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By Scott D. Roberts
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The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! In light of the scandals seeming to plague the Trump administration going all the way back to the Access Hollywood leak,  elected officials and people from the Left continuously request his impeachment. I don’t seem to remember the same for President Obama.
Maxine Waters (D-CA) was leading the charge, “Get ready for impeachment.” Those words might scare a President if the person behind them knew the difference between Crimea and Korea but nonetheless, those are strong words.
The last time a President was impeached was Bill Clinton. The man lied under oath about having an affair with an intern in the White House. Millions of dollars spent, hundreds of man/woman hours wasted, real issues being neglected due to the fact that a man lied about an affair. Yes, he was under oath. I get it. Yet, the only thing accomplished was the intern being disparaged and a President who received high-fives behind the scenes. Hardly a scandal that effected the American public.
It made me think about the scandals that occurred during the Obama administration. Yes, there were scandals despite Rep. Adam Schiff’s  (D-CA) humorous claim, “After seven remarkable years of a President without scandal…” I know, he was referring to President Obama and yes, he served 8 years.
Regardless, I wanted to replace Obama’s name with Trump’s in the stories that weren’t good publicity for 44. When he actually was questioned and called out a few times. You know, when the media grilled him and he gave an answer like, “I found out about it in the news just like you guys.” Then they moved on to tougher questions like who he was rooting for in the NCAA basketball tournament.
The IRS scandal — Breaking news, The Trump administration ordered the IRS to target liberal think tanks and organizations determined to undermine his presidency.
Could you imagine the outrage? Jake Tapper and Chris Matthews would be on heart attack and stroke watch after their immediate transition from outrage to euphoria. This would be labeled the most ‘unprecedented’ (that word gets thrown around a lot now a days) scandal in Washington D.C. political history. Phrases like, “The IRS is a non-political entity,” “this is an abuse of power,” oops, I’m sorry, ‘unprecedented’ abuse of power, would be spewed all over the media for weeks. The terms racist and bigot would be handed out like candy from a Schumer and Pelosi Pez dispenser.
There were Congressional hearings. Lois Lerner took the fifth which people use when they would incriminate themselves for answering questions. She was smug and didn’t cooperate. Don’t worry, she avoided any prosecution and she’s enjoying her six figure retirement pension. They showed her.
Operation Fast and Furious — It has just been confirmed that Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department took part in an operation to track semi-automatic rifle sales between U.S. gun dealers and the Mexican drug cartels. They allowed 2,000 weapons to “walk” across the border for their investigation. They quickly lost track of all or most of the 2,000 guns. Trump claims to know nothing about the operation and Sessions denied knowing much about it either. Now the rifles have turned up in several crime scenes and the guns were used to kill a border patrol agent, an ICE agent and almost 300 people.
Trump and Sessions were so uncooperative that they invoked executive privilege to block over 13,000 documents that would shed light on what they knew and when. Sessions ended up being held in contempt of Congress.
The Left would have had a field day with this operation. It would’ve dominated the news cycles for weeks. The fact that guns were involved would have had anti-NRA implications and well-thought out solutions like Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO) who would have suggested to just send high-capacity ammunition magazines instead. That way, once the bullets are used, you can’t use the magazines anymore. Think about that for a second.
There were hearings and investigations. The Beltway is good at that. Action makes the citizens feel like their representatives are actually working even though the charades are usually used as gotcha moments for political points. Ultimately, the executive privilege is still being contested in courts and 14 federal officials received disciplinary action. What about AG Holder? — Absolved. I’m sure AG Sessions would have been absolved as well. Right?
Benghazi — In a shocking move to obstruct the truth,  President Trump sent the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, on all the Sunday shows and blamed a YouTube video as the catalyst for the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya. The Trump administration knowingly lied to the American public for the purpose of denying a 9/11 style terrorist attack on his watch for the 2020 election.
Senator Feinstein would be on suicide watch if she were unable to go after Trump and Haley. She would at the very least demand the resignation of the US Ambassador to the UN for the deceit.
Now, to be fair, Benghazi  was examined, re-examined and scrutinized for years. Hearings and reports and more hearings and reports. Not the smoking gun the committee hoped for. Yet, in the aftermath, why wasn’t UN Ambassador at the time, Susan Rice, fired? Asked to step down? The Obama State Department sent her out to lie to the American citizens and the world. It’s a fact.
Ultimately, Rice wasn’t the US Ambassador to the UN for too much longer — she was promoted to National Security Advisor. She’s now been named as the “unmasking” villain in the President Trump surveillance scandal.
The Taliban 5 for Bergdahl: The Trump administration has made a swap to bring back captive U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for 5 Taliban leaders locked up at Guantanamo Bay. Bergdahl walked away from his combat post in Afghanistan and was captured and held prisoner by the Taliban for 5 years. After the exchange, Trump invited his parents to the rose garden where the father praised all glory to God celebrating his Christianity.
Trump sent out his National Security Advisor, Lt. General H.R. McMaster to proudly announce the swap for Bergdahl and saying that he served the country with “honor and distinction.”
In reality, Obama knew that Bergdahl was a deserter who left his fellow soldiers in a combat zone. The President knew this and actually circumvented Congress’ approval for the swap by claiming Bergdahl’s health was in immediate risk. It was Susan Rice who praised the soldier for his service even knowing her was a deserter.
What also went unnoticed and widely unreported was the fact that President Obama invited Bergdahl’s parents to the White House rose garden where the father raised his arms and praised Allah in celebration of his Muslim faith.
I can only imagine the outrage from the media over this situation if Trump instigated the swap. There would be hearings and calls for impeachment. He’d be blasted for using the rose garden as an opportunity to celebrate one’s Christianity. Rachel Maddow would be holding up documents to her viewers claiming Bergdahl was in fact a deserter but taking a 20 minute buildup to share the documents. It would be epic.
Ultimately, Bergdahl was charged with desertion and according to the Senate Armed Services Committee and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), 3 of the 5 Taliban leaders have “re-engaged” in returning to their terror networks.
These are only a few of the questionable situations that President Obama’s administration were involved in. I didn’t bring up the Iran Deal, AG Lynch meeting President Clinton on her plane or the hot mic miscue where Obama, regarding missile defense, told outgoing Russian President Medvedev to let Putin know that, “After the election, I’ll have more flexibility.”
Trump, as a candidate and now President, has said and done things that deserve scrutiny and fact checking. Some things make you shake your head and question the relevance of some of his claims. But can you honestly say that President Obama was treated this poorly by the media in his first 100 days? Over his 2 terms?

It’s a good thing President Obama had a ‘D’ after his name instead of an ‘R’ or he would have been the victim of numerous calls for impeachment. Some of those calls might have been worthy.

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