Has America Devolved Into A Surveillance State? [VIDEO]

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According to several news papers and outlets, a bill removing the privacy rules that keep our browsing histories private has not only passed the Senate, but just passed the House too. This isn’t one we can blame the Democrats for…they uniformly voted against it.  On the other hand, The Republican vote was overwhelmingly in favor, as only 15 voted against. For once a bill signed by President Obama enforcing the FCC rules that protected our personal data, is one that is tolerable and beneficial to the American people.

Somehow, it as if we have entered the loony bin and the only vote standing in the way of this bill’s passage is President Trump’s. If he doesn’t veto it, this travesty, killing the FCC regulations gets passed into law, making our county into a fully unconstitutional surveillance state.

How deep exactly does this rabbit hole go? If President Trump actually signs this bill into law, what kind of rights will we all be losing? All of the major internet companies such as Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon will have the legal right to sell or share ‘personal information including geo-location data, financial and health information, children’s information, Social Security numbers, Web browsing history, app usage history, and the content of communications’ according to the Internet outlet Arstechnica.

So much for the Fourth Amendment.

According to The Consumerist,”The second category includes less-sensitive, but still personal data.” ISPs can still use this information, but have to allow users the opportunity to opt out of sharing your name, address and your IP address. Who are they selling our private and personal data too? Mainly to marketers. No longer content with studying algorithms, these corporations want exact data on every single human being surfing the web. Marketers argue that this will be good for the economy, because different merchants will know what you want, sometimes before you do.

They could hijack your searches. Your ISP could intercept your search query and direct you straight to sites that have paid for traffic to certain search terms. ISPs monitor your browsing habits and inject ads on top of the ones you’re already seeing from the websites you go to. They can use software on your phone to record everything you do online. All major cell phone companies have previously used pre-installed software to track every site and app used by its wireless users. They can also inject undetectable, undeletable tracking cookies.

Let’s dive a little deeper shall we? Imagine your life without privacy from Big Brother. They know the second you wake, when you log in to check your news and weather. They know what you and your family eat for breakfast, because of the grocery store sites you check for sales, and collect coupons on. Never mind that your exact purchases are recorded every time you use your debit or credit card to pay. You take your GPS tracking device, your cell phone out to your bigger tracking device, your car. You get to work and punch in on the work PC. Of course they have that information too if they want it. The data is available on what you ate for lunch that day because soon there won’t be any cash. You’ll be forced to use only debit or credit cards for electronic transactions. In this Orwellian society that we’ve become your drive home will be tracked. How fast you drive. If you stopped at the traffic light or blew through it. This data will be put in your profile along with all the rest. Insurance companies will be able to monitor your driving, and charge you accordingly. All those people driving around with no car insurance because they can’t afford the insane rates will be forced off the road. After all, in your file it’s very clear to any officer who runs your license plate that you’re not complying with the law. You come home and sit down to watch the evening news, and even your channel preferences for prime time television are monitored and recorded. When you’re not feeling well, you take a look at a medical website, and just like that they know your symptoms- and possibly what you are sick with.

But that’s small potatoes because the corporations are able to buy your medical records if they desire. You, or your families’ health conditions are all collected, along with any medication that any of you may be taking. Is anything private? No Anyone who wants to can pay this Internet monopoly and they’ll have everything on you. From your purchases at Christmastime all the way down to the color of your underwear or paint you decided to use on your bathroom walls. Who are the winners here? One is the ISP because they’ll make billions selling our data to other monopolies that will use the data to manipulate our lives and our purchases making billions on us. Anywhere we travel. How much gas we put in the car. What kind of cola or coffee you drink. The scary thing is, they’re already doing it. These FCC rules haven’t even taken effect yet due to the Republicans delaying the date until it’s irrelevant. They only wrote this bill to make what they’ve been doing legal. We just found out from Vault 7 that everyone is being watched from their cell phones, laptops, smart televisions and appliances. Now every newspaper and organization is telling us that they know every intimate detail about us just from watching our online activities in this ‘Internet of Things’. Which is everywhere.

Our government has spent a very long time, and a very large amount of money to build the infrastructure to make all of this possible, and and now they and the ISP want to cash in- on all of us. With just one more signature from the President of the United States it will finally be complete.

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