The Religion Of Peace Sparks Protests In Canada

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By Douglas Joya
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There is something wrong with Canadian Schools. Over the last few years, there have been numerous of reports by parents saying their kids have overheard Muslim children spewing hate speech during their prayers at school. That is correct, during the prayers they are allowed to hold in public schools. Recently, the school board has allowed these religious prayers, leading to these events. Parents, who care about the safety of their children, decided to take to the streets on April 1, and  went to the district board to stand up against hate. The response from the board was typical, containing nothing but accusations that these parents were racist and were just Islamophobic.

The school board, as well as the left-wing media, attacked these organizations which decided to lead the protest. They said that these organizations were trying to use hate to ban the religious prayers in public schools. With the rise of social media, the Left’s best propaganda tool, outlets such as the Huffington Post and AJ + posted a video showing a man ripping a page out of the Koran to demonstrate the “Islamophobia” happening in Canada. The video went viral and everyone who watched the one sided video, including Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, condemned the actions of that man and made it seem as if the entire protest was filled with these types.

So yesterday on Saturday, April 1st, Rise Canada, Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens and concerned citizens joined together to protest what was anything but an April Fool’s Day joke. They said with one voice, that religious rituals and public schools do not mix. The protest was also joined to highlight the way that the School Board and the Liberal Government are handling the teaching of local Imams who are preaching hatred of the West and openly espousing anti-Semitism.

There were only about 200 protesters in this march. Leaders such as Ram Subramaniam of KROOPS (Keep Religion Out of our Public Schools), media personal Kevin J. Johnson who recently got huge attention in the media for his Cash Reward video, and Arthur Smitherman (leader of the Canadian Constituent’s Party) spoke to the crowd about not give up on fighting back against the corrupt board and the city’s mayor, Linda Jefferys.

What was even more interesting, for a smaller crowd the group was incredibly diverse. There were white people, Eats Indians, Asians and even Muslims there to join in protest. There were also children and young adults who were there to show support. Many believed that one faith should not have these privileges. Others believe that religious practices should not happen during school hours and that if you want to pray at a certain time at school, you should just go home or to a local religious building.

The protest started from Gage Park and walked down Queen St to Kennedy Rd, and then turned around. While walking, the crowd chanted, “Brampton Mayor, shame on you!” condemning Brampton Mayor Linda Jefferys for her statement saying that she does not like Hindus as some protesters were saying. Other chants like “Canada First” and “No Religious Practice in Public School” were also said. There were also reactions from on going cars passing around in which they were honking showing support to the group.

Many believed the situation had gotten even worse after motion 103 was passed in Ontario a few weeks ago. Motion 103 is to condemn any form of Islamophobia or religious discrimination.

But we already have laws that talk about religious discrimination. And what is the definition of Islamophobia? On a video, PM Iqra Khalid who created the motion could not answer what the definition is. So the fact these parents are protesting against muslim prayers that could spew hate speech can mean they could actually be condemned. Is that even fair for these parents?

The rally was not without counter protestors. One of them, a professor, said that he stands up for all his students with different beliefs and that the crowd was wrong. His colleagues, who were also present, followed by verbally attacking a man with Trump gear on screaming “you are all in the same group” Kevin J. Johnson then, asked him if he could interview him, and the man switched personas saying emphatically “We love all the people…”, Kevin answered back that he does too. The man however, did not want to engage with this type of man and walked away mumbling, “I think you should watch more BBC news, instead of FOX”.

After marching back to the Brampton City Hall, the leaders shared their plan on how the public can have their voices heard. They explained that with the use of social media and alternative media such as Rebel Media and Youtube, their voices will be heard loader than the mainstream media.

In the end, the crowd started to leave and I got to speak to many of them. One protestor explained that he does not believe his tax money should go into a school where people are praying using hate rhetoric speeches.

Another protestor explained the reason why the media twisted the story of  “ripping page of Koran” video, and what they left out. He said that they twisted it and never explained why the man ripped the specific pages of the Quran. He said he saw the and heard what was being said at the meeting. He stated that this Koran was actually a version where it was published by hateful fundamentalist organizations. He explains that the man was not ripping random pages but specific verses that contain hate speech and condemning it.

The Trump Supporter, present was also asked on what he thinks of the liberal government, Justin Trudeau and religious practices in school. He explained that Trudeau is a coward and should be impeached for all the damage he has done for Canada.

In the end, you can see the passion these citizens and patriots have. They are tired of the corrupt Liberal government and will not give up their powerful movement.




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