When It’s My Guy, Hypocrisy On Both Sides [VIDEO]

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“When a person comes to sin the first time, it is a weighty decision and one he feels the weight of Heaven for. The second time, the sin is already familiar and there is no guilt.” Babylonian Talmud

There seems to be a strange custom in the US. What is judged as a Republic threatening sin when it is the other side, is suddenly perfectly acceptable when it comes to your side. The Right and Left are both perfectly guilty of this. The hypocrisy is the true threat.

We all remember the utter hysteria of the Left when President Bush, already engulfed in conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, would use the US military to carry out drone strikes against Terror targets anywhere else. He was a Nazi, a Crusader, a White Supremacist. Then when President Obama did it, and to a higher degree, the crickets from the Left were deafening.

This is not just the case in War. It is even more prevalent in domestic policies. President Obama rarely spoke about antisemitism and was never asked to call it out from the Left. President Trump not only is asked to condemn it daily, but take responsibility for it. The Republican Congress was destroyed daily in the press for being so obstructionist, yet with the election of President Trump, not a peep from the Democrats when their people say they are going to do it.

Of course there is the ultimate one from recent memory. Hilary Clinton’s claim that then Candidate Trump suggesting he and his supporters would not accept the results of the election unquestionably, was an actual threat to Democracy. Until they lost.

People constantly harp on why Washington seems incapable of doing anything constructive anymore and this is really the whole reason right here. Both sides see the other as evil, and therefore they are justified in doing anything to prevent them from moving any part of their agenda forward. Both sides have decided to take it to such a degree that things that should be no brainers are now partisan issues.

Here is a good example. Infrastructure. Even the most libertarian of politicians agree that the government has some function in the country. Making sure the roads, bridges and airports are safe should be one of them. It always was. Now it is a partisan issue. The Republicans stand against it because it costs money, the Democrats love it because it supports Unions. Yet there are no new roads and bridges being built because the two sides have made it partisan.

The Democrats should be jumping for joy that the Republicans want to pass a healthcare bill. For the first time they have the ability to argue the merits of everything they want healthcare to be. Instead it is so partisan that the other side can do nothing but talk about the death the other side is looking to impose.

The electorate bears some responsibility for this as well. Both sides talk about wanting to work with the other and get things done. The problem is in the absence of that they want nothing less than a politician who will punch back as hard, if not harder than they are being punched. this has created a place where there is no such thing as a moral argument. Everything is seen through a partisan lens and, in the end, it is leading to terrible policy.

Since the 60’s, it has been accepted that Cubans are suffering a horrible dictatorship. Once that murders political dissenters, oppresses homosexuals and other horrors. This recognition lead to the policy that Cubans who make it here get to stay. This is why many Cubans floated over here in old bathtubs and plywood rafts to breathe free. Obama cancelled this policy in order to normalize relationships with the same dictatorial family in control of Cuba. Where was the outrage? Where was the March? Where were the Judges?

Now it is President Trump’s turn. He didn’t even cancel all immigration or refugee status for the seven nations in his travel ban. His was a pause for 60 days. People are marching in the streets, Judges are halting the ban as racist and poor Chuck Shumer, is crying himself to sleep. The real issue is what about the policy implications? Is the President now not able to stop potential threats from entering the country? Are there even any threats out there?

The issue is it is easy to criticize the other guy, but then the process of it being wrong becomes normalized. Now it is a criticism of every guy (or gal).

This hypocrisy has to stop. If it pissed you off when Obama did it it should piss you off when Trump does it. It is time to start holding our politicians to a higher standard. It should start now.

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