I Assume Islam Until Proven Otherwise. Here’s Why.

Assume it's islam until proven otherwise

This morning, I sent out this tweet about Islam.  No real reason. I just talk about Islam a lot.

I went to the dentist, came home, and in the 45 minutes I was gone Islamic terrorism had struck again. It’s not like I subconsciously predicted anything. It’s just a simple gamble that on any given day, somewhere in the world some follower of Islam is either killing someone, trying to kill someone, or planning to kill someone. I’m not even sure “gamble” is the right word, seeing as using violence to conquer non-believers is an inherent part of Islam in the first place.

They’ve shown us their hand for 1400 years. We choose to close our eyes and bet blind.

I’m not going to cite statistics in this article. I wasn’t planning on writing anything today. I wrote a piece last night and usually I space them every other day or so. Today, I was planning to babysit, go for a run, and maybe get a couple hours of downtime before bed.

But Jihad does not take breaks. No, Jihad marches on. A continuous conquest of all that is non-Islamic, ongoing from the time of Muhammad around 1400 years ago until today. Does it particularly matter if I add my voice to the fray? Does it matter if I don’t write about one terrorist attack, when I know there will be another one in only a matter of time?

Yes, it matters. And not because I have a big platform, or am some kind of expert on Islam, or because I have anything that unique to say that you can’t hear from a hundred other places. My voice matters the same way yours does, whether you have 5,000 followers or 5 followers: because they cannot make all of us together be silent.

It matters that I speak, myself, personally, because to stand in silence when evil is being done is to condone and comply with it. And that is something I will not do.

The so-called “moderate” Muslims do this every day when they whine about “Islamophobia” and play the victim when a member of their ideology murders innocent people. You are not a “moderate”. You are part of the problem, and you can get the h*ll out of my way.

We all know what happened in London today. Very bad, people dead, Prime Minister evacuated, lockdowns, fear, terror. The details are not the point, the same way the statistics about Islam are not the point. It’s all out there. Fortunately, unlike many acts of Islamic barbarity, this is being covered by every major news outlet (conspiracy narratives included, but still). And as for the statistics about Islam, here is a decent place to start, if I do say so myself.

I am so deeply exhausted with having to have perfect arguments against Islam. I am so annoyed with having to know exactly which verse in the Qu’ran says you can rape a slave woman, with knowing whether Muhammad’s child bride was 6 or 9 years old, with knowing the difference between taqiyya and kitman, and on and on ad  infinitum.

If this sort of argument worked, I wouldn’t get exhausted by it as often. I like learning. I also think that knowing your enemy is deeply important, and I plan to continue learning about Islam so that I can make myself more effective in opposing it. I encourage all of you to do the same.

I also, obviously, like debating, and there is little more satisfying than a fact based, statistically flawless smackdown.

But it doesn’t work, I’m human, and I’m tired.

Facts do not work. History does not work. Common sense does not work. Logic does not work. What we are doing to combat the Islam problem is not working, and we need to face that reality.

Assume Islam Until Proven Otherwise

This meme is hilarious, mostly because it’s completely accurate.

We have two enemies here, and both of which are (apparently) immune to any sort of rational debate. Islam, and the Left. Islam, which seeks to destroy all that is not Islam, and the Left, which seeks to help them do it. Sort of like those “moderate” Muslims, who really just want other Muslims to do the dirty work.

I don’t have a wide-ranging, fully fleshed out approach to how we combat Islam. Maybe after a few more coffees, and with one less toddler eyeing me from his high chair and crushing strawberries while I write this.

I do have one suggestion to make, and I will be standing by it myself from now on.

We need to assume that terrorism is Islamic terrorism until proven otherwise. 

There is nothing noble or intelligent about giving equal weight to leftist conspiracy theories as possibilities whenever there is an attack.

When someone robs a convenience store, we assume they are there to steal money, not because a giant unicorn named Edgar told them to.

When someone drives a car into a crowd or starts stabbing random pedestrians, it is not irresponsible to assume it’s a Jihadist terrorist attack on infidels. When I hear on the news that “We cannot speculate”, I roll my eyes.

We can speculate and we should speculate.

To make an assumption of motive based on a common modus operandi is not “jumping to conclusions”. It’s making a reasonable hypothesis.

If I’m wrong about an an attack and it turns out to not be an Islamic one, what happens? I look vaguely stupid until the next week? Oh well. I can take it.

When you see an attack and immediately virtue signal about not jumping to conclusions, and then it turns out to be Islamic (also, hint, this is far more likely than the former), what happens?

You kowtow to putting political correctness and “tolerance” over what your own common sense is telling you.

You encourage your leaders and law enforcement to do a worse job, because believe it or not, immediately reacting to a common modus operandi is actually a solid method for policing.

And, most of all, you cater to and enforce this idiotic leftist narrative that Islam and terrorism have nothing to do with one another.

I know that by not jumping to conclusions, you mean well. I understand, I did the same until relatively recently. I also know that when you make a prediction, you may be wrong, and look stupid, and that sucks.

But this is war. When we have Prime Minister Theresa May being evacuated from Parliament due to gunfire in her vicinity, we need to realize our feelings are not as important as standing up for our nations, our freedoms, and our way of life.

Fear is healthy. It spurs us into action. Fear Islam. It is coming to our lands, so flight is not an option. We must fight, or capitulate.

I’d rather look stupid than kneel to Islam. So for me, when I write?

Terror is Islamic terror until proven otherwise.




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