Maxine “Muddy” Waters

maxine waters

If you’re someone who follows the news regularly, then perhaps you’ve seen Maxine Waters on her soapbox harping against our new President. In fact, I wager that in the last few weeks it’s been unavoidable- everyone must have seen and heard her at least once. ‘Mud slinging’, is an older term in politics, which means to hurl insults at your opponent or opposing party. Thus, Maxine Waters‘ extra middle name above.

Whether these attacks are justified, or if she’s just nastily employing a darker agenda is the question. This choice no doubt has much of the American public confused. We see President Trump taking real action, aggressive action to bring back jobs, keep our citizens safe, and keep peace with world leaders as he tries to implement bills that have more fair trade deals, since whomever made the deals we are stuck in must have had a motive to destroy us financially. The pictures Waters paint are much different. But are all the accusations true? Or is Waters engaging in something worse than mud slinging, like slander? Some have gone so far as to say she race baits, and deliberately tries to stir up contention between the two parties- dividing our nation further.

Here are just a few of the outrageous things that she’s said. On February third Waters tweeted that her ‘greatest desire was to lead @realDonaldTrump right into impeachment’. “I have not called for the impeachment yet. He’s doing it himself,” Waters said however, when asked about her statement. “Let me just say that the statement I made is a statement in response to questions and pleas that I’m getting from many citizens across this country. What are we going to do? How can a President who is acting in the manner that he’s acting?” CNN News actually accurately reported.

At this point it’s not unreasonable to think that Waters really was thinking about the welfare of the people. Perhaps she believed everything on the mainstream news, and thought he was stepping over certain lines. Waters suggested that the president was “leading himself to impeachment” over what she called his “unconstitutional” executive order on immigration.

At the time, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that it’s comments like that one that make “you realize that [lawmakers] really missed the message that voters sent this November”, according to Mediaite News. Spicer made an excellent point. Didn’t the voters come out in November because they wanted President Trump to ‘Build that wall’? Because he promised to deport all of the criminal illegal aliens? Yet somehow Waters thought that his constituents would want him impeached over a travel ban and because of ‘the way he talks about Muslims’. She later told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin that Trump is creating “chaos and division.” “This man is questionable,” she said on CNN’s “Newsroom.” “And because we have suspicions — many of us — about who is, where he came from, what his actions are, and all of his conflicts … we have to find out more about him and some of that leads to the possibility of impeachment.” Last I checked President Trump wasn’t the one paying mentally deranged far leftists to protest, riot, destroy public and private property. He didn’t organize the Antifa movement, so that young people could cover their faces and attack Trump supporters. Beating and using pepper spray on women and old people. President Trump would certainly never want anyone to carry ISIS and red communist flags through our streets while others burned our flag. It’s like the eighties never happened. When a younger Donald Trump was on the cover of Time magazine, became the richest man in the world, and melted his company, especially female company with his remarkable charisma. If those things are known by most people about President Trump, then why do so many people hate him? They don’t. That’s why so many prominent people are trashing him. These old corrupt members of the establishment don’t want the power going back to the people, and they know that giving the power back to us is exactly what he plans to do. Last month during an appearance on MSNBC, Waters called the Trump administration “a bunch of scumbags who are all organized around making money”. Water’s made some very telling and even racist statements last week. If nothing else these statements show how she feels about White voters. “My position against this president and his administration is clear,” Waters said. “I oppose this president. I do not honor this president. I do not respect this president.” “When we (African Americans) fight against this president, and we point out how dangerous he is for this society and for this country, we’re fighting for the democracy,” she said. “We’re fighting for America. We’re saying to those who say they’re patriotic but they’ve turned a blind eye to the destruction that he’s about to cause this country.” “You’re not nearly as patriotic as we are,” added Waters to the white people present. Yet still on Saturday Waters told MSNBC that, “he doesn’t deserve to be president” in another long rant. “He (Trump) continues to go down a road where nobody is going to believe him,” Waters said while discussing Trump’s wiretapping allegations. “He wants everybody to believe that he told the truth when he said he was wiretapped,” Waters said although there is overwhelming evidence that not only was President Trump spied on, but many people have been. “He needs to quit it. He needs to stop it,” she continued. “This is a president that has shown that he does not have what it takes to lead this country. As a matter of fact, I’ve never heard a president of the United States been called a liar as much as he’s been called a liar by practically everybody. He just does not have credibility.” The list goes on and on and on. Hearing these statements daily from an elderly woman in a high office gets to people after so long.

Even the most loyal supporters will still have doubts. It’s a form of repetitive brainwashing. We have Cancer rates that are exploding. IQ rates drop dramatically every year. Sperm count dropping radically so we cannot even readily reproduce the way nature intended. This establishment has pulled every dirty trick in the book to hold us back as a species, and it’s no different in this situation. On Friday Matt Drudge made a rare guest appearance on Savage Nation, Dr. Michael Savage’s radio show. What was the main point he was trying to get across? “I do think there is a crisis…do you suspect that Congress is sabotaging him? Because I suspect sabotage…. Something doesn’t feel right in DC…I think he’s in trouble.’ Drudge never takes a day off and he is never wrong. President Trump is a man who is used to winning, and making generous amounts of money as he does it. Maybe if the Dems just stood back and got out of the way for a couple of weeks he would be able to pump some of the lifeblood back into this country. But as it is, even if they all repented right now, and worked with our President on both sides of the aisle, it may already be too late. The tongue is like a flame. It can warm you and build you up, but they can also cause immediate, great damage.

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