The Evolution Of Trolling, The Defeat Of A Leftist Attack


Trolling has become a much more eloquent form of debate. What used to be a gang rape of South Park memes and Pepe the Frog has now become an army of well informed internet soldiers, united in cause and armed to the teeth with facts, declaring in solidarity that you better stay the F&*k out of my house!

I admit it, I have always been a fan of trolling. Why not? The idea that some smug celebrity, politician or other self righteous social justice warrior could just decide to enter whatever forum they wanted on Social Media, vomit out their enlightened drivel about how Muslims really love the West or that Hilary Clinton was the most experienced candidate in history or how all milk is a sign of white supremacy deserved to be met with ridicule and scorn. Now, it has come to the point where trolling has evolved, and it is a beautiful sight to behold. Let me tell you a story.

One of our writers had made a point about illegal immigration and crime, which of course is a magnet for a social justice warriors from places like Seattle and California. They are drawn to the term “illegal alien” like a moth is drawn to the electrocution light in the backyard. The first order of this nitwits idea of an argument was to try to cite some study he had read (of course no citation provided) that showed immigrants commit less crime than citizens. That is the trademark opening shot of a Social Justice Leftist, to try to muddle the argument by changing the rules of the game. Now we weren’t talking about illegal immigrants, but talking about immigrants in general.

seattle moron

I am still not doxxing this idiot, even though he deserves it.

This is where the evolution has taken us. The counter attack on this moron was not a typical text book troll attack, no. It was people from all over the country, armed with facts and figures and zero tolerance for any bull$hit that went after not the guy, not his race or location but his argument. The trolls of today realize that it isn’t the inundation of funny cartoons or blanket insults that humiliates a social justice warrior. It is presenting an argument, and letting them talk. The Left has long defined the debate by making it personal and their attack is always the same…you cannot comment because you are a bad person. The election of President Trump showed these people that they are wrong. We are not bad people, and if you label me a deplorable you are going to watch me pick that label up, staple it to my Make America Great Again hat and wear it like a silver star. But I digress, back to the Leftist argument.

This SJW decided to elicit help from a more seasoned SLW who broke out the next phase of Leftist BS, instead of attacking the arguments, he would go for the Anti Vaxxer argument. “just Google the answer and you will find I am right”. This is a trick that stopped working a long time ago, but the unseasoned still think it works. Any idiot who is stupid enough to then go to Google, type in “Do immigrants commit more crime than citizens?” is going to find the latest article from Mother Jones, Slate or Vox showing that when they analyzed a sample study of 56 immigrants from Argentina, who immigrated legally before 1952, they found that when compared to 56 white Americans who were members of The Covenant The Sword and the Arm of The Lord, in the 80’s, the illegal immigrants committed less crime. The modern Troll is not confused by such nonsense these days. You want to come into our world and spout pretentious BS, it is on you to back it up. Show me the proof or find the hole you crawled out of, grab a pacifier and some play doh and crawl back in to Mommy.

google trolling

He had to include a picture to really drive his point home.

Then the guy decided that he was going to try to really bring it home, he was going to appeal to everyone’s humanity by making the “Illegal Immigrants are basically here because we need them to keep the prices of our food low”. This is the best form of defense in 2017? The pro slavery argument? I don’t like slavery any more than you do but if we pay non slaves to pick the cotton how will anyone be able to afford a shirt?

This argument lasted about three seconds until he had to move on, because his whole world was now falling apart. He was confused, he was disoriented. He had never met an attack like this, where people used the truth to counter balance his lies. His professor must have told him that the Right never is able to counter their arguments, that the ideas cooked up in there safe spaces were so good that the participation trophy is guaranteed!

Then the guy, who was on the ropes as it was, got the knockout punch by none other than our investigative correspondent, Justin Farrell.

justin trolling

Justin for the Win.

There was no more need for argument. The SJW tried the last dying breath tactic of the Left, he called another friend in to tell us how stupid we were. That is the final bell, when you know an argument with the Left is over and you won. Where they have nothing left to do but to call you a poopie head. Then they both put the entire conversation on block so they could hide back in their safe space on Facebook where the only news they see is written by the New York Times. One of our people had to do the victory lap!

next troll

While this may seem like a trivial event for most people, it helped me realize something that had been brewing since the election. Is the reason we started Halsey News, and is the reason we keep finding more and more people are wanting to get engaged with the political scene, where ever they are. It isn’t about trolling the Left or embarrassing people anymore. It isn’t Milo calling Leslie Jones a gorilla and everyone laughing while Milo finds himself banned from Twitter. It is about a group of people, who are highly intelligent, armed with facts and common sense standing up together and saying…

I have a voice and I plan on using it!

This is the reason that Donald Trump is now President Trump. This is the reason that there are podcasts, and alternative media cropping up everywhere. People who were on the Left are waking up and realizing that they were lied to. This is the reason that the Left is imploding, blaming Russia, the KKK and a lack of living in a city or a college campus for their abject failure. They see the threat and they are scared. Their safe spaces aren’t so safe. Their echo chambers are not so empty. The Right is coming, armed with an idea for the future where pretending Islam is peaceful, Socialism is caring and that Democrats are electable is for the weak at heart and soul.

This is the new generation of Trolling and I F*#king love it.

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