Left? Right? I’m The Guy With The Gun

Left Right I Am The Guy With The Gun

By, Tom Luongo
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To all of the ‘primitive screwheads’ out there on the Left that think putting on a pink hat or black mask and having a public temper tantrum makes you part of “La Resistance,” I hate to break it to you.

It doesn’t.

It makes you look like the spoiled, entitled brats you are. Because when you strip away the emotional appeals and hyperbole, all that’s left is an ideology as morally bankrupt as it is violent.

And it’s why you are losing the Culture War.

It’s why Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. It’s why Marine Le Pen is rising in France. And it’s why Vladimir Putin is more respected by Americans than just about anyone in U.S. politics or media (save Trump).

These people, despite their faults, are patriots and defenders of domestic culture and identity. Taking the position that the U.S. is a culture that only steals wealth from exploited ‘brown people’ is seen as a gross mischaracterization by most Americans.

Y’all went from criticizing the institutions that support that exploitation thesis – the Fed, the Banks, Big Pharma, etc. – and grafted it, unfairly, onto your fellow citizens who mostly agree with you on these problems.

You did it because, like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, you despise this ‘basket of deplorables’ not just for what they believe but for who they are.

And, having controlled the levers of power in the U.S. and Europe for the whole of the post-WWII period, you were blind-sided by them finally telling you to ‘sit down and shut up.’

Left Right I Am The Guy With The Gun

Women’s (feminists!) March on Washington

The Critical Shift

Because while you were out there fellating yourselves over subjugating “the right” during Obama’s reign, you missed the groundswell of pragmatism that coalesced around Donald Trump.

You thought the Bernie Sanders movement was about validating Progressive and Marxist ideas. And that Hillary’s election would be their apotheosis.

You were wrong.

And you went from Apotheosis to Apocalypse Now in one glorious evening of schadenfreude.

You missed the critical shift that occurred in American politics. Your oligarchic owners and their quislings in the media, which, ironically, you retweet without reservation, were powerless to stop it.

The conventional definitions of Left and Right – Communism vs. Corporatism – no longer apply. The Democrats and the GOP leadership both work for the same people as evidenced by Speaker Paul Ryan’s Obamacare replacement bill and the daily foreign policy screeches of John McCain and Lindsay Graham.

Y’all and the Democrats and the media have been unmasked as the unreconstructed Marxist totalitarians you always were.

When I read a tweet celebrating the diversity of the victims of the latest London terrorist attack, I’m reminded that there is no depth of depravity too low y’all will dig to in service of the cause.

And, good on ya’ for doing so.

Because every time this happens it creates stronger opposition to the mindset that gestated it. It does the very thing you believe Trump’s ‘Travel Ban’ executive order does to Muslims.

It radicalizes them.

But, here’s a small hint, what radicalizes Muslims is bombing their children. No one likes having their children blown up.

This is fueling the awakening that Left and Right are a false choice. Both are tyrannical. This awakening is drawing new political battle lines between the Globalists and us, their Serfs.

And Trump is on Team Serf. So is Le Pen. So is Putin.

These new battle lines are between the naked authority of the Globalists and the people who are predominantly centrist, small-government libertarians.

And you are their brown shirts.

By attacking Trump incessantly y’all are doing exactly what your Masters want you to do — keep them in power. Power you tell me you don’t believe anyone should have.

These are people who wouldn’t give you a glass of water if your throat was on fire. And yet, you still think, despite all the refutations and lack of evidence, that Russia hacked the election.

Left Right I Am The Guy With The Gun

Russian Hacker In Chief

Because you refuse to accept that you aren’t the majority. And that anxiety you feel comes from knowing in your heart of hearts that you’ve become the thing you profess to hate.

And you wonder why we stare at you like crazy people?

What you refuse to admit is that it’s not about Left or Right anymore. It’s about who’s got the gun. And you were fine when you were pointing it. But, when the gun is snatched from your hands you expected us to turn it on you, because that’s who you are.

That fear of retribution is driving feminists to defend Sharia Law and Progressives to back literal Nazis in Ukraine. All the while calling us the Fascists.

But, that’s not who we are. We don’t want to run your life. We don’t shame people for being alive (carbon taxes). We just want the opportunity to live and thrive in a world without your incessant screeching about how unfair it all is.

And if you continue on this way you will find yourselves truly marginalized; cannon fodder on the fields of the Culture War.

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