Whether Trump’s Agenda Succeeds Or Fails, Trudeau Loses (And Canada Wins)

Whether Trump’s Agenda Succeeds Or Fails, Trudeau Loses (And Canada Wins)
By Rob McLean
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In 2016 the American electorate defied the pro-Hillary media and pollster-geeks to install Donald Trump in the White House. As President Trump assembles his cabinet, rolls out a spectrum of policy changes, and speaks directly to those who elected him, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is isolating their Canadian counterparts.

And that is a very good thing.

The Liberal Government is just sixteen months into its four year term and Trudeau is arguably an utter disaster; already under investigation for conflict of interest and ethics violations as new questions surface regarding the sale of laser technology to China: The same China that donated money to the Trudeau Foundation. And the just released 2017 Federal Budget only pushes Canada toward accumulated budget deficits in the $100B range for fiscal years 2017 thru 2020.

Whether Trump’s Agenda Succeeds Or Fails, Trudeau Loses (And Canada Wins)

In Washington, President Trump, some 60-odd days into his first term, is busy proposing major cuts to departmental spending, increasing the military budget, and even slipping NASA a cool $20B. Trump has ripped up Obama’s restrictive EPA regs to allow resource extraction on federal land including fracking and coal mining. Trumps promise of enhanced energy independence moves even farther forward with his approvals of the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines. Further, Trump has promised to dump the Paris Accord on Climate Change and revisit trade agreements such as NAFTA and the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Trudeau brags about his approval of two pipeline projects: The Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain and Enbridge’s Line 3 though both are nowhere near shovel-ready. Canadian oil pipeline capacity will max-out around 2020. And despite having the second largest oil reserves in the world Saudi tankers deliver 600K barrels/day of OPEC oil to feed our east coast refineries.Meanwhile Canadian oil producers remain landlocked and without adequate access to tidewater ports.

“My friends, our ambitions can’t be bounded by our borders.” Justin Trudeau (March 8, 2017)

Stateside, to add needed balance to the Supreme Court, Trump has nominated Colorado Judge Neil Gorsuch. Judge Gorsuch, once appointed, will have major influence on American law for decades, a welcome relief from the progressive bench. His appeal includes his Scaliaesque style; pushing back on overreach government agencies; and defense of conservativism.

Rather than strengthen Canadian democracy Trudeau made a campaign promise to change how MPs are elected. Candidate Justin made no secret of his desired outcome to the process. He wanted a Ranked-ballot method. In January, when it became clear PMJT could not ditch the current First-Past-The-Post system without a national referendum the scheme was dropped. The entire idea hatched solely to hijack democracy and ensure the Liberals would be the odds-on favorites in the next umpteen elections.

In January Trump signed a presidential memorandum barring U.S. government funding to international NGOs that promote or perform abortions. He actually expanded the mandate of the Mexico City Policy President Reagan signed in 1984. During the election Trump did not shy away from the issue, declaring he was firmly pro-life. With this action he proved it and has saved the US taxpayer $600M per year.

Not to miss an opportunity to wave his globalist bona fides, Trudeau used International Women’s Day to announce his government’s plans to spend $650 million over three years for “international sexual and reproductive health projects” aka progressive-speak for abortion-funding. This is the self-described feminist poking his neighbor in the eye; grandstanding on the taxpayer’s dime; blatantly tossing cash into the imagined void created by Trump’s decision.

Whether Trump’s Agenda Succeeds Or Fails, Trudeau Loses (And Canada Wins)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Add to Trudeau’s questionable financial choices his aggressive social agenda and you start to get the idea that perhaps protecting the culture and security of Canadians are not his objectives. The Liberal Government has just voted to accept Motion M-103 which calls on the government “to develop a whole-of-government approach to reducing or eliminating systemic racism and religious discrimination including Islamophobia”. Is it any wonder it has been called an anti-Islamophobia bill or a Blasphemy bill? (Note: Canada has a Blasphemy Law on the books) Defenders of the motion claim it is needed to “quell the increasing public climate of hate and fear” against all religions, but the Liberals rejected all appeals to reword the partisan and divisive Motion. Many Canadians are now left to wonder how this unprecedented action will shake-out in real life. To say it is designed to chill free-speech is not an overstatement.

Under Trudeau Canadians are subject to ever more government, a piling on of debt, and a ratcheting up of social engineering. Canada is now one financial x-factor away from becoming a raging dumpster fire, the aggregate financial devastation of which won’t be known to Canadian families for many years.

President Trump meanwhile works to do what he campaigned on: to make America great again with America 1st policies. The shake-up of American establishment politics cannot be undone; the vote of the regular citizen, those people “forgotten” by (at least) 8 years of liberalism, has been set free across America.

Aside from a potential economic effect what does this mean politically for Canada?

In 2019 Trudeau will try to win a second term. To that end just the idea of President Trump will make life in political Ottawa more precarious. And it’s not too early to wonder how long PMJT and Co. can stay in power. Even if Trump is not a raging success and his enemies’ roadblock his agenda Canadians see the Trump-effect and it is firing-up their desire for a similar change.

Whether he is in the White House, at Mar-a-Lago or on Twitter at 3 A.M., Trump is bad news for Justin Trudeau. And that is a very good thing for Canadians.

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