Why I Don’t Care About Russia [VIDEO]

trump putin

Today, FBI Director and Presidential Saboteur James Comey testified before Congress about whether Russia interfered in the 2016 Presidential Election, whether Former President Obama Wiretapped Trump Tower and if there is an investigation involving the Trump/Pence Campaign colluding with the Russians. Is there anything you could care less about? 

Let’s start this one out right. Russia definitely, without a doubt, 100%, no questions asked…screwed with our elections. Unless they didn’t. That seems to be what the testimony of the Schizophrenic FBI Director, James Comey had to say when testifying before Congress today.   He seemed to put certain things to bed that have been asked by some members of the public since November 8, 2016. The day Russia became public enemy #1. Let’s break it down, and as Former President Bill Clinton said, it really does matter what the definition of “is” is.

The FBI is or was investigating whether Candidate Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with the Russians to influence the elections.
This raises some interesting questions, the most important “is” who asked him to investigate? This was not answered. Did the FBI begin investigating because they were asked to by Professional Clinton/Obama lackey Loretta Lynch? Did they begin the investigation because the propaganda spread by Hilary Clinton during the election? There doesn’t seem to be a shred of evidence of collusion so why the investigation? Could he have heard some wiretaps that he also said didn’t happen?

President Obama did not order a wire be placed on Trump Tower.
Again, “is” this proof there wasn’t a wire? We all know that the President can’t order a wiretap in the first place. The NSA can, The DOJ can but Obama can’t. Did he suggest to them maybe they should? This “is” the question.

Russia hacked the DNC and The Clinton Campaign and used the information to influence the election. 
This requires us to do two things. The First “is” to assign a motive. The Second “is” to not care about what they revealed. Both of these are extremely important. The first is what was their motive? The Democrats would love for you to believe it was to help Donald Trump get elected. No one can venture to give a reason why they would want that, but that is the narrative coming from the Left. The best they can come up with is that they believed Trump was really stupid and Clinton really smart. That is what every autocrat dreams of, stupid people who talk about using nuclear weapons at the helm of the US military as opposed to smart Hilary who needs to pander to the peacenik crowd. The second issue happens to be equally if not more important. What was revealed. The DNC and Clinton Campaign hacks revealed widespread collusions between political bodies, the media and non profits to suppress the campaign of Bernie Sanders and to give Hilary an edge over her rivals. The first point directly relates to the second. Is Putin likely to reveal that to help Trump, or because a Democratic regime who manipulates the press and cheats to get ahead might be dangerous when it comes to Russia?

Now for the most important part of this whole saga. Who really even cares anymore. The one thing that the hysteria by the Left seems to drown out is that Hilary has a long and sordid history of taking money from the Russians for political influence. She took millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation (also the subject of an FBI investigation) and her husband was paid millions by the Russians for speeches. Could that have had an influence on why she voted to give a Russian company owned by the Kremlin control over 20% of the Uranium mined in the US? Not Hilary…never! Does it matter that Hilary’s campaign manager took more than $750,000 in shares in a Russian company during the election? Completely innocent if you ask them. It really seems that the only time Russian bribery matters is if you can say it was done by the winner of an election.

This is the first reason I could care less, the second is that it is about time someone said that James Comey has the credibility of Bernie Madoff. After he famously gave a press conference where he said that Hilary Clinton was not guilty of criminal conduct in her email affair, then spent almost an hour detailing how she was. Then he came out a week before the election to say he reopened the case, only to say he is reclosing it a few days later. The man just cannot be trusted. I think it probably started innocently enough, he was told to exonerate Clinton by his boss and he complied thinking it didn’t matter because none of her supporters cared anyway. Then he needed to prevent a mutiny among his fellow FBI agents who obviously did care. Now I would assume he is hedging his bets again. If he is complicit in the Obama surveillance nonsense, he has to be seen as an enemy of Trump, that way it looks like tampering with an investigation if Trump fires him. The man really needs to give it up and run for political office, it seems like the perfect job for his skill set.

There is one thing that I do care about with this whole saga. Some have suggested that this was a shot across the bow by the Republican establishment at President Trump. Don’t mess with us or we bring up Russia again and you get impeached. If this is the case it is nothing less than the threat of a coup.

This might be the real gift of the Russians to us. Exposing the politicians who will mow over the will of the People to get their way.