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By, Jamie LaGrow
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Just stop what you are doing right now and quiet your mind. Take a deep breath and shake it all out. Focus. Can you imagine what would happen in your neighborhood, town or city if you woke to no electricity? If it all crashed? How would people deal with the issue? Okay at home it’s not such a big deal, inconvenient since you can’t read your news or watch videos. You have to drink a cold coffee, big deal. You’ve got this.

You get onto the road and the traffic lights are out for miles. This outage is everywhere! Just like the one in ’03. Traffic is piled up at every intersection, horns are going off, the guy in the blue escape next to you just cut off the yellow corvette in the lane to your right. Obscenities and horns clash in the quiet morning air. Then a huge bang accompanied with the cascade and tinkle of large amounts of glass breaking.

All of this excitement on this sunny, blue skied morning, and it’s not even seven fifteen yet.

But work you realize will be a complete mess. None of the trucks will be able to unload. The product that goes off the shelf will not get reordered.

Yeah, your whole day is gonna suck pretty bad. As far as bad days go it’s up there too. About an eight or nine.

Now think long term. Long enough the water eventually goes off. No water to cool the nuclear reactors only eight minutes east of your house. So what,  do we all have to evacuate the neighborhood?

Nah, you can stay there, they just raised the acceptable amount of radiation safety. So it’s all good.

Thinking back on your little garden you begin to hope for rain, but what kind of rain will it be?

Will the vegetables in that garden even be edible by the end of summer?

People angry, dirty and hungry. People not getting their meds and oxygen when they need it. For heart, blood pressure and seizure patients a death sentence. It’s the same for the junkies, all the addicts that doctors created pushing opiates for the last twenty years. But the junkies cause a lot of trouble before they go. Stealing, putting others in danger just to ruin their minds and bodies on a drug that doesn’t discriminate. It will grip you up even if it’s for a sore back from your friendly pushy doctor that makes sure you get your flu shot every year too.

They say this is the ‘bug out’ stage. Two to four days after the power is out. Then the water goes and these uncomfortable people in all kinds of hunger and pain just lose it. Less fortunate ones that didn’t make it to loot the last on the grocery store shelves, they’re so hungry they’re ready to break into someone’s house and do whatever necessary to get food.

Whatever necessary.

Now. Stop. Think.

These zombies will go out and protest in the streets, burn the flag. Attack others, pepper spray old people. Break and destroy public and private property- over a difference of opinion.

What do you think these people will do after a few days of no soap, water or food? No sewage or trash service?

Do you think they would be nice to your dog? Or even be able to hold coherent polite discourse?

Highly doubt it. Junkies, alcoholics, just plain mean people will kill you if they can to get your dog and all your food and water.

By the way, do you have anything saved in the way of being prepared?

My kids and I refill every water bottle we use and put it in the basement. It’s just city tap water, but hey, sounds a lot better than a baby wipe bath. Which is another good thing to keep around. Baby wipes will make life easier for a while.

We also make an effort to stock up on extra water every time we visit the store.

Non perishable food. Many alternate  news outlets have been offering survival preparedness kits for families for reasonable prices. Those are good to have around even if there is no crash. The food usually lasts up to twenty five years, a lot can happen in that time span.

Canned, jarred goods, anything that has a life span of at least a year.

Starting an outdoor garden, and learning to indoor garden, could save your life, or someone else’s if you aren’t around.

Medical supplies, antibiotic cream, bandages of all shapes and sizes, medical tape, hydrogen peroxide, and a good amount of bleach. You never know when you may need to sanitize the water you have to drink. Just a few drops can do wonders to keep germs down .

Many more people die from disease under these circumstances than get killed in any kind of violence. Keeping a tub of water next to the front door with a stronger amount of bleach mixed in for people to rinse their hands in before they come in is a smart idea.

Generally I don’t use much bleach. Only every now and then on my whites. Too noxious. But if it saves us from cholera or some awful plague than bleach is a good thing to have around. Keeping your hands and face clean is the best protection if nothing else.

Save a good amount of cash aside, as much as you can afford. Also if you have any savings put ten to fifteen percent of it into gold and silver, more if you can. When the dollar drops and isn’t worth anything, you’ll still have enough to live for a while. The price of gold and silver will shoot up as soon as the dollar collapses. It’ll be too late by then to trade the worthless paper for real currency.

Put the precious metals in a safe spot easy to get to, and wrapped up, safe to travel with.

If you live in a very urban area, the best thing you can do is have a plan to leave before all the chaos begins and hide out somewhere in the country. Now is the time to make arrangements for you and your family. Do you have any relatives in the country? If you don’t have a house or a mobile home, then try to make friends with someone who lives there. Perhaps in an emergency situation this friend would allow you to pitch a tent on his land at least.

Guns and ammo. How can we keep our supplies and our loved ones safe without proper firearms, and learning to feel comfortable enough to use them? Take your kids to the shooting range, behind the shed or barn, and make sure they learn proper gun and knife safety. Not only how to use these weapons, but how to keep the bad guys from taking them away from them.

Just the prospect of extreme inflation. Sixteen dollars for a gallon of gas? Nine dollars for a gallon of milk? Just take a look at the conditions in Venezuela. People are cooking their pets and zoo animals. Waiting twenty hours in the heat for a little bit of food. The sick and elderly dying in line, while the hungry people walk around them, or worse yet resort to cannibalism.

All the reports agree on a few things.

There is an excellent likelihood that the financial crash will occur on a Friday afternoon. The banks will close, stating a cyber attack most likely. They’ll assure you that the bank will be open Monday, and you’ll have access to your account. This isn’t true. Chances are the banks will never open again, and we enter the death spiral beyond the numbers at this point. Now it’s crossed over into physical tangible life, this crisis.

Friday afternoon, when they close, this is our cue to follow our carefully thought out plans and get the hell out of the city. Have everything packed and ready, so when the time comes, you grab your stuff and go.

On Monday when people are losing their marbles because the banks are closed and the ATMS are bearing no money, you and your loved ones will be far from the masses into the safety of the countryside.

It’s never good to be in a place so dense with people during a crisis. You’re chances of getting killed shoot up dramatically.

So why you may ask, am I going on about all these extreme measures? Because we are living in extreme times, and the situation is volatile regardless of how you look at it.

These are just basic ideas. There are many, many other things that you can do to get ready for this eminent crash.

Do you remember the crisis of ’08, and how the years following were so rough?

This one will be the worst in human history. It will make ’08 look like a day at the park.

Financial collapse is certain. It may be at the end of the year, it may be next week, but the economy is coming down one way or the other, whether we have war or not. In either of these situations you and your family need to be prepared. Financial analysts, such as Zero Hedge, X22 report, and Algo Capitalist all have the real numbers, not the cooked manipulated ones that you see on the evening fake news networks. The economy the mainstream corporate media presents is false, and will shock many when the truth comes out. We need to be prepared, because those who aren’t will be desperate to feed their families.

Look at real data in the markets.

The corporate media has everyone believing the markets are doing better than ever, but they’re only showing the public the soft data. They never show the hard data. This is a much sobering look.

The truth is we never recovered from the last crash. Have you ever seen a crash last eight years before?

If the markets are doing so well, then why is retail literally dying, with a housing crisis right behind it?

Now we’re ready to go off the deep end just like then, but the drop is ten times higher due to the huge debt.

Of course they could just keep kicking the can down the road.

Think hard on this one.

With everything that’s been going on in the last year do you really wan to chance it?

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