Seaside MAGA March Highlights: Celebrations, Gubernatorial Candidates, and Protesters [VIDEO]

MAGA March Seaside
MAGA March Seaside

The MAGA March was a countrywide event on March 25th where President Trump supporters would stage small rallies in support of the man they got elected to the White House. Seaside Heights, New Jersey had one of the largest of these MAGA Marches. A surprisingly nice March day where temperatures reached over 60 degrees set the stage for what was ultimately a peaceful and a celebratory event. The Seaside Police and Ocean County Sheriff’s Office did a wonderful job of making sure things ran smoothly.

Meeting with NJ Gubernatorial Candidate Joseph Rullo


The day started out with a gathering on DuPont Ave, with a hype-man and the guest speakers on the upper deck. The March’s starting point was not released on the Facebook event page for the march until the last moment, because the organizes feared that “leftists would organize a protest” in that same area. Whether the leftists didn’t want to enjoy a day at the iconic Jersey Shore or the strategy of keeping the starting point secret until leaked by the press ended up working, very few protesters came. There were protesters, don’t be fooled, but compared to horror stories of AntiFa rioters shutting down the Philadelphia MAGA March and attacking others around the country, this was a very peaceful march. There was one incident at around 1:30 pm when 2-3 protesters entered the crowd waving signs, one saying “March of Morons,” and then were chased out of the crowd by loud President Trump supporters. The police would surround these protesters to protect them and discourage any violence. It’s a very smart strategy by the police who were quick to act. Plainclothes officers were also in the crowd. In all honesty, the amount of ex-military, ex-police, and bikers, they would provide enough security. I’m joking, but again, wonderful job by the police keeping this peaceful.  Allegedly, one President Trump supporter was spit at, in the face, by one of the protesters. He also just turns out to be a veteran. There were a few protesters that showed up after the actual march began at 3, one man with a long ‘Dump Trump” sign. All of what I captured of the protesters is available on video at the end of this article. Personally, I don’t really understand protesting a  MAGA March. Protesting a speaker? Protesting President Trump if he were to appear? That makes sense. To protest a group celebrating or holding any rally is simply asking for confrontation. I’m very grateful few protesters showed and the police did a great job of keeping the peace.

MAGA March Seaside, NJ

Dueling Gubernatorial Candidates

The gubernatorial election for New Jersey takes place on November 7, 2017. Three candidates were at the MAGA March: Steven Rodgers, Joey “Rudy” Rullo, and someone from the Constitution Party (we didn’t get his name). Ex-Navy Commander and Police Lieutenant Steven Rodgers gave a short speech, announcing that he was “the first elected official in New Jersey to support [candidate] Trump.” He donned a red “Steven Rodgers for Governor” hat modeled after President Trump’s iconic “Make America Great Again” hat. Less than 3 speakers later, Joseph “Rudy” Rullo, a rival of Steven Rodgers in the Republican Primary, spoke. He had a longer speech, but unlike many speakers, the longer his speech went, the more energized the crowd became. He too spoke about his early and complete endorsement of Candidate Trump. Rullo also talked about policy, talking about specific ideas other candidates refuse to talk about: repealing the gas tax, putting $700 million per year in state pensions out of the control of mismanagement by New York firms and back in control of those in New Jersey’s capital and who have a stake in them as well, Trenton. He talked about his own experience as not being able to compete with the many New Jersey landscaping companies who can do jobs for far less because the low “peanuts” pay they give their illegal immigrant workers. Some companies are owned by illegal immigrants, he claimed. He also talked a lot about how New Jersey needs to talk better care of our veterans and how they should be put to work in our state instead of illegal immigrants. The veteran who was allegedly spit on the face was brought up to the upper level and talked about by Rullo. In the picture below the veteran is the man with the red and blue Trump flag.

Joseph Rullo speaking at Seaside MAGA March

Both candidates talked about the negatives of sanctuary cities and how legal concealed carry needs to be brought back to New Jersey. Joseph Rullo did mention that concealed carry would help prevent tragedies like the Sandy Hook Massacre and would protect our children. Joseph Rullo was the only candidate to also mention the rampant corruption plaguing New Jersey and promised to “Drain The Trenton Swamp.” The Constitution Party candidate was not a speaker, but was going around asking for signatures to get on the ballot and make his case to potential voters. It was a bit surreal hearing him talk to folks about how “these people [other candidates] just talk the talk” at the exact time Joey Rullo is energizing a crowd and speaking about very specific policy issues.


The speakers were very interesting. one woman told a story of how her daughter was on a train that was stranded for over 40 minutes because there were pipe-bombs below it. The police did not know whether to move the train because vibrations may cause the bombs to go off. It was a surreal, personal experience that showed the reality of domestic terrorism. She also reminded the marchers that only around a mile away from where we stood was a pipe bomb that went off only a year ago at a 5K to benefit Marines. Another interesting speaker was a “Bikers Against Jihad” chapter founder. Very knowledgeable about the facts, specific names and locations, history, and ideas regarding the “creeping jihad” infiltrating the United States. There were many other speakers too who kept the crowd going from 1-3, a prayer was said, and then the march began. The MAGA March in Seaside was a celebratory event. I know mention of protesters take up much of this article, but the spirits of the President Trump supporters were high and the protesters were basically not noticed by many.

The full march itself. Mirrored on YouTube for any who have viewing issues.

MAGA March

Posted by Justin Farrell on Saturday, March 25, 2017

Protester 1

Protester 2

Interestingly, the police grabbed and searched this man’s bag to make sure he did not have any devices.