Is YouTube Attempting To Hide “The American Dream”? [VIDEO]

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The Federal Reserve is the most mysterious entity in the United States, mostly because it isn’t actually part of our government.The Fed has almost no Federal oversight and are in control of the money in your pocket. It really gets the noggin’ joggin’. A lot of people become curious about the Federal Reserve. And what better way to satisfy the uninformed and curious than with a simple cartoon on YouTube?

The American Dream” does just that. Uploaded in 2011, this movie spans 30 minutes, and has nearly 2,200,000 views on one upload and over 6,000,000 views on another upload. It is a cartoon which invokes emotions, makes references to everyday life, movies, and pop culture. If you wanted to show a middle school or high school class a basic overview of the issues surrounding The Federal Reserve, this is the video for you. It shows some basics and drops some breadcrumbs so viewers can do further research on their own, whether it’s watching Ron Paul videos or reading the 608-page “The Creature From Jekyll Island.”

YouTube does not seem to feel the same way about “The American Dream.” The phrase alone “the American dream” seems to be an issue for YouTube. What happens if you search up “the American dream?”

federal reserve

no suggestions in initial search

No suggestions for the phrase “the American dream”. Even omitting “dream” or a few letters from it does not bring up the exact phrase “the American dream.” This lack of search suggestion is peculiar, especially for an old, popular video. We could just write this off, if it wasn’t for what first turned me onto this story: the suggestion does not repeat once searched. After searching something on YouTube, if you begin typing in the phrase in it will come up with what you searched before at the top of the suggestion drop-down, colored in purple.

american dream

purple YouTube suggestions

Notice how I purposely misspelled the phrase so that the search suggestion would repeat. Notice also, that my (many times) previously searched phrase “The American Dream” does not appear. I urge you to attempt this yourself and see if the phrase comes up when searching again. I wish I could say this is an issue with my browser or my account. I attempted this on multiple browsers,using both my Halsey News YouTube account and my personal account, and on the YouTube app for Android, where I first discovered this issue.

There are many views on videos that boast this exact phrase in their title. “The American Dream” is also a very common phrase, something taught in American history and liberal arts courses often. The odds of it not being a phrase searched enough to warrant a suggestion when typing the phrase are likely slim. According to Google Trends, the phrase “The American Dream” is searched up about 50-80 thousands times a month. Not a huge number, but definitely enough to be a suggestion. And it still does not explain why, after searching the phrase, the suggestion does not come up as previously searched?

As far as we are aware, this movie and related videos are not hidden, unjustly removed, nor are their view counts or likes/dislikes ratio tampered with. This lack of search suggestion could be a bug in YouTube’s search system, which is just very, very odd for one phrase and not any others, including misspelled phrases. Is the phrase “The American Dream” blacklisted on YouTube? If so, why?

Often in college or high school a student is asked “Do you believe the American Dream is dead?” According to YouTube, it must be.

I have contacted YouTube for comment but they did not respond as of the time of publishing this article. Should YouTube wish to comment this article will be updated.

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