Rolling Over Into New Currency

“This will not be a crash as much as it will just be an all out grab.” Dex the Vulcan told Dave on the X22 spotlight. “An all out grab of the currency in everyone’s bank accounts.”

Unless you have been filthy rich for the last ten years, then no doubt you and your family has felt the pain of an economic downturn. In July of 2007 we hit a point where the system itself had been broken, crushed under the weight of debt. Not just debt in the United States, but the global debt had exceeded what is possible to pay off. John Rubino and Harley Schlanger were both heard saying this same statement, word for word.

“There comes a point after you’ve borrowed so much money, that it just doesn’t help anything anymore.”

Since the subsequent crash in the fall of 2008, life has changed- a little. For a few months there, the whole world grew silent, listening to the economic advisers they were laughing at only weeks before. The tension in the air was thick as coal smoke, everyone felt it. People were serious, downcast. Knowing that the full debt was due now, but please, please let the markets return to normal, please just let us borrow one last time and we will reform it! We will never let the debt get so bad again. Look at this upstanding new president we have! We will get this under control. So we bailed the ‘Too big to fail’ banks out, and we went back to our lives. Watching the markets appear to go back to normal. At least that’s what the mainstream told us.

Things were better again, and as long as you didn’t lose your job, things were good. Even if you did, President Obama had no trouble extending your unemployment benefits for an extra two years if you needed it. Stay home with the family for a while, take it easy. Things will be fine. Now it’s eight years later and your unemployment ran out four years ago. The plant you were laid off from closed, so now you work two crappy jobs. One as a daytime manager at Taco Bell, and the second as a security guard at the airport. Both of these jobs pay about seventy percent of what you used to make at the steel plant.

But you’re still scraping by. Thank God for the food stamps and Medicaid, or you and your family could easily be homeless. Yeah, the food stamps don’t last the whole month, but better to tighten your belt for two weeks than for four. Add these circumstances to constant inflation while the kid’s bills grow as surely as they do, and you’re in a totally different tax bracket altogether now. Where you were lower middle class ten years ago, now you live below the poverty line, and thank God when grandma decided to buy your son’s basketball shoes. Certainly, you couldn’t put off the energy bill, which has also gone up sixty percent, just to buy him the shoes he needs to make the team again.

What happened? Things are doing better! The news says so almost every night. The Dow hit record highs just last month. Why is there so little opportunity if things are really better? Why can’t you get a raise? Why can’t you find a better job so you won’t have to work two? The short answer is that the economy died in the fall of 2008, and it’s only been on life support ever since.

Like a coma patient that never wakes, no matter how much her loved ones may need her to, so is our situation with the current economic climate. The main problem is the crippling debt. The central bankers have continued to print money, using a process called Quantitative Easing. The debt that has been effectively doubled by our government in the last presidency, and there is just no more wiggle room. The debt is an efficient way for the deep state and central bankers to keep control of the people. If they can control the people, then they can control the resources owned by these people.

When investors lose even a little bit of faith, bonds sell off rapidly, in effect lowering the value of the dollar even more. This is really the crux of it. The value of the American dollar. Nixon unhinged the gold standard from our dollar in 1971. The idea at that point was that oil would back the dollar. Of course there were naysayers, probably because they were the older ones who had lived through the last turning, or crisis event due to a dollar crash. Looking at the current situation, perhaps those people were right. Since 9/11 and many other false flag events, relations between us and our middle Eastern neighbors have deteriorated. Probably had something to do with our presidents paying radical groups to make war on the people in these regions, destabilizing much of the middle East. During the last few years, the United States, directed by the deep state have been holding Syria, and many of the countries around it hostage, in effect through ISIS attacks, arranged by the deep state and carried out by President Obama. Now since we have a new president, who has no intention of helping to hold these countries hostage for their oil, they are beginning to break away. These countries don’t want to be tied to the US dollar any longer. These countries want to deal in their own currencies, sell to whom they please, not just the authoritarian United States. Moving forward into the future, the US dollar will be crashing most likely this year as other countries drop it and use their own currencies. ‘V’ the Guerrilla economist said that, “Those who deal in petroleum see the American dollar bill as a paper relic.” Also that the United States has “no real strategy but to devalue the US dollar. After the first or second quarter of 2017, it will be gone.

It’s a transition. History repeating itself.” A transition into what? Does this have to be such a painful transition? This leads us back to Dex, who informs Dave that, “in the next twelve to eighteen months the price of gold and silver will sky rocket. The price may only double, but I expect it to increase as much as a thousand percent.” Where we are at now, “the Fed has backed itself into a corner, it’s showed us it’s hand. We can see everything and we know what they can or can’t do to keep the stimulus up. Constant printing of money and adding zeros and ones digitally. Attacking the price of metals daily in a fervent effort to protect the dollar.” In this effort, the market has to be manipulated daily since they broke the system. In what should be an impossibility, stocks and bonds move together now. Normal economics do not apply to this situation. We live in a cyberspace of zeros and ones, where new highs can exist with no earnings. Retail chains close while their stocks soar. Real business however is contracting. This is illusion vs real life. We should have been in a terrible 1920s style depression for the last eight years, but the computers keep the system on life support forever.

But the new currency? What is it, and how will the turnover happen? The central bankers in effect control everything at this point, with a strong military arm following them. “This new economy will be digital zeroes and ones.” Dex continued. “A crypto currency where every transaction in the world will be through the Central Banks. They want to know every little thing that you spend your money on. They want to track you and your money, and with a space age wearable tattoo, that contains a chip, that’s exactly the plan.” What about the debt? Rising interest rates coupled with lower wages is not working. The dollar pulled away from gold, and then from oil later, causing the crash, has been destroyed by design. The authorities will tell you the old system of debt and currency is broken, and we need a new one. The old oil economy is going away they will say, that the real value is now digital Bitcoin. All this time China and Russia have been hoarding gold, and all we have is zeroes and ones. There has actually been major in fighting between all the countries, the east had been ready for this turnover, but the US still wants to wait. The US is busy poking the bear, raising chances for war. This is what the deep state wants. Population control, the Georgia Guide stones spell it out. They plan to do away with ninety percent of the population. So far our government has managed to disenfranchise the current population. George Soros has spent billions on many sects and groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter to cause civil unrest, pitting different groups of people up against each other. They want us to take sides and fight each other, because if we are busy doing that, then we won’t be attacking the governments themselves. They don’t expect any resistance, and even if there are some that stand against them, they believe we are all to soft, fat and sick to fight it. Just take the chip, you get to eat. Simple as that. They will pull the plug on this current economy when no one is prepared. There will be a total collapse of social order, so we will be forced to accept this new ‘currency’ system. This is only a theory, from studying history, and the moves of the current world leaders. Most likely this system, or something very nearly like it, will be the roll over into the new currency.

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