#PinkOut? Time For Femininity To Pink Out Feminism

#PinkOut? Time For Femininity To Pink Out Feminism

I’m a woman who really likes pink.

I like wearing pink, I like having cute pink coffee mugs to drink my coffee out of, and I often joke about how happy I am to pay the so-called “pink tax” – a term defined by feminists to turn the economic reality of making products marketed directly to women into oppression.

#PinkOut? Time For Femininity To Pink Out Feminism

Pictured: my actual luggage.

Today on Twitter, I stumbled across the hashtag “#PinkOut”.

Pink Out Day is a social media protest event by abortion giant Planned Parenthood:

“Pink Out Day is time for reproductive rights supporters to show their defiance against the relentless attacks on Planned Parenthood. It’s a day to show anti-women’s health politicians that we will fight like hell to protect our 2.5 million patients a year and the 1 in 5 women that will go to Planned Parenthood in her life.

It’s a day for people to unite and say: We resist. We are strong. And we’re not backing down — not today, not ever.”

They talk about the women they serve, but I guess they have no interest in mentioning the 300,000 babies, half of them female, aborted every year in their “health centers”. Maybe in the mind of Planned Parenthood activists it’s not worth mentioning, seeing as abortion is only 3% of their services. Except that it isn’t. I guess they also have no interest in mentioning the number of girls aborted just because they’re girls and how Planned Parenthood has aided and abetted this practice. Oh, and don’t forget all of the merchandising opportunities a cute hashtag like #PinkOut will give you!

As usual, pro-abortion zealots will obfuscate, lie, and pretend that their campaigns are really about “reproductive health” and the rights of women. Around half of pro lifers are in fact female, but that doesn’t matter to feminists. We’re just not woman enough for them.

Well, feminists?

Maybe you’re just not woman enough to represent me.  You don’t know what I want, and fortunately for me, I already have every right a man has, just like every other woman in the West (not the Islamic world, but hey, you guys love it there!).

I don’t need you.  We don’t need you.

So back to pink.

Yes, I know pink wasn’t always a girl’s color.  Unlike gender, fashion choices for men and women are usually socially constructed. And I happen to think masculine men in pink are really attractive, anyway. And yes, I know there are women who don’t like pink.

But today is today,  fashion is fashion, and one thing is clear, from basic preferences to the spending habits that prove they exist: Pink is for women, it’s a convenient representative emblem for the female gender, and it’s time we take it back. We must take it back from women who have no interest in actually helping women (See: the left’s obsession with Islam), and every interest in representing rabid left-wing politics and a complete disdain for the family. Aka, feminists.

Let’s not forget the feminist hypocrisy on this issue, either. Not even a month ago, they were calling pink kitchenware (which was branded to raise money for breast cancer) sexist. Never mind that I’m living proof that women find pink kitchenware adorable.

So, to recap: it’s not acceptable for companies to make money off of women’s clear preference for pink (I say this as someone who would happily pay twenty dollars more for pink running shoes than black ones), even if they’re doing so to benefit women’s health. You know, the real kind of women’s health, not the “killing their unborn  children” kind.

#PinkOut? Time For Femininity To Pink Out Feminism

I agree. Let’s protect the healthcare of those currently living in the womb.

Apparently, it is acceptable for an abortion provider to make money and gain publicity off of women’s clear preference for pink?

Do women like pink, or don’t they? Can we market to women with pink, or can’t we?

It’s logically incoherent, of course. Unless you understand feminism. Which, despite the constant protests of feminists, I do.

I’ll give you a hint to make it easier: take any feminist position, reverse it, and you’ll find yourself about ten steps closer to what the truth is.  Oh, and a healthy understanding of how the left views equality and equity doesn’t hurt.

But here are a few things to get you started.

Feminism is about choice – as long as those choices involve a lack of personal responsibility, a lack of financial responsibility, and align with what feminists have already decided is best women.

Feminism is about independence – as long as that independence is paid for by the government.

Feminism is about not needing men – except as those who provide the majority of funding to the government programs which disproportionately advantage us.

Feminism is about celebrating womanhood – except it isn’t.

It’s time for femininity to take back womanhood from feminism. We kick ass at being women, feminists fail at it, and they resent us for it.

Pink is for women, not for abortion, not for leftism, and certainly not for Islam.

#PinkOut indeed.



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  1. What'sGoingOn | March 30, 2017 at 7:44 pm |

    You are an idiot. Feminism is about equal rights. Pro choice is about the right to choose. You choose differently than some others. But feminism does not mean unfeminine.

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