Dear Liberals: Are You Upset Mitt Romney Lost In 2012?

Dear Liberals: Are You Upset Mitt Romney Lost In 2012
By Joseph Marranca
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When comparing the last two Presidential Elections, it would be an understatement to say that they are worlds apart. However, there is something I would like to ask the Democrats, as a Republican: Do you regret Mitt Romney losing the election back in 2012? 

Mitt Romney’s campaign could be described as generally tame and average. There wasn’t any controversial statements made on a daily basis that caught the headlines the next day and this was a problem for the Democrats. See, despite what you think of Romney’s policies or his character today, he was totally a “legitimate” and worthy candidate for the office of President. This was a major problem for the Obama campaign because Obama wasn’t only running against Romney, he was running against common sense. You can’t beat that. So what do you do? You turn common sense into fear.

Obama’s campaign and his base made Mitt Romney into a fear that he never was. Well guess what? You got that “fear” in office right now, four years later. Romney is a wealthy millionaire, and talked about having a elevator installed in his California home for his cars. The democrats went with the narrative that he’s out of touch with the common man. Well, our president now is a billionaire who has a solid gold penthouse apartment. A leaked tape of Romney speaking about the infamous “47%” was blown completely out of proportion.

Romney was simply speaking about campaign strategy. The Democrats, of course, used this as the nail in the coffin for his campaign. Trump had an even worse experience with leaked tapes when an Access Hollywood recording of him talking about groping women surfaced right before the election. Again, the Dems thought this would be the nail in the coffin for Donald Trump. It wasn’t. Mitt Romney had heavy criticism about releasing his tax returns to the public, and waited until l the last month of the race to do so. The Dems played up the angle that he must be hiding something.

Trump has yet to release his tax returns for public consumption. When Romney ran (who, mind you, was a governor before)  the left played up the angle that “we can’t have this business man running our country”. Well now, we have one with zero political experience running things. 

Dear Liberals: Are You Upset Mitt Romney Lost In 2012

This topic is worth discussing as it shows the level of delusion on the Left. Romney in all honestly is a decent human being, especially when being compared to Barack Obama. Donald Trump is a man of great honor and integrity, something lacking in his opponent Hillary Clinton.

The democrats, in my opinion, became very self-righteous and assumed that the more they demonized, the more likely they’d win.

But they didn’t count on Donald Trump having something Mitt Romney lacks: balls.

Trump had the guts to challenge the system and everything it stands for, even going as far as saying it could be rigged against him. Romney, on the other hand, was a Neo-Con who was content to go with the flow of the establishment. They are not cut from the same cloth.

So, my liberal friends, was it worth it? Was it worth demonizing Mitt Romney to the point that your greatest fear is now the president? Would have it been worth it to have one term under Obama and one under Romney?

He could have been reelected and we would never even considered the phrase “President Donald J. Trump”. 

Maybe, as a Republican, I should be thanking you. 

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