Virtue Signaling On The Left [Video]

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Virtue Signaling is by no means new, it is just becoming the hallmark of any conversation you have with someone on the Left. It is important to recognize it so you can fight it. 

It is time to tell a story of Virtue Signaling. This is the reason the Left is the problem.

I was talking to a friend on WhatsApp. She is a Catholic and is a Trump Supporter. Let’s call her Trixie. She is not a Right Wing zealot, by far nor does she hold any extreme views. I wanted her to see an article I found, about a group of women who decided to perform a mock abortion on the Virgin Mary, outside an Argentinian Church to celebrate International Women’s Day.

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I think most sane people can agree this is disgusting. It is one thing to march for Women’s Rights, another to purposefully try to offend people to prove some undeclared point. So Trixie, sent it to another friend of hers who is a Catholic on the Left, let’s call her Ivana. She just wanted to show Ivana that things in this world might be getting a bit out of control. Trixie is a moderate person, and she has yet to really experience the Virtue Signaling of the Left.

Ivana’s response?

“I don’t see any problem with this. Syrian babies are murdered in front of Churches every day. I don’t know how you can claim to be offended by this when you support sending Syrian babies back to Syria to be butchered.”

Trixie wrote back to me angry, but more fed up. She is just done talking to Ivana about anything.

This is where the real problem lies though, when it comes to dealing with the Left. They have entered a period of Trump Induced Schizophrenia, that all rational conversation with them is done. In their minds, the Left is incapable of doing anything wrong. Everything is justified. Int heir minds, there is nothing that the Right does that does not make them responsible for everything. The is nothing immoral on the Left…ever.

In relaying this story to another friend of mine he brought up a good point. It is time to stop letting them mourn after Queen Hilary’s loss. It is time to tell them to put up or shut up. Trixie should have immediately asked Ivana what she has done to help Syrian children, except sit around on her lazy ass and bitch? Voting for a Democrat is not the same as actually doing something, nor does it allow you to sit on a moral perch and demand that things that have nothing to do with anything the fault of a person on the Right.

The truth of the matter is, Syrian babies have nothing to do whatsoever with the conversation. We on the Right need to all call this out, not just from morons like Ivana but from our leaders as well. We need to tell them to get off the high horse, their Virtue Signaling is pathetic.

A better example, one that is more visible (and one that always bothered me) was in 2014, when hundreds of school girls were taken hostage and sold into sex slavery by the disgusting ISIS affiliate, Boko Haram. Americans reacted as they often do these days, by taking to Social Media and putting up pictures of signs saying #BringBackOurGirls. This type of slacktivism has always bothered me because I am not sure how a person equates a mention on Facebook with actually doing something, but then the Virtue Signaling from the Left was on full display when our First Lady, Michelle Obama took to Facebook with her own photo.


Seriously Michelle, who the hell are you trying to reach? The only person that can actually help these girls is not at the other end of a Facebook post. He is sleeping right beside you!

This is the problem with the pretend morals of the Left. They are all for show. If they were intended to change things, they would work to actually change them. Instead they are trying to look good by pretending to actually give a crap.

It is time for us in the Right to regain the moral clarity of knowing and proving we care more about issues than using them to look cool. We are the ones saying that President Obama let this happen by not going after ISIS from day one, for his fake redline in Syria and more. We need to show that actions speak louder than words. We need to call out their Virtue Signaling.

So take my friend’s advice. Instead of getting frustrated when your friends on the Left make everything your fault. Get angry! Tell them it is time to put up or shut up. Tel them to get off their lazy asses and do something or to break out the pacifiers and the play doh.

*disclaimer: No Syrian babies were killed as a result of this article. 



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