In videos published by Al Jazeera’s AJ+, their 3rd party affiliate that uses 2 minute videos displaying events, they like to point out bombs and attacks that are being caused by Russians and the Syrian army. However, comments from Syrians receive much likes when they claim it is a lie and that these attacks are from rebels. One employee from Al Jazeera actually communicated with an ISIS sympathizer user on Twitter.

Though the western media has told us that Syrians are enjoying their freedom from the war, most Syrian refugee want to go back to their homes in Syria. European politicians and Democrats believe taking more refugees is what is right. The media continues to push false agenda labeling sub Saharan Africans as Syrians because they believe their viewers are too ignorant to see the difference. Those refugees however, would rip their passport and claim they were from Syria so the country they are seeking asylum will allow them in.

Tulsi Gabbard, a Democratic congresswoman from the state of Hawaii explained that when she went to Syria, the Syrians who were in the government area said there are no moderate rebels, just terrorists who have raped and torture citizens. Gabbard explained in an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN that the US has fund these terrorist groups to overthrow Syrian government. Jake Tapper explained that the government denies it. But it is actually true due to the fact that the government gave money to Saudi Arabia to train CIA rebels to overthrow Assad. Gabbard then proposed a bill that will not allow US send money to these terrorist organization.

Recently, the mainstream media and White House just attacked Russia and Syria for involvement of chemical attack in rebel-held areas. Syrian army denies the allegation. The Russian military said in a statement that it did not conduct any airstrikes in the Idib province. Russian troops however, found unexploded shells allegedly used by rebels, evidence of chemical weapons, in the southwestern suburbs of Aleppo known as the 1070 District. In photos that have shown rescue workers rescuing victims of the gas attack, there are interesting things to look at. The photos shown of the White Helmets rescuing the victims were not wearing gloves. Twitter user, Ian Grant highlighted that an angle of the “fire hose” location could likely be in a White Helmet base. It wasn’t that long ago that at least 250 people from Majdal and Khattab were kidnapped by terrorist last week. Not far from rebel compound to Khattab and Majdal… It is at least an hour drive from the location victims were kidnapped and then heading to rebel areas. Also, locals claim those who died by the chemical weapons were from Majdal and Khattab. Also, what is interesting is, why did “Dr. Shajul Islam” in a hospital full of victims of sarin gas, had the time to be on social media and tweeted that he would video call people to show “evidence” from the attack of the Syrian government?

So what is the mainstream media not telling us? These are the questions we must know. If this continues, then there will be more attacks in Syria and it will become another waste failed state like Libya and Iraq.

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