Not for Retribution: The Left’s Fear of Anti Islam Sentiment

Not for Retribution: The Left's Fear of Anti Islam Sentiment

By, Brian Hendrix
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There is no such thing as Islam.

It’s true. It’s objectively true, in fact. Controversial in 2017, maybe not so much in 1997.

Okay, so Islam is a word. It is a noun. It means the religious beliefs of Muslims. And there you have it. Islam is not an actual thing per se, though rather an amalgam of its moving parts. The same holds true for Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and even political ideologies. Islam is not attacking and invading the west, committing terrorist attacks so often we can’t cover them fast enough; Muslims are doing this. Muslims and their beliefs create necessarily what is known as Islam.

Why is this important? Know thy enemy, some may say. But, hey, what does Sun Tzu know? Rather than world famous generals, philosophers and military strategists, we listen today—primarily because they’re the only voices we hear—to sophist progressive liberals who, when tragedy strikes, stand not on their soap boxes to urge us once more into the breach, but rather caution us against blaming “all Muslims” for the acts “of a few” (a few who just so happen to be supported by the majority of world Muslims, according to all reputable data).

Not for Retribution: The Left's Fear of Anti Islam Sentiment


The progressive left serve as enablers of terror, whether they realize it or not.

There is this fantasy perpetuated, one of the many fevered dreams of our dear Pinko friends, wherein white Christian westerners start witch-hunting Muslims in the streets and running roughshod over any and everyone with tan skin and an Arabian-sounding name to get our retribution for terror. They seem to believe white westerners are Doc Holiday from Tombstone. “It’s not revenge [we’re] after; it’s a reckoning!” So the false narrative is pushed, and quite often, that westerners are typecasting all Muslims as terrorists and are committing horrible atrocities against them. Never mind the vast majority of reported hate crimes against Muslims—against all minorities, in fact—turn out to be hoaxes, this is still a myth perpetuated by the progressive left. Muslim carries out terrorist attack in London, for instance, we mustn’t mention or blame Muslims in any way lest white people start rounding them up for internment camps.

But does this ever play out? Has it ever played out? The only time in modern western history one could point to would be the Japanese in the United States during World War II. Other than that, westerners have never, in the past few centuries, used the radical elements of any group to annihilate entirely the group to which the radical elements belonged.

On a deeper level, perhaps one could argue this is projection from the progressives. Since many honestly seem to believe that all their opposition is literally Hitler, that all who disagree are literally Nazis, then it becomes reasonable to assume that they believe the other side of the aisle is just as vicious and nondescript in its scarlet lettering of perceived enemies. After all, if a white Christian committed a terror attack, the right-wing would not have a chance to say “Not all Christians!” before which point the rabid progressives began typecasting every single one as the same. We saw this with Dylan Roof. One lone gunman; a nut, a racist; his actions reflected on all white people, with venues like Slate suggesting that all white people—not some, not most; all—must answer for Roof. So because they know they certainly blame the entire group for the actions of one or a few, they fear intrinsically that the other side too will cast blame on all for the few.

Though as has been proven on nearly every conceivable level, the non-progressive portion of the west, regardless of race or religious affiliation, holds the moral high ground and does not so erratically and instantly judge an entire group based on the actions of that group’s worst elements. This is almost entirely something born of a progressive mindset. Identity politics. One man gets angry and curses one woman (Donald Trump V Rosie O’Donnell), and suddenly that man stands for all men hating all women. It’s old hat with collectivist progressives. They are incapable, quite frankly, of viewing things through a prism of individualism, thus they fear—they expect!—everyone else to do the exact same thing and to label all Muslims as terrorists for the actions of a few.

While it is unequivocally correct that genuflecting to Muslims and allowing them within our borders en masse to show our “tolerance” is quickly eroding the foundations on which western civilization was built, those of us removed from the identity politics of the left practice our tolerance in other ways. We name the enemy specifically. We call it what it is: Radical Islamic terror. And we seek to fight, not all Muslims, but rather the radical disease infecting so much of the world’s Muslim community. We do not typecast; we accurately label. And insofar as the progressive left refuses on principle to join us in this fight, the least we expect is for you lot to close your collective mouths and to stop pushing the lie that we act anything even remotely resembling your stereotyping of a group based on individuals.

You’re obviously not going to lend a hand; so, please, just stay out of the way. Your projection is hindering our efforts to keep you and your families safe.

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