When The Nanny State Became The Mommy State [VIDEO]

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Recently there has been a shift from the Government being seen as the Nanny State, there to tell you what type of drink is healthy and what you needed to eat for lunch, to the Mommy State, where you are always special and nothing is your fault. 

In 2013, a new regulation was set to go into effect called the Soda Ban. It banned selling any soda that contained sugar in a container bigger than 16 ounces. It was a law heavily supported by then New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The New York Courts eventually struck down the law and exceeding the regulatory authority of the New York Board of Health and struck the law down. At the time there was a general outcry from the people who would be affected by the ban. The rallying cry at the time was to stop Mayor Bloomberg and his Nanny State. We have come a long way since 2013. Conservatives, Independents and regular people who are not insane no longer fear the Nanny State, They fear the Mommy State.

The Nanny State was a great analogy for the description of laws like the Soda Ban. Not only were the laws silly (You couldn’t buy one soda bigger than 16 ounces but you could buy 20 that were) but the idea of a the government acting like a Nanny was offensive to a free society. A Nanny is a hired babysitter who, lacking the decision making power of Mommy just enforced the rules she was told to enforce. You may have a soda, but only this much.

Now we have the Mommy State, Mommy is not like the Nanny. Mommy is there to let you know that no matter what they say you are super special. No matter what you do you get points for trying. No matter what happens to you it is not your fault. This has become so prevalent in our society, and it is such a new phenomena that most people don’t know how to react to it. How do you react to people who wallow in their victimhood and do their best to convince you that it is all your fault?

The Right has a great name to describe the generation of Mommy Staters who have completely taken over the Democratic Party. The Right calls them Snowflakes. Terminally unique, they wallow in their own beauty and uniqueness, unaware that if exposed to the slightest bit of heat they melt into a warm puddle of liquid, a liquid that resembles tears. It is a funny analogy, but at the same time frighteningly descriptive.

It should come as no surprise that the biggest snowflakes in the country are also the most privileged (ie. spoiled) groups of people in the country. “Civil Rights” leaders like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who need to convince their communities of their eternal victimhood in order to keep those fat donation checks coming and to avoid being thrown in jail for tax evasion. Those who have anything to do with the College Campus. Students, who although enjoying a life fully paid for by someone else (whether their parents or through loans) or Professors who are the only group of “experts” in the world who seem to revel in a world where they are free to criticize society at will, but recoil in horror at the idea of having their opinions challenged.

There is a method to their madness, victims all have one major thing in common. They are vulnerable. Victimhood defines a person and keeps them devoid of the will to fight back. It used to be that it was a badge of honor to declare “I am not a victim”. Not so anymore. Victims are easy to control, easy to placate and most of all easy to excuse. When you are a victim, you deserve special treatment. You need a safe space to cry and heal. You need a shoulder to cry on and a glass of hot chocolate to make the bad people who hurt you go away. They have even had to come up with new words in order to help people become victims, where there is no evidence they ever suffered any harm. Micro Aggressions, Being Woke, Mansplaining and may more. It is so pathetic that a recent conference at Victim University itself, the University of California, Irvine had to disband a conference on oppression because none of the groups in attendance could agree on who was the bigger victim.

Is it any wonder why the Democrats LOVE to create new victims? The lengths they will go to in order to make a group feel victimized is extraordinary. They love it because when they finally convince the new victim of their inherent victimization the only person that can help is Mommy. The Democratic Party loves to say come to Mommy and she will make it all better. The Democrats have gone so far with this strategy, they ignore the victimization faced by certain groups by other groups by embracing them together as mutual victims. Is there any logical way to explain how Muslims, women, Trans folks and gay people find themselves united in their victimhood against those on the Right? Are there any groups of people who are more diametrically opposed to each others agendas than those groups? Yet they are 100% united in their sense if victimhood and the Democrats are there to rescue them.

The differences between old school Nanny Staters and new school Mommy Staters is painfully obvious just by watching how the politicians who appeal to them act. Mayor Bloomberg used to act like he was scolding people when he told them that soda was bad for them and he was going to take it away. Just like a good Nanny should. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Shumer, did no less than start crying on television when he found himself unable to change an Executive Order he once said he believed to be necessary! It was necessary when he was still a Nanny Stater, now that he is a Mommy Stater his tears almost melted his poor snowflake eyes.

There is more than one reason that it is necessary to identify and fight the Mommy Staters. The Right needs to listen really close to this one Professor Tough $hit is here to teach you a lesson straight from, the University of Screw Your Feelings! The Mommy Staters have you in their sites and they are coming for you. They know you want to be a victim too. Does the War on Christmas hurt? Does it make you sad that it seems that there is not a single sin on the planet that white people aren’t to blame for? Does it give you a boo boo that Christians are the leading proponents of and perpetrators of Terrorism throughout the world? Don’t worry snowflake, the Democrats are here to make it all better. Let us get you a pacifier and some play doh to make it all better.

Don’t worry…Mommy is here.

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